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3 Ways to Use Groups to Grow Your Blog


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If you're attempting to grow your blog's audience, here are some tried-and-true options.

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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3 Ways to Use Groups to Grow Your Blog

  2. 2. Hello, I’m Tea (aka The Chef) • • • • • 20+ years in marketing Author of “Attract & Feed a Hungry Crowd” Passionate about food & stories Proprietress of @teasilvestre
  3. 3. First, Make Sure… 1. Your blog addresses a REAL need in the market place (do your research!) 2. You've done the requisite homework to understand your Ideal Client/Ideal Reader
  4. 4. Everybody deals with Not Enough Eyeballs
  5. 5. You Compete w/ 80+ million blogs In 2012, there were 160+ million blogs in existence. Today, more than 50% are inactive. -Wikipedia
  6. 6. Everyone is an Influencer  Don’t discount your peers and colleagues  “Big Name” Bloggers aren’t The Answer  Today’s B & C-Listers are tomorrow’s A-Listers
  7. 7. #1: Twist on an Oldie The Blog Carnival
  8. 8. What’s a Blog Carnival? A blog post that contains links to other articles covering a specific topic. Most are hosted by a rotating list of frequent contributors and serve to both generate new posts by contributors and highlight new bloggers posting in that subject area.
  9. 9. The Word Carnival Group
  10. 10. After 1 Year Together, We…  Rotate the Leadership  Pick a monthly topic together  Commit to writing 10 out of 12 months  Comment on each others’ posts  Share via social media  Create your own website  Start an email list (publish via RSS)  Publish eBooks to give away
  11. 11. What to Look For…  Quality writing!  Regular posts (2x/month)  Similar audience  Size (look at social media)  Type (same readers?)  Fresh Voice/Perspective
  12. 12. Be Consistent  The Leader Must Lead  Pick one day per month (e.g. Last Wednesday)  Reminders  Membership Guidelines & Expectations  Communication!
  13. 13. #2: Focus on the Writing The Critique/ Mastermind Group
  14. 14. Polish Prior to Publish You could spend ALL DAY posting and emailing links to your blog. If your writing sucks, your readers …  Won’t Finish Reading  Won’t Share  Won’t Comment  Won’t Turn Into Subscribers
  15. 15. Fiction Writers & Playwrights  Small Groups work Best (5-7)  Gather to share pieces of their work  Give constructive feedback  Brainstorm ways to approach topics  Provide a supportive environment  Publish together
  16. 16. Critique Checklist  Does the title/headline hook you?  Does the opening line pull you in?  Is the point of the post clear?  Does the post fulfill the promise of the headline?  Is it interesting?  Is it easy to read?  Does it tell a story?  Is it relevant to your Ideal Client?  Is there a call to action? (Full checklist avail by email:
  17. 17. Support After Publishing  Comments  Social Media Sharing  Mastermind larger projects (books!)
  18. 18. #3 Twist on Networking The Meet-up!
  19. 19. Find ‘Em  Google: Your City + Bloggers  Check
  20. 20. Create Your Own
  21. 21. It Won’t Be Perfect  People will come and go – always be on the lookout for the right new blood  Create ways to build community (e.g., private Facebook group, teambuilding and purely social events)  Communicate, communicate, communicate
  22. 22. Questions? • What’s one thing you will implement immediately? • What did you find unclear or want more examples of? • Other burning questions? • Talk to me! @teasilvestre (Twitter)
  23. 23. Join Our Group: Learn More: