Greatest Coach Ever!


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In this talk, I summarize and synthesize the key lessons from 4 of the most successful college basketball coaches in history. Collectively, these 4 men have won 2700 games and 9 national championships. Learn how to transfer their winning formulas on the court into successful strategies for your business.

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  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Story: Kobe bryant telling K’s daughter, “Sicne high school they have just paid me to play. Your dad tries to motivate us every day and that is so refreshing.”Dream Team ‘92. coach k assistant. Jordan says “would you please work with me?” Afterwards,” he sais Coach, thanks a lot”
  • Roy/K health issuesJimmy V dying young
  • Teahing kids about food groups is not my thing
  • Greatest Coach Ever!

    1. 1. GREATEST COACH EVER! Life Lessons from Dean Smith, Roy Williams, Coach K, and Jimmy V
    2. 2. OUR TIME TOGETHER TODAY Inspire you to take action that improves your business Give you at least 3 ideas you can implement immediately Explore the relationship between sports and life Learn from the greatest local basketball coaches Hear who I think the Greatest Coach Ever is! Have some fun Meet new people Your Goal: Get an expanded sense of your own potential and opportunities
    3. 3. BUSINESS IS A GAMEKeeping scoreTeam (Together Each Achieves More)Sports metaphors can apply to business  Game Plan  Offense  DefenseTeams provide a sense of identity, pride and affiliation, the same way work can
    4. 4. BUSINESS IS NOT A GAMEBusiness is rarely black and whiteNo clear end timesUneven rulesNo refereesUnfair teamsNo time-outsNot much practice time before the gameHard to know who the real star players are
    5. 5. DEAN SMITH – THE INNOVATOR“I’m tired” hand signalHuddling at the free throw line before a foul shotScorer honoring the passers selflessnessBest-selling technical basketball book in historyStarting all seniors on Senior DayFour corners offenseCreative visualization
    6. 6. ROY WILLIAMS – THE WORKERAll-time record for most consecutive NCAA Tournament appearancesSixth all-time in the NCAA for winning percentageSeven Final Fours (fourth all-time in NCAA history)Third-fastest to achieve at least 600 career wins2 NCAA Championships
    7. 7. COACH K – THE MOTIVATOR 27 NCAA Tournament berths in the past 28 years Postseason play in 28 of his 31 years at Duke Most winning active coach in NCAA Tournament 11 Final Fours 4 National Championships  One of only 3 coaches to win 4 or more championships Duke National Champions and US National Team Gold medal in same year And, of course, the number. The Number. THE NUMBER.
    8. 8. JIMMY V – THE CHARACTERWon 346 games during 10 years at NC State career2 time ACC Tournament Champions2 time ACC regular season champions1 National ChampionshipThe Credo: "Dont give up, dont ever give up"
    9. 9. GUIDING VALUES Personal Renewal/Ritual HardPassion Work Courage
    10. 10. COURAGEPersonal mastery: Know your WHYPersistence: Numerous trips to ACC Championships/Final Four before winning national titles, and then years to return, and years more to win again.Examples:  Heavy personal sacrifice during early years of careers  Williams/Smith: Both took over programs placed on probation for violations that took place prior to their arrival
    11. 11. PERSONAL SACRIFICE“I don‟t know many people who paid a higher price to get started, but I did those kinds of jobs for many years to be able to stay in coaching. There were times when I despised it. It was demeaning.” (Roy Williams talking about odd jobs he did to support himself.)
    12. 12. PERSONAL RENEWAL/RITUALInner balancePre-game ritualConstant improvement“It is a big thing for me to stay fresh and balanced.”“My satisfaction is not based on wins and losses.”“I will never let a basketball game break my heart.”
    13. 13. RITUAL IN WORD“I learned the „Thought for the Day‟ from Coach Smith. I have a file of over 1,000 inspirational phrases collected from airline in-flight magazines, PGA golfers, letters from fans. Sometimes I‟ll spend 20 minutes before a practice picking the thought the team needs to hear that day.”Have you EVER spent 20 minutes picking a thought for the day???
    14. 14. RITUAL IN ACTION“One player may bounce the ball 3 times before shooting a foul, others may not bounce at all. I just wanted them to do the same thing every time they went to the foul line. Their minds would be on their own ritual – it helped them focus.”
    15. 15. HARD WORKCommitted to mission and vision of something larger than selfNeed to put ego asidePractice, practice, practice“Practice is a privilege.”Personal best - KPIs
    16. 16. ROY – THE WORKER“I tell every prospect I recruit that Im going totry to outwork every other coach... I like to askprospects, "Who is recruiting you the hardest?"If they dont say me, Im mad and Ill go back tomy staff and tell them weve got to do more.”
    17. 17. HARD WORK PAYS OFF“Some thought Dean Smith was a little harder onMichael Jordan in practice than he was on otherplayers, as if accepting his greater possibilities and hisown limitless ambition and holding him to it, settinghigher standards for him than for the others.“I‟m working as hard as everyone else,” Jordananswered.“But Michael, you told me you wanted to be the best,”Williams once reminded him. “And if you want to be thebest, then you have to work harder than everyone else.”There was a long pause while Jordan pondered that.Finally he said, “Coach, I understand.”
    18. 18. WHAT JORDAN SAYS"Ive missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. Ive lost almost 300 games. Twenty -six times, Ive been trusted to take the game- winning shot and missed. Ive failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”“The games were easy. It was practice that was hard.”
    19. 19. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE“We win because of what happens behind closed doors.” (Duke player)
    20. 20. PASSIONThe more people you inspire, the more people will inspire you.“Seconds after Laettners shot went in, Krzyzewski rushed to the Kentucky bench to console its devastated players, three of whom were Kentucky-born seniors who stayed loyal to their school through two years of probation and Pitinos Napoleonic rule. "You guys are not losers," Krzyzewski told them.”
    21. 21. TRUST“Honey, there‟s just one catch,” Roy Williams telling his wife that Dean Smith had just offered him a job, “it only pays $2700 year.Wanda said, “That is the stupidest idea I ever heard. We just built a house, our son is 15 months old, we‟re making $30,000 between us and you‟re asking me to go back to UNC for $2700 a year?”“Honey, it will work out.”Wanda, exhaling, “When do we leave?”
    22. 22. WORDS TO LIVE BY“There are three things we all should do every day.Number one is laugh. You should laugh every day.Number two is think. You should spend some timein thought. And number three is, you should haveyour emotions moved to tears, could be happinessor joy.But think about it. If you laugh, you think, and youcry, thats a full day. Thats a heck of a day. Youdo that seven days a week, youre going to havesomething special.” (Jim Valvano)
    23. 23. DREAM X GOAL X PLAN = ACTION“Dreams are great on paper but will not come alive unless you do the hard work to make them happen.”“I was a top recruit in high school. Many coaches assured me I would start. But not Coach K. „I‟m not going to promise you anything,‟ he said, „if you come here, you have to work hard and earn everything you receive.‟” (Grant Hill)
    24. 24. OUR TIME TOGETHER TODAY Inspire you to take action that improves your business Give you at least 3 ideas you can implement immediately Explore the relationship between sports and life Learn from the greatest local basketball coaches Hear who I think the Greatest Coach Ever is! Have some fun Meet new people Your Goal: Get an expanded sense of your own potential and opportunities
    25. 25. FOR MORE INFORMATIONJim JubelirerActionCOACH308 West Rosemary StreetSuite 307Chapel Hill, NC 27516(919)