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  • I love this concept because this is something we run into every single day. I call this concept “ Above or Below the Line ” Below the line people do 3 things… Q – What is the first one? A – Blame Q – Who do people blame? A – Anyone they possibly can the government, the economy, their mother-in-law, their staff, their neighbor, their competition. Q – How many of you know people that do the blame game? Q – How many kids do it? Q – Who do they learn it from by the way? Isn ’ t that Q – The second thing that people do below the line is that they come up with a whole lot of what? A – Excuses Q – How many of you know someone that is an expert at doing that? By the way a fancy word for excuses is reasons. The reason I did this… Q – Last one on the board , what is it? A – Denial S – Reminds me of a story One of my fellow coaches worked with a friend in a business. The friend initially approached him and said, “ I need you to take a look at my business. ” He took a look at his financials and his friend had not made a profit in the 18 months he had been in business. So, he said “ So you are going broke.. ” The friend responded, “ Oh no, we just haven ’ t made a profit recently. ” Talking about a state of denial. This is important because so many people do this. So those 3 things I call playing below the line. Q – How many people of done this in the past? At the beginning of a coaching relationship I get agreement that we will always play above the line. So let ’ s take a look at what is above the line. The first thing we do above the line is what folks? We take ownership. See, what is ownership? It is a combination of two words. Own and Ship. You have your own ship and you ’ ve got to steer it. The second thing above the line is what? We are totally accountable for our results. Q – When you own a business with a team or lead a team can you be accountable for the team without being responsible for their tasks? A – Absolutely, however so many business owners find themselves responsible for all the tasks. So, that brings me to the third word which is YOU are responsible for YOUR actions. You are accountable for the results and you are responsible for your actions. Ownership, Accountability, and Responsibility is above the line. So what do we call people below the line? VICTIMS What do we call those above the line? VICTORS So we make a choice whether or not to play above the line?
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 10:46
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 10:46
  • Super Charge Your Sales Processes

    1. 1. WELCOME TO FIRST FRIDAYS! Supercharge Your Sales Process October 7, 2011
    2. 2. Consider This”Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.And the only way to do great work is to love what you do." Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011
    3. 3. Are You Above or Below the Line? V Picture 5 IOwnership C TAccountable O RResponsible VBlame I CExcuses T IDenial M
    4. 4. There is no “Selling”
    5. 5. The Shortest Course on SalesAsk Questions and Listen!
    6. 6. The Secret Sauce• Profile Your Revenue• Segment Your Customers• Systematize Your Sales Processes• Focus on Five Ways To Results
    7. 7. Profile Your Revenue• “Follow The Dollar”• Know your numbers: How does the 80/20 rule apply to your revenue numbers?
    8. 8. Segment Your CustomersDon’t complain about the economyuntil you have 10 pieces of personal information on every prospect and customer!
    9. 9. Precession:Focus Leads to Success Leadership checklist Systems checklist Process mapping
    10. 10. Cross-Section of Sales FunnelSet goals for percent of total sales from each quadrant
    11. 11. Five Simple Steps To Massive Results1/2 Number of Leads = Number of Customers X Conversion Rates3/4 Number of Transactions = Revenue x Average $ Sold x = PROFITS5 Margins
    12. 12. The More You Learn, The More You Earn • Spin Selling • Getting Naked • Seven Habits • Platinum RuleThe more you read, the better you lead
    13. 13. Tools of a Successful Sales Person • Purpose • Questioning Ability • Process • Scripts • Materials • Ears/Mouth in Ratio
    14. 14. Meditations on Success• Have a purpose (intent, desired outcome) for every touch• Always establish value before price• Trust trumps price every time: – People do business with people they like and trust. – People like people who like what/who they like: find the connection points• Model the masters – follow the Top 10% – Top 10% ask 6x more questions – don’t show up and throw up – the person who asks the questions is in control
    15. 15. More Meditations on Success• We are what we think we are. BE the coach!• Let your past make you better, not bitter.• If you don’t have an assistant, you are an assistant.• When you care more about the customer than the sale, you will sell more• Focus on benefits and outcomes, not speeds and feeds
    16. 16. Questions? 16
    17. 17. Our Mission: World Abundance Through Business EducationMake Better Decisions! Improve Your Business IntuitionFriday, November 4th, 2011Failing to Plan is Planning to FailFriday, December 2nd, 2011Yes, Your Dreams CAN Come TrueFriday, January 6th, 2011GrowthCLUBJanuary 11, 2012The Greatest Coach Ever! Life Lessons from Dean Smith, RoyWilliams, Coach K and Jimmy V
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    20. 20. About Jim Jubelirer• 25 years in business, $1M+ sales annually• Expert in sales, marketing and leadership – Start-up coach at UNC Venture Launch – Affiliated with Duke Leadership Program, Fuqua Business School – Board of Advisors for Sustainable Brands – Member of angel investment and non-profit groups• Frequent speaker, trainer and facilitator, presented to over 6,000 people• MBA, Cornell BA University of California, Santa Cruz• Certified in Sandler Sales, Strategic Coach, numerous other personal and professional development programs• Married, 1 son, loves tennis, scuba, travel
    21. 21. About ActionCOACH…• #1 Business Coaching and Consulting company in the world• Founded in 1993 by Brad Sugars; self-made multi-millionaire, author, and entrepreneur• 1,300+ Coaches worldwide in 40 Countries• Combines the best practices in business and personal development
    22. 22. Coaching Works!• UK Study: ActionCOACH clients averaged a 30% average annual sales growth compared to only 13% in non-coached businesses.• US Study: Coaching clients saw a return on investment of 7.5 to 1, or $7.50 increase in income for every $1 invested.
    23. 23. Business Coaching Programs…
    24. 24. Jim JubelirerCertified ActionCOACH308 West Rosemary Street, Suite 307Chapel Hill, NC 27516(919)