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2020 CX Report 1.0.0

Sponsored by The Earth

Computational Experiences
Are Made By Those Who
Know How To Speak Machine

by John Maeda

Hi there! The CX Report is meant to be consumed in video form via my YouTube channel. So it doesn’t work well as a simple deck of slides. Because I encoded the video at 1080p on my YouTube channel, a screen-captured image will do fine for most needs. I guess that’s the challenge of making experiences — they’re best consumed in the format they’ve been created for, which in this case is in video form.

The YouTube link will explain the contents so it'll make more sense to you over there:

2020 CX Report 1.0.0

  1. C X . R E P O R T 👋Hi there! The CX Report is meant to be consumed in video form via my YouTube channel. So it doesn’t work well as a simple deck of slides. Because I encoded the video at 1080p on my YouTube channel, a screen-captured image will do fine for most needs. I guess that’s the challenge of making experiences — they're best consumed in the format they've been created for, which in this case is in video form. That said, the text encoded in this PDF might be useful to those who are visually impaired. Thus I provide this PDF. 20 20
  2. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 Computational Experiences Are Made By Those Who Know How To Speak Machine 20 20 CX REPORT J O H N M A E D A Sponsored by The Earth
  3. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 3 Why does the CX Report exist? I wrote a book that lays out the foundations of how computation works as my MVLP. The CX Report is my further iterations on the topic. Source: @johnmaeda
  4. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 The idea that the computer will follow your exact commands and never get tired has always … bothered … me. Automation is cool, but it’s a little creepy. Those who can speak machine can do things that others cannot. 4 Source: @johnmaeda 1993 What’s with the infinity graphic everywhere? Much of my work in the 90s as an artist involved writing computer programs to draw figures that were difficult to render by hand. | 2020
  5. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 5 Instead of waiting for customers to come to them, firms are addressing customers’ needs the moment they arise—and sometimes even earlier.” HBR A seismic shift is under way. Thanks to new technologies that enable frequent, low-friction, customized digital interactions, companies today are building much deeper ties with customers than ever before.” Source: @johnmaeda @harvardbiz “ May-June 2019 Issue HBR Cover Story The Age of Continuous Connection by Nicolaj Siggelkow and Christian Terwiesch @wharton 2019 “
  6. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 6 David Bowie understood computation, or the “Internet,” in a way that astounds anyone who watches his 1999 BBC interview with Jeremy Paxman. Much of what David Bowie says in his interview speaks to the alien-like material that the Internet represented to a visionary artist like himself, but we’re only now experiencing all that he foresaw. Source: @BBCNewsnight @johnmaeda Bowie: I think the potential of what the internet is going to do to society, both good and bad, is unimaginable. I think we’re on the cusp of something exhilarating and terrifying. Paxman: It’s just a tool though, isn’t it? Bowie: No it’s not. No. It’s an alien life form and it's going to crush our ideas of what mediums are all about. No. It’s an alien life form …
  7. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 1961: “Automation Might End Most Unskilled Jobs In 10 Years”7 Dystopia has been a popular theme since the beginning of consumer advancements in technology. We have always feared the future and its often unintended consequences. This 2017 tweet has garnered over 400K views. The headline comes from Google news / Sydney Morning Herald October 12, 1961. Keep in mind, experts all believe that policy needs to be addressed, not technology. Source: @twitter @spencerchen @google @jmhorp @mitsmr @johnmaeda
  8. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 8 The Design in Tech Reports followed a trajectory that ended up right near the questions that were raised in How To Speak Machine — questions about how to speak human. The trope of, “Speed, price, quality: you only get to pick two” … gives way to, “you get all three with computational design!” That means undesirable work can get automated so that you can work on the parts that you want to do. Source: @johnmaeda Design Thinking Computational Design Value creation Classical Design Text Design In Tech Report 2017 John Maeda CHINA  DESIGN 2017 47 pages) #DesignInTech Report John Maeda, Design Partner Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers 1 TEAM: JACKIE XU (TALENT), AVIV GILBOA (MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS), JUSTIN SAYARATH (TALENT) WITH SPECIAL THANKS TO CHRISTINA LEE, JULIET DE BAUBIGNY, MARY MEEKER, MIKE ABBOTT 5/15 v 1.1 DESIGN → DE$IGN 2015 39 pages) Design Partner | Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers March 14, 2016 DESIGN INTECH REPORT KPCB Team // Jackie Xu, Aviv Gilboa, Justin Sayarath With Special Thanks to // Michael Abbott, Juliet de Baubigny, Scott Ryles, Lynne Chou, Christina Lee, Andy Chen, Muzzammil Zaveri, Arielle Zuckerberg Designed By // Luna Chen 陈清源, Danqing Wang 王丹青 // China Design 中国设计 2 0 1 6 1 John Maeda MBAs ❤ DESIGN 2016 49 pages) DESIGN  INCLUSION 2018 91 pages) DESIGN 2019 98 pages) A.I.
  9. Source: @lunchbreath in the 2019 Design in Tech Report
  10. Source: @lunchbreath in the 2019 Design in Tech Report
  11. Source: @lunchbreath in the 2019 Design in Tech Report
  12. Source: @lunchbreath in the 2019 Design in Tech Report
  13. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 FIRST NIGHTSECOND NIGHT13 What’s Moore’s law? I heard that it’s ending already. So what’s the big deal? I certainly didn’t learn about it in high school or in college. So it can’t be important. Right? In How To Speak Machine I describe two ways to understand why it’s important to know. The first way is by thinking of the lily pond example from an old British riddle. The other way is to the chessboard analogy. Source: @johnmaeda @penguinbooks 🌲 🌲 🌲 On Day 30 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 👈 🌲 🌲 🏡
  14. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 14 Computation according to How To Speak Machine can be learned in 6 parts. It takes inspiration from Bowie by describing it as an alien-like material. There are three set of properties that computation embodies as “alien-like” materials that are entirely unnatural. As a result, when you build things out of computation there are three unique considerations. Source: @johnmaeda @penguinbooks 1. Machines Run LOOPS. 
