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| 2020
C X . R E P O R T
20 20
C X . R E P O R T
For the 2015 Design in Tech Report, this dynamic diagram helped to explain the reason why
design came into the foreground in tech. It’s because of the “ouch” factor.
But one thing I profoundly missed five years ago was the amount of data that could be acquired with a comforting hug
around a user. It’s that suction force of data that will make the next generation of experiences even more incredible.
Source: @johnmaeda @kpcb
once in

the morning
once in
the evening
A pain point can become a “pain plane” on mobile. That’s a lot of ouch.
150 unlocks = checking your phone every 5.6 minutes
one interaction, one “ouch” just two ouch points
| 202052

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