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Taming the Paper Tiger


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Published in: Business
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Taming the Paper Tiger

  1. 1. WELCOME TO FIRST FRIDAYS! Taming the Paper Tiger October 5, 2012
  2. 2. First Fridays• Inaugural Happy Hour November 1 (Thurs)• Make Your Strategic Plan A Living Process December 7• Yes, Your Dreams Can Come True: Vision Board January 4
  3. 3. Business Club of the Triangle • D1 Sports October 19 • CEO, Tiger Swan November 15 • Phil Ford JanuaryOngoing Tailgate Party at Carolina Club 2 hours before each UNC Football home game. Free, come with or without a ticket
  4. 4. GrowthCLUB• GrowthCLUB, Friday January 11, 2013 – This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to create your plan for the year that will create momentum and transform your business. – Free coaching session included with registration fee. – First Friday discount $129 (regularly $249)
  5. 5. Barbara Hemphill asks “What’s the ONE thing that needs to happen in your life in the next year for you to be happy with your progress?” ~ www.BarbaraHemphill.comCopyright 2012 All trademarks and registrations are the property of Barbara Hemphill
  6. 6. PRODUCTIVE ENVIRONMENT “an intentional setting in which you can accomplish your work and enjoy your life.”
  7. 7. ProductiveEnvironment Process ™
  8. 8. Creating a “Productive Environment™” is about: 1. Organizing your time 2. Organizing your space 3. Organizing your information
  9. 9. Clutter is Postponed Decisions®
  10. 10. There are only three decisions you can makeabout what to do with any information.
  11. 11. The Art of Wastebasketry® • Require action? • Specific use? • Difficult to obtain again? • Recent enough to be useful? • Tax or legal implications? • WORST POSSIBLE SCENARIO???
  12. 12. The Magic 6™1. Desktop Tools2. Wastebasket/Recycle/Shredder3. Calendar System4. Contact Management System5. Action Files6. Reference Files
  13. 13. Download thisdocument plus findbonus resources