 Computation never gets tired, and a promise to do something forever is 100% kept. 2. Machines Get LARGE.
 Computation spans the infinitely large and the infinitesimally small without breaking a sweat. 3. Machines Are LIVING. 
 Computation lets you emulate the cognitive and mechanical behaviors of living things. Three Alien-like Properties Of Computation 4. Machines Are INCOMPLETE.
 It’s wiser to deliver unfinished products than to waste time creating your masterpiece. 5. Machines Can Be INSTRUMENTED. 
 It’s wiser to learn how to serve your users than to simply bet on your being right. 6. Machines Automate IMBALANCE. 
 We should expect artificial intelligence to be just as dumb as we are. Three Ways That Computational Products Are Unique
  15. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 15 The phrase “the 4th Industrial Revolution” captures this unusual period we’ve entered which is unlike anything before. But you just don’t notice it. It’s invisible. And everywhere. Reading from left to right, the 1st Industrial Revolution (IR was the steam engine. The 2nd IR was electricity. The 3rd IR was the computer. And the 4th IR is all the computers (and people) connected together right now. Source: @johnmaeda @wef 1 2 3 4 🚂 🔋⚡ 📱 🤳 ☁ 🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳
  16. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 16 The business implications of computation are easy to notice macroscopically, and we can expect its impacts to continue during the 4th Industrial Revolution. Starting this week, International Business Machines will spend more than $200 million on a global advertising and marketing blitz to convince everyone that the Web is a grand place to do business. Big business.” WSJ 1997 Source: @wsj “What’s an e-business? 1997 Recessionary periods … … Remember Y2K? Netscape is born iPhone 1 is born Blackberry is born iPod is born … Mass Consumerization of Computation “
  17. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 17 The popular acronyms “B2C” and “B2B” are shorthand for value exchange during the 4th IR. Although easy to type, they miss a fundamental aspect of the computational era: loops. SSL Secure Sockets Layer) was invented in 1994 by Netscape — and it led the way towards e-commerce becoming a viable option for consumers to make purchases safely over the then emerging World Wide Web. Source: @google Michael Aldrich demonstrates “teleshopping” 📺 ☎ 🤖 🛍 SSL 🔒 B2 B B2C B2B2C C2B2B G 2BC2B C2 CE2 B B2G B2E B B 2 C B 2 E B2C2B Business Transforming Itself Business Transforming Itself Consumer Transforming Themself Business Transforming Itself Employee Transforming Themself
  18. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 “ Marketing Iterations Run Fast Hey! Buy me! Pick me! Me! I am the one! Get started here. Works well, huh? You need help? Stay with me! Product Iterations Run Slower EXIT ENTER ONBOARD USE STRUGGLE GET SUPPORTED COMMIT? TRIGGER CONSIDERATION EVALUATION AWARENESS 💸 The only way one can really cover the entire surface of engagement with the buyer and customer, in an infinitely long engagement loop, is through computation. In the 2020 CX Report Participation Survey, I asked who should be accountable for this entire experience. The most common answer was: “It’s everyone’s responsibility.” And that, of course, means nobody. Source: @johnmaeda Buyer Experience Customer Experience Product Earns Customer Loyalty Slowly + Product Evolves Slowly Marketing (or Sales) Converts Buyer Quickly + Shifts Strategies Quickly 18 | 2020
  19. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 19 Many companies are in various states of “gone digital.” We’ll get a bit nerdy by using the Kardashev scale in relation to a company’s digital transformation status. The Kardashev scale comes from astronomer and science fiction writer Nikolai Kardashev (19322019 as a model for the total energy available. If we consider the alien life form of computation, I think it’s an apropos metaphor. Source: @johnmaeda @wikipedia Type 1 or the “Planetary Civilization” can use and store all of the energy available on its planet. Let’s call this kind of organization one that’s mastered paper and the digital office to an extent that they are users of technology. They know how to search on the Internet and make it useful. Praying That
 Not Here I Type II or the “Stellar Civilization” has made its way out of a typical office and is a first-class citizen on the Internet. They’ve figured out how to use it for basic owned digital marketing efforts and/or deploying sensors in their supply chain and/or just being more efficient with what “e-business” can be about. They’ve fully leaned into funding experiments that let them be digital. Hopefully You’re
 Not Stuck Here II Type III or the “Galactic Civilization” has ventured fully into the entire universe of social media to cover a giant surface area of contact with many consumers. In the are of B2B, the interconnect between internal business processes and automating the supply chain is already well underway. Ideally You
 Are Right Here III Type IV or the “Universal Civilization” has made forays into AI and machine learning. They’ve managed to navigate autonomous technologies to achieve uncanny (not just desperate) acts of digital and have entered a space where they’re not entirely sure of the ethical implications of what they’ve set loose in the world. The level of complexity is at a scale that can’t be easily unwound. Big Tech
 Is Over Here IV Type V or the “Multi-Universe Civilization” has made the techie “singularity” vision occur and the “oops” moment has happened for humanity where there’s no turning back. But perhaps something wonderful has happened instead of just the dystopia we’re told shall one day appear. V
