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Genpact Supply Chain Decision ServicesSUPPLY CHAIN DECISION SERVICES                                 Optimizing cost-to-se...
SUPPLY CHAIN DECISION SERVICESSUPPLY CHAIN DECISION SERVICES                                           Demand & Inventory ...
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Supply Chain Analytics- Genpact's Supply Chain Decision Services


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Supply Chain Analytics- Genpact's Supply Chain Decision Services enables CXOs to achieve cost visibility and optimization through analytics across: Demand and Inventory Management, Sourcing and Logistics. Supply Chain Analytics Services offered by Genpact are inventory optimization, sourcing analytics and logistics analytics.

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Supply Chain Analytics- Genpact's Supply Chain Decision Services

  1. 1. Genpact Supply Chain Decision ServicesSUPPLY CHAIN DECISION SERVICES Optimizing cost-to-serve through better analytics in demand planning, sourcing and logistics Increased supply chain complexity (global footprints, reduced These issues are faced by companies with large asset base (inventory, response times, cost and demand volatility, complex supplier landscape, transportation, facilities, etc) and high working capital tied up in inefficient fleet management) puts pressure on key financial metrics e.g. operations. Industries like Hi-tech, Oil & Gas (upstream), Chemicals, cost of procured goods, logistics and manufacturing; working capital Pharma, Consumer Products, Equipment and Discrete manufacturing, and cash flow. The consequence is higher risk of supply chain and Logistics/warehousing/distribution are affected more than others. related financials. KEY SUPPLY CHAIN CHALLENGES IN MAJOR INDUSTRIES • Emerging market infrastructure investments and shifting consumer demographics alter demand patterns. Heavy Equipments • Must improve their ability to sense demand, collaborate internally and externally, and build a supply network to improve agility • Lags in key working capital measures e.g. inventory, receivables and payables, partially due to traditional no Pharma stock-out philosophy, product expiry complexity and current pressure on sourcing costs • Improve the ability to manage multiple suppliers to maintain appropriate stock levels • Must improve the sales and operations planning process, with an integrated planning solution to link orders, Chemical forecasts, inventory, production and procurement • Develop strategies that support business models in the face of increased uncertainty and complexity Traditional methods and processes can no longer address these challenges and deliver results. For insight into their supply chain costs and ways to improve margins, companies need powerful analytics. GENPACT’S SUPPLY CHAIN DECISION SERVICES Genpact’s Supply Chain Decision services offers analytical tools and integrated decision making processes to cope with demand variability, counter uncertainties, predict risk and defend profits. The solution provides services and focused technology to enable CXOs to achieve cost visibility and optimization through: • Demand and Inventory analytics • Sourcing analytics • Logistics analytics
  2. 2. SUPPLY CHAIN DECISION SERVICESSUPPLY CHAIN DECISION SERVICES Demand & Inventory Analytics Sourcing Analytics Logistics Analytics • Performance measurement and reporting • Sourcing strategy support • Network optimization • Multi-criteria inventory classification • Supplier selection support • Carrier sourcing analytics • Demand forecasting • Commercials support • Freight lane analytics • Service level optimization • Sample product development • Obsolescence visibility • Supplier performance management Supply Chain Decision Services can help achieve: Genpact operates a cost-effective, scalable global offshore delivery • 10-15% cost reduction with effective sourcing and logistics planning model, ensures a targeted approach (e.g. significant revenue categories/ • 10-15% reduction in working capital through inventory reduction geographies, at-risk products etc.) and utilizes customized proprietary and corresponding turns improvement tools (e.g. Inventory Optimizer) and methodologies. We also leverage • Higher customer service levels through better forecasting and and augment client’s existing resources and tools. Our technology product availability, 20-30% improvement in forecast accuracy solutions can be onpremise or cloud based, and mobile enabled where • Up to 10% transportation cost savings appropriate. SUPPLY CHAIN DECISION SERVICES - SPECIFIC BENEFITS FOR MAJOR STAKEHOLDERS Chief Financial Officer Chief Purchasing Officer Head of Supply Chain • Better control of total cost-to-serve • Supply risk mitigation and improved • Pro-active identification of challenges to • Improved cash flow through working sourcing performance avoid impact on customer service capital optimization • Objective price negotiations using • Up-to-date monitoring of supply chain • Visibility and categorization of spend should-cost model performance across organization • “Right-sizing” of supply base and lowest • Better visibility on key supply chain metrics cost country (LCC) sourcing program e.g. cash conversion cycle (CCC) management • Enable proactive planning for varying • Better visibility on potential supplier risk customer demand patterns • Better cost deflation opportunities About Genpact Genpact, formerly part of GE Capital, is now a solid public company. We have 49,000 employees globally, serving 400 clients from 35 service centers in 14 countries. Genpact’s deep, Six Sigma-based process expertise and focused IT have made us an industry leader in analytics, with over 3,600 analytics professionals, 90% of whom have advanced degrees in statistics, operations research, business management, and economics. We have expertise in targeted supply chain analytics across multiple Please contact us for more information on how to improve supply chain efficiency at industries. For more information, visit: Please visit our website at Copyright © Genpact 2011. All Rights Reserved. analytics/scds.aspx