  20. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 20 The possibility for unintended consequences at a Kardashev scale greater or equal to three is high. And it can happen at a level of complexity that we won’t be able to easily fathom. Government programs and private-sector data collection are destroying our privacy, pushing us towards a 24-hour surveillance society.” ACLU 2004 Source: @johnmaeda @ACLU @unsplash photo by Federica Galli  Text Design In Tech Report 2017 John Maeda 41@jshoee @alistairmbarr @theeconomist @daveyalba @kashhill @alexjamesfitz Historically speaking, technology products weren’t designed with inclusivity in mind because the users of the products were generally the makers of the products. The number of people using computers used to be very small. However today, due to smart phone proliferation, everyone is now using computers. To design for everyone, we need to now think and work more inclusively than ever before. A Shift: Moving towards inclusivity ALISTAIR BARR The Wall Street Journal Google Mistakenly Tags Black People As “Gorillas” Showing Limits Of Algorithms. July 2015 June 2016 More Airbnb Customers Are Complaining About Racism. Aug 2016 Clearly Snapchat Doesn’t Get What’s Wrong With Yellowface. How Nextdoor reduced racist posts by 75% Aug 2016 Airbnb CEO: “Bias and Discrimination Have No Place” Here. Sep 2016 Companies trending upwards in design perception: Survey A.W. The Economist DAVEY ALBA Wired 1. Airbnb 2. Google 3. Slack 4. Microsoft KASHMIR HILL Fusion ALEX FITZPATRICK Time Section 5: Design is by Nature, Inclusive CHINA  DESIGN and the start of the shift in 2018 to DESIGN  INCLUSION Design In Tech Report 2017 47 pages) ALISTAIR BARR The Wall Street Journal Google Mistakenly Tags Black People As “Gorillas” Showing Limits Of Algorithms. July 2015 June 2016 More Airbnb Customers Are Complaining About Racism. A.W. The Economist August 2004 “Scary Pizza” by the ACLU C X . R E P O R T “
  21. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 21 The reality of how digital technology intersects with society is profound. By learning how to speak machine, and how to speak human, you get to transform this new, alien world. The blue pill or red pill is a reference to a popular 90s film, The Matrix, which speaks to the power of computation when it gets to control your reality. The blue pill signifies “not knowing” and the red pill signifies “waking up to reality.” I Like My Reality The Way It Is I Can Take The Truth … I Think Source: @johnmaeda C X . R E P O R T Praying That
 Not Here KARDASHEV I Those Who Speak Machine Know … KARDASHEV V | 2020
  22. 22 BUT FIRST … A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM OUR SPONSOR Source:@lunchbreathinthe2020CXReport
  23. 23 Source:@lunchbreathinthe2020CXReport
  24. C X . R E P O R T 20 20 24 - For the exhausted CMO, the newish CTO, the wired CCO - You’re good with Kardashev I or II, and need to get to III - You know how to speak un poco machine Source: @johnmaeda C X . R E P O R T KARDASHEV IIIKARDASHEV I | 2020 Blue Pill
  25. C X . R E P O R T 25 Our customer experience looks like our org chart! Even down to our departments and roles. How do we fix this? —every successful Fortune 1000 company Source: @johnmaeda Overheard in all organizations bigger than one person … C X . R E P O R T | 2020
  26. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 26 Using Google’s auto-complete for CX Marketing, Customer Support, Customer Service, Customer Success, User Experience, Service Design, Customer Journey float to the top. Visualization above is using Andrei Kashcha @avanka’s tool on Github for visualizing auto-complete graphs. It’s pretty amazing if you haven’t tried it yet. Source: @anvaka @johnmaeda
  27. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 27 The relative importance of CX versus UX depends upon who has the larger budget for experientially-minded customer-facing initiatives. That’s usually marketing. The CX community often comes to the conclusion that EX Employee Experience) lies at the crux of an organization’s ability to become truly customer-centric. I agree with that 100%, and that’s why I’m partial to the SHRM. Source: @johnmaeda @sdnetwork @digital_gov Pre-Purchase Post-Purchase Founded 2011 58 Networks Business Founded 2003 200 Networks Design Founded 1991 48 Chapters Usability Just Digital Experiences IRL and Digital Experiences In essence, UX is part of a broader CX, but CX contains some aspects outside of a product that UX does not.” —Tim Lowden, GSA “ Founded 2004 RELATED MEMBERSHIP ASSOCIATIONS Founded 1914 Founded 1965 UX CXUX CX
  28. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 28 The idea of a start-up versus and end-up is something I developed with Becky Bermont in 2013. It honors companies that ended up successful, but with a slight twist. In How To Speak Machine, the idea of an “end-up" is introduced to illustrate how difficult it can be to transform an existing organization to act like a startup. And often times that is for good reason. Being a grown-up isn’t a bad thing. Source: @johnmaeda @beckybermont digital
 platform external
 platform Start-ups End-ups Want to be something Already are something Agile Stable Culture is forming Culture has formed Have little Have lots Have little to lose Have lots to lose Try something for the first time Tried everything and know what works Unproven Proven Do what needs to get done Clear roles and responsibilities Flat structure with empowerment Hierarchical structure with rules May come and go Stand the test of time Heterarchy Hierarchy Grown-ups
  29. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 29 Startups are low in politics compared with grownups because there’s so few people in them. There’s a lot of “heads" without bodies, and with tons of overlap in roles and responsibilities. An organization’s structure, by definition, is going to be visible in how the product that’s delivered gets manifested. That’s because scale happens through specialized functions that need to be held accountable for doing their part. Source: @doesnotexistbot @johnmaeda JOIN OUR TEAM CEO Head of Data Head of Engineering Head of Product Head of Design Head of Support Head of Growth Vernon the Horse
  30. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 When your startup succeeds at becoming successful at covering the entire surface of interactions without blowing up, then you’ve ended up successful. You’ve grown up! In an all-digital experience, it’s one thing to consider everyone connected to what’s delivered by technology. But with an in-store or on-premise experience, that adds yet another degree of complexity to delivering a holistic experience. Source: @doesnotexistbot @johnmaeda 30 Buyer Experience Customer Experience “Our experience feels like our org chart!”
  31. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 31 Source: @johnmaeda C X . R E P O R T | 202031
  32. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 32 Where I Stand Marketopia There’s no logic to the how I placed these roles and owners on this page. I’m just a fan of team photos :+) C X . R E P O R T 20 20 C X . R E P O R T | 202032
  33. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 33 My opinions get stronger by listening to what’s out there. Keep in mind that everything I’m sharing is an opinion — and in some cases I have an educated one. Is it better to do user research than do no user research? I’m of the former belief so I listened to 937 people besides myself to try and represent a sliver of their respective biases. Source: @johnmaeda 秦宇雯, 欧永和, Zorica Kosztelnik, Zoey Z, Zhouxing Lu, Z, Yunus Tunak, Yrgo, högre yrkesutbildning, Yiwei.H, Yin Lee, Yihaur Lin, Yi-Luh Ho, Yeong Yee, Yannis Paniaras, Y, XIIIIANG, Xiaobei Yu, Xavi Jordan, X, Wouter Boender, Wolfgang Gauss, wla9d at yandex, William Schindhelm Georg, Will A, Wessel Olivier, Wessel Jansen, Well Wisher, wanyan, Vitor Fernandes, Vishal Ramawat, Vincent Garcia, Vinayak Bhandare, Vikram Sood, Victor Silva, Vee, Ve Dewey, Valerie Vacante, Founder, Collabsco, Val Vacante, Founder, Collabsco, Uzair, Ugendran Letchimenan, Udo Schliemann, Tyler Ransburgh, Tyler Michael Conover, tyara_zou_0117, Tung Jen Tsai, TS Balaji, Troels Nørlem, Travis Kirton, Travis ⛵ ➡ , Tracy Moore, Toshio Taki, Toshiki wada, Tony Olsson, Tom Gray, Tom, Tolga Inam, Todd Zaki Warfel, Todd Walker, Timothy Scholl, Timothée Wirth, Tim Buesing, Tim Banker, Thomas Yung, thomas pavlak, Thomas Essl, thanks for the study, Thank you always, thank you, Tess Herrmann, Taylor Jennningss, Tasha Lutfi, Taru Rastas, Tanvir Alam, Tanushree, T, Sy Chonato, Suresh Ramaswamy, Suresh Anand, Sunil Malhotra, Sukanya Panda, Sudeep Chhabra, SUBMIT, submit, SU, Steve Bacall, Stephen Peters, Stephen Kirk, Stephen Gates, Stephen Folan, Stephan Ritter, Stephan Riess, Stephan J Clambaneva, IDSA, Steph Bannister, Stela Mazoli Jaouiche, Stefano Raglione, Stefanie Knoren, Stefan Wanner, Stefan Ulrich, Stefan Bauer, Stacey Zhou, SrValladares, Sridhar Dhulipala, Sparsh Bhure, Soumya Kundu, Verizon Hyderabad., Soshi Samejima, Sonali Banerji, Sisirnath, Simon Wassef, Simon Parbutt, Silvio Meira, Siddharth Vanchinathan, Siddarth Kengadaran, Shuichi Shibukawa, Shivi C., Shira Kates, Shi, Serota, Sergio Majluf, Sergio Compean, Sergio A. Parra, Serene Mireles, Serena, Selki, Seiji Sato, Sebastien Chung, Sean McHarg, Sean, Scott Murray, Saumya Sunder, Satyam Kantamneni, Sarah Chien, Sara Whalen Shifrin, Sara Michelazzo, Santiago Mujica, Saneef Ansari, Sandra Niehaus, Sandra, Samuel Pirès, Samuel Palm, Sameer Dwivedi, Sam Jones, Sam Clark, S. E. Shoueiry, S, Ryo Kikuchi (ZeBrand), Ryan C. Welsh, Ruth T, Rup Sen, Owner/ Founder @ JustMagic, Rui Rocha, RPS, Rory de Graaf, Ronald Tong, Roland-Philippe Kretzschmar, Roland Sailer, Rodrigo Peixoto, Rodrigo Fajardo, Rodrigo Fajardo, Roberto Pesce, Roberto Meir, Roberto Maggio, Roberto Cervantes, Roberto Cabezas H, Robert Rivera, Robert Quintero, Rizwan Iqbal, Rikus hillmann, Ricky Zhang, Rich Hauck, Rhea Thomas, Renn Scott, Renato Winnig, Remeshan, Reed Reibstein, Red Lemonade Creative, Rebecca Kauffman, Răzvan Țugui, Raven L. Veal, PhD, Rasoul Khosravi, Raphael Chun, Raoul Flaminzeanu, Randy J. Hunt, Ralf Gehrig, Rajiv Kaul, Raji, Raik Ilves, Rahul Bhatli, Raffie, Raffaele Rainwiz Boiano, Rafael R., Radley, R, Qu Mo, prof courtnay guimaraes jr, Prince Boucher, Poon, Poarangan Brand Design & Consulting, Piotr, Pierre-Denis Autric, Philipp Maul, Philip Man, Phil Golub, Peter Weibrecht, Peter Watson-Wailes, Peter Reibel, Peter Pries, Peter Pries, Pete Kinser, Per G. Bergfors, Pedro Sanoja, Pedro Custodio, Paul Thurston, Paul Isakson, Patrik Beskow, Patrick N. Donegan, Patrick Marcelissen, Patricia Diaz, Paopaofu, Paola Rojas, Pam Gottsponer, Pallavi Dubey, Pablo Zarate, oyobe, Oscar Martínez Ciuró, Osborn SB CHENG, Omri Reis, Olufemi Adesina, O, nroushan, Noriko Murata, None:), none, none, Noel Cunningham, No thanks!, No thanks :), no thanks, No thanks, no thank you, No, Nitin Gautam, Nishita Karun, Nimit, Nils Sköld, Nikolaus Kaiser, Niels van den Brink, Nicolas Kittner, NICOLAAS BIJVOET, Nick Turner, Nick Cochran, Nathan Delavictoire, Nate Otto, Natália Franzon Catarino, Nariko, Naomi Clare Crellin, Nancy Xu, NaN, Namah Pandey, N/A, N/A, musho, Mr. Elijah Affi (Takeout Media Nigeria), Mr BRIAN MORRIS, motoharu ueda, Morgan de Boe, Monica Dalla Riva, MODAL SYSTEMS Ltd, miss, Millie Lin, Milan Kocic, Mikkel 'Rouge' Ruge, Mike Matyscak, Mike Flynn, Miguel Magaña, Miguel Ángel Pérez, Michelle Tai, Michael Plater Findlay, Michael Lattanzi, Michael Held, Michael D'Argenio, Michael Balof, Micah Z, Mercime, Melissa Clark, Melissa Chardet, Melissa A. 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Chaykowsky, Izwan Ismail, Isma, Ishita Chaudhuri, Isabelle Baumgartner, Iris Mou, INO, Ines, Iñaki Escudero, Ian Pawelec, Ian Hall, Ian Casey Abinoja, Ian Alexander, Holly Burroughs Cole, Hiroyuki Takeuchi, Hiroshi, Hironobu Aoki, Himanshu Goyal, Hillary Law, Henry Hyunrok Sung, Henrik Persson, Henrik Mitsch, Heine, Hehe, Hector Baide Munoz, Heather Stallings, Heath Alexander, Hau-Ben Benjamin Shih, Hans Ruitenberg, Hajj Flemings, Hadijah Larasti, Guy M, Gustavo Borja, Guillaume Abel, Gufm, Guannan Xu, Greg Storey, Greg Storey, Greg G, Greg Csikos, Gonzalo Roqué, Gonçalo Esteves, Gita, Giovanni Scaglia, Giovanni C. 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Rodriguez, Diana Glozman, Dhan Bhat, Design I/O, Dennis Eusebio, Deepak Bhardwaj, Dee Seaver, Dawn Ahukanna, Davide Genco, Davide, David Robert, David Lacasa, David Knies, David Herring, David H Miller, David Espeso, Dave Turnbull, Dave Edwards, Sonder Scheme, Dave Birckhead, Daryl Choy, Danilo Bojic, Daniele Grosso, Daniela Romero, Daniel Risi, Daniel Peterson, Daniel Obayashi, Daniel Escapa, Dani Cardelús, Dan Martinez, CR, Claudia Robiou, Ciara Peter, Christopher Schwing, Christopher Schutte, Christopher Nguyen, Christof Zürn, Christine Webb, Chris Henderson, Chris Duffey, Chloe Fong, Chino Wong, Chie YOKOYAMA, Chester, Chao Zhang, Changying Zheng (Z, Chacko Poothicote, César Héctor, Cecilia Byberg, cc, Catherine Hills, Cass Kelsall, Carolina., Carolina Cestero, Carol-Anne Ryce-Paul, Carlos PESSOA, Carlos Alonso Pascual, Canadian CEO, Camilo Oliveira, Camilo Barros, C to the B, Bryant Castro, Bruno Borella, Bruce Rasa, Brian Ling, Brian C. 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Hamilton, A girl has no name :P, 3 , @paatchii, @aseoconnor, '+, ., :), :), , ;+), --- 937 | 8% T, 19% B, 71% D
  34. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 34 If you were to pick the main accountable owner(s) of ‘Customer Experience’ in your organization, which would it be? Choose as many as you like.” From the 2020 CX Report Survey (938 cleaned samples with 20% self described as product or biz owner, 71% self- described as design or research, and 9% self-described as eng or tech). Results are displayed proportionately. Source: @johnmaeda For healthcare the word "customer" should be "patients," for government the word should be "constituents," and for all non-profits the term will vary broadly. 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Product Marketing Sales Engineering Research Support Operations F&A HR Other Design Product or Biz Owner Engineering or Tech Design or Research “ Everyone (40% CEO 9%
  35. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 35 If you were to pick the main accountable owner(s) of ‘Customer Experience’ in your organization, which would it be? Choose as many as you like.” Source: @johnmaeda For healthcare the word "customer" should be "patients," for government the word should be "constituents," and for all non-profits the term will vary broadly. I have a customer experience function that’s made up of marketers and behavioral scientists, designers, strategists, behavioral economists and service designers. —from US As a sole proprietor when it comes to customer experience it’s more of a continuum of hats that cover all these groups except those I don’t have: eng prod fin & accting. —from US In b2b everyone plays a role. —from US ⾸首席体验馆 (Chief Experience Officer) —from China Admins, providers, plebs. Clinical staff interfaces directly in person and virtually with our consumers. —from US Customer Support and Product they have the top down and bottom up views. —from The Netherlands Everyone in the organization must think about the customer, and their needs, I believe we all must together anticipate our customers needs. —from Nigeria I work in education. Marketing, sales, academic instructors, career advisors. —from Australia Cross functional teams from across the business. —from Australia Everyone—is this a trick question? —from US Every single employee, because everyone is contributing to the experience of products that we build. —from India The ones facing customer interaction with our services. Sales, Customer Support. Internally, Eng, Design and Research team. —from Germany Every single collaborator should be accountable for CX. —from Brasil Support, Marketing and UX. —from S Africa The marketing department, but preferably a separate CX department. —from Belgium Director of Customer Experience. —from Czech Republic Marketing, research, training, service development, sales, after sales feedback, customer hotline team. —from Hungary CEO and the most senior design leader. —from Argentina The director or project manager. —from Chile Everybody should acknowledge that part of their work has the potential to affect the customer, and strive to refine that part of their work. —from Denmark There should be responsibility at different levels, from the direct execution to the design of the strategy, to the mandate of CX. —from UAE Most departments should be thinking about this, marketing, product, design, sales customer success etc. —from Ireland Everyone involved in keeping the business relevant through the time… —from Italy Everyone should be accountable in a decreasing manner starting from the CEO. —from Japan A mix between sales, design and product. We are a small startup though, so everyone contributes. —from Mexico All departments who interact directly with the customers. But they should be properly aware of it. —from Finland Whoever needs to impact the experience best for clients. —from China Those who manage individual risk decisions related to clients. —from Hong Kong CX should be managed at the CxO level, independent from other Business Units but still have a end2end view and power to push things through. —from Turkey The CEO and the COO (We are a field service provider; operations faces most of our B2E customers). —from Malaysia CX is a mindset that underpins great products and services. It should be addressed at the company culture level. —from Portugal Design, Sales, Marketing, Support. —from Slovenia Every department involved in the experience. —from UK Accountability should be with the product owners, with design being responsible for x- product experiences. —from UK CEO, Directors, they are very very old school. —from Spain Sales and Operations. —from Philippines Business Development. —from Indonesia CS (support and satisfaction) providing information to UX who can research and share with product who with sales, decide the roadmap. —from Canada Everyone should be at least mindful of it, and able directly or indirectly make positive contributions to it. Accountability is collective. —from Kenya Research. —from France Customer experience should be an ambition carried by the design team. —from France All departments. —from Austria There should be an integration of Ux research, Product, Design and Marketing, not yet fruitful in our org due to silo views. —from Puerto Rico the leader of working group regarding CX. —from Korea BU representatives who engage customers. —from Singapore As it is one woman s just me and everything and everyone that works with me as a service provider that helps me build my business. —from Bulgaria Everyone. —from Estonia Everybody of our organisation should have customer experience in mind in order to support the business finally. Taking the long term view. —from Switzerland Manager-level specialist with a full access to the whole team. —from Poland From the 2020 CX Report Survey (938 cleaned samples with 20% self described as product or biz owner, 71% self- described as design or research, and 9% self-described as eng or tech). Results are displayed proportionately. A designated executive reporting to CEO with the organization embedded in all departments. —from Sweden Every single employee participates on delivering customer experiences. —from Canada “
  36. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 36 From the 2020 CX Report Survey (938 cleaned samples with 20% self described as product or biz owner, 71% self- described as design or research, and 9% self-described as eng or tech). Results are displayed proportionately. Source: @johnmaeda @jasondavies If you were to pick the main accountable owner(s) of ‘Customer Experience’ in your organization, which would it be? Choose as many as you like.” For healthcare the word "customer" should be "patients," for government the word should be "constituents," and for all non-profits the term will vary broadly. “ | 2020
  37. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 37 Traditional CX refers to a “customer experience,” but you only become a customer after your purchase something. But CX usually refers to the entire experience. The left side says “brand” a lot, whereas the right side uses “reputation.” It’s useful to think of “brand” as an asset class that increases in valuation when the product is good, and it gets drawn down when the product is bad. Source: @johnmaeda Buyer Experience Pre-Purchase Experience Customer Experience Post-Purchase Experience The Cast Product Folks Business Folks Supply Chain Folks Customer Care Ops Folks Developer Folks Design Folks Content Folks Research Folks Data Scientists Marketing Folks … The Cast Marketing Folks Sales Folks Media Folks Key Influencers Ops Folks Developer Folks Design Folks Content Folks Research Folks Data Scientists Product Folks …
  38. C X . R E P O R T 38 If you only see one solution to a problem, then you don’t really understand the problem.” Source: @johnmaeda @superpedestrian (found on a whiteboard) One perspective ain’t enough. So be inclusive as often as you can. “| 2020
  39. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 39 The word “experience” contains in it the idea of trying things out and experimenting — which inherently introduces risk. But that can come with the reward of new knowledge. It’s said that the best experiences are both novel and familiar at the same time. That’s something of a paradox. But it’s kind of like how we like what we like, but we always appreciate spicing it up a bit so that it’s a little more new to us. Source: @onlineetymology @google @johnmaeda *per- to try, risk experience late 14thc observation as the source of knowledge; actual observation; an event which has affected you peril expert ex- out of peritus experienced, tested experiri to try, test experientia a trial, proof, experiment; knowledge gained by repeated trials periculum danger expertus tried
  40. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 In the 2019 Design in Tech Report I named six design trends in tech: Useful, Cool, Handcraft, Speedcraft, Defense, Offense. My favorite one has always remained speed. Back in 2008, Marissa Mayer made key contributions to UX space by emphasizing the importance of speed. This approach made sense when considering how Google was one of the first clouds so speed = experience. Source: @lunchbreath (Illustrations by Tony Ruth) @johnmaeda 40 | 2020
  41. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 41 Computational experiences leverage the power of the infinite loop combined with the invisible power of the cloud. The acronym “L.E.A.D.” encapsulates that power. The inspiration for LEAD is NYT bestselling cookbook author Samin Nosrat’s, “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking” that led to a 2018 search I led to find the four ingredients of a computational experience. Source: @lunchbreath @johnmaeda @publicissapient 2019 I want it now! Can I really trust you? Make it easy, please … Know me. Adapt to me.2020 Speedcraft Handcraft Useful Defense + Offense
  42. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 42 On a semi-scientific basis, my analysis of 5,000 total samples says that Big Tech is on top when LEAD is concerned. They are all unusually good at speaking machine. Personally I was surprised to see that Microsoft wasn’t more top of mind for folks, but I also wasn’t too surprised because it’s a dark horse that’s running hot and fast. IMHO Microsoft is #1 in the Ethical category. Source: @johnmaeda Google Amazon Apple Netflix Facebook Microsoft Airbnb Spotify #1#1 #1 #1#2 #2 #3 #2 #3 #3 #2 Name a few companies (or orgs) that deliver lightning fast speed as part of their value proposition. Name a few companies (or orgs) that deliver on their company values and ethics in how, or in what, they bring to market. Name a few companies (or orgs) that deliver surprisingly easy- to-use solutions and stand out as accessible. Name a few companies (or orgs) that deliver superior personalization and improve thru iteration by leveraging data.
  43. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 43 Just because you’re a startup doesn’t mean that you’re going to be LEAD-ing by default. Grownup companies have been “digitally transforming” themselves to retake their LEAD. The ethical dimension is the most interesting one because it involves so much human judgement. For that reason, AI will not be successful at “parsing” it as something that’s easily understandable to it — that’s a good thing. Source: @johnmaeda @harvardbiz “Time The Next Source Of Competitive Advantage” 1988 Easy-to-use means “the makers think like I think", but that's not easy for everyone and difficult for many” Deque. Their main focus is to highlight accessibility as not just a need, but as a given right. Daily Goods Design LABS and Myant —both probably ones you haven't heard of as we're up north in Canada :). Swish, the Swedish payment app. It does ONE thing: sends money direct and without delay and super easy. They’ve had the opportunity to grow the service to something much bigger but kept their focus. At a global scale? There are few grassroot options but IMHO startup take accessibility as either a marketing initiative or a feature that gets provided, and then later gets forgotten about. I work for Facebook and I totally believe they bring company values and ethics in everything they are delivering to bring people together Ethics is a matter of perspective, and it’s a bit political depending upon where you are in the world. Nike. They stand and act on their principles and they are not afraid of getting political to stand for their team or for their customers. Teo Taxi is taxi on demand with all electric cars and full driver salaries with benefits. Netflix. For instance, when they recently suggested that users downgrade their subscription plans if they weren’t going to use all the features of a more expensive plan. Go with me here — but 1800 Contacts has the greatest Customer Experience ever. Consistently. Many companies are adopting ideology on top of their values, and it often backfires or polarizes some of their customers. Honestly, only small, local businesses come to mind. Most that try to be intentionally smart with data tend to fail miserably. There’s plenty of resources to absorb on how to make experiences that are digitally LIGHT. But it’s useful to go much deeper into the subject to fully understand how value speed really is to a business of any scale. I recommend the landmark “Competing Against Time” 2003, which you can also read in short form on HBR’s site.
  44. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 44 TIME is the 3rd Law of Simplicity The Laws of Simplicity was published in 2006 and is available in 14 different languages. Source: @johnmaeda @mitpress Savings in time feel like simplicity.
  45. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 45 Whether a product or service is LIGHT and quick is a fairly rational assessment. The same can be said for whether it’s DATAFUL or not. But being ACCESSIBLE is another story. The word “accessibility” means something precise in the Disability Studies field. The word “accessible” calls into question “easy for whom” or “accessible for whom” — and whether a universal design solution is ever warranted. Source: @johnmaeda @nyt @wikipedia Make it easy, please … 1. Apple (34% 2. Google (26% 3. Amazon (9% 4. Airbnb (6% 5. Netflix (6% 6. Uber (6% 7. Microsoft (6% 8. Facebook (6% 9. Spotify (4% 10. IKEA 3% Lyft Simple Bank Klarna WeTransfer Swish Dropbox Paper Canva Honorable Mention Microsoft and Apple have some of the best resources on how to make technologies easier to use and more “accessible.” But the fact is that achieving “accessibility” is a different standard. Know me. Adapt to me. 1. Google (41% 2. Amazon (30% 3. Netflix (16% 4. Apple (12% 5. Spotify (9% 6. Nike (7% 7. Facebook (6% 8. Microsoft (3% 9. Airbnb (2% 10. Uber (2% 阿⾥里里巴巴 Alibaba) 字节跳动 ByteDance) Swiggy Marriott Sephora Takealot Peloton Honorable Mention I want it now! 1. Amazon (42% 2. Google (41% 3. Netflix (27% 4. Apple (16% 5. Facebook (11% 6. Microsoft (7% 7. Alibaba (3% 8. Airbnb (3% 9. Spotify (3% 10.Baidu (1% McDonald’s Jimmy John’s FedEx UPS The London Underground Apache Netlify Honorable Mention
  46. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 46 I intentionally gathered the most data possible for the Ethical category because it’s the most complicated. Sifting through all the samples, I came to the readings below. Major brands want to be perceived as “ethical” but it comes to a question of “ethics by whose standards?” And whether or not a set of products and services can be delivered 100% ethically. Source: @johnmaeda @theguardian @rollingstone @theatlantic @fatemehx2 @forrester Can I really trust you? 1. Apple (22% 2. Patagonia (19% 3. Google (11% 4. Microsoft (8% 5. Amazon (6% 6. Airbnb (6% 7. Nike (5% 8. Basecamp (4% 9. Tesla (4% 10. Salesforce (3% 11. REI 3% 12. Netflix (2% 13. Spotify (2% 14. Mozilla (2% 15. Target (2% 16. Tom’s Shoes (2% 17. Everlane (2% 18. Starbucks (1.9% 19. Mailchimp (1.3% 20. Facebook (1% FINANCIAL SERVICES USAA Monzo Nubank Revolut Lemonade CONSUMER PRODUCTS Sonos
 Warby Parker Allbirds Chobani
 Tattly RETAIL Trader Joe’s Muji
 Costco Zappos
 Chick Fil A TECH Mailchimp DuckDuckGo Headspace 
 Ecosia Typeform
 Webflow MESSAGING Proton Signal TRANSPORTATION Virgin
 Tesla NPOs Gates Foundation AGENCIES IDEO 5% Mule Design
 Projects By If Honorable Mention BRIAN MERCHANT The Guardian Life And Death In Apple’s Forbidden City June 2018 TIM INGHAM Rolling Stone Should Spotify Change The Way It Pays Artists? June 2018 WILL EVANS The Atlantic Amazon Warehouse Reports Show Worker Injuries November 2019 The risk of bad privacy practices is skyrocketing. If the direct cost of failing to reach compliance isn’t enough of a motivator, consider the costs you’ll face by alienating customers with dark patterns or relying on creepy surveillance data.” —Fatemeh Khatibloo (2020) "But hey … I noticed a few things specific to any company listed here …” And in general … #privacy … “
  47. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 30 March 2020 All around us we see signs that patriarchal capitalism and exploitative business models place profit over privacy, and 47 Is there a solution? The question instead is whether there’s a simple question with a simple answer. There needs to be a process by which we work on those Q&As together. Sarah Gold's Projects by IF was featured in the 2019 Design in Tech Report to highlight the need for privacy use patterns. Gold’s new work and the team she's building around Society Centered Design is quite something else. Source: @sarahtgold @projectsbyif C X . R E P O R T
  48. C X . R E P O R T 48 Then we have computer science. It is true that software cannot exercise its powers of lightness except through the weight of hardware. But it is software that gives the orders, acting on the outside world and on machines that exist only as functions of software and evolve so that they can work out ever more complex programs. The second industrial revolution, unlike the first, does not present us with such crushing images as rolling mills and molten steel, but with “bits” in a flow of information traveling along circuits in the form of electronic impulses. The iron machines still exist, but they obey the orders of weightless bits. —Italo Calvino, Six Memos for the Next Millennium (1985) Source: @johnmaeda @harvard Italo Calvino (19231985 pulled a Bowie and described the cloud well before it came to be. In the beginning there was LIGHT  but keep in mind the heaviness that has arrived, too. | 202048
  49. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 Text 49 The Blue Pill World In A Nutshell Source: @johnmaeda Computational thinking is the new systems thinking for business. Nobody’s in charge of customer experience because everyone is. What’s experience? It’s a try-out, an experiment, and it can be perilous. If we all understand the cloud better, then we’ll avoid Big Tech's blunders. The 4th Industrial Revolution has invisible smoke stacks everywhere. The cloud connects us all together in an infinite loop of engagement. All modern experiences are made with computation in some form. C X . R E P O R T | 2020
  50. 50 Source:@lunchbreathinthe2020CXReport
  51. C X . R E P O R T 20 20 51 Red Pill - For the new gen CIO, the besieged CDO, the techie CXO - You’re shooting for Kardashev III, IV, V - You know how to speak machine Source: @johnmaeda C X . R E P O R T KARDASHEV VKARDASHEV III | 2020
  52. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 C X . R E P O R T 52 For the 2015 Design in Tech Report, this dynamic diagram helped to explain the reason why design came into the foreground in tech. It’s because of the “ouch” factor. But one thing I profoundly missed five years ago was the amount of data that could be acquired with a comforting hug around a user. It’s that suction force of data that will make the next generation of experiences even more incredible. Source: @johnmaeda @kpcb 8AM 4PM once in the morning once in the evening A pain point can become a “pain plane” on mobile. That’s a lot of ouch. 150 unlocks = checking your phone every 5.6 minutes one interaction, one “ouch” just two ouch points shared customer insights | 202052
  53. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 C X . R E P O R T 53 The underlying advantage of the leaner, faster, meaner production treadmill is the possibility to acquire tremendous amounts of insights on users at scale. The battle for the future is not just about the ownership of data, but the fact that we don't really know how consumers (or companies) don’t know how to manage the many levers that can controls who looks at what aspect of our lives. Source: @johnmaeda Buyer loop Customer loop shared customer insights Data | 202053
  54. 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 10242048409681921638432768 655361310722621445242881048576 2097152 4194304 8388608 16777216 33554432 67108864 134217728 268435456 536870912 1073741824 2147483648 4294967296 8589934592 17179869184 34359738368 68719476736 137438953472 274877906944 549755813888 1099511627776 2199023255552 4398046511104 8796093022208 17592186044416 35184372088832 70368744177664 140737488355328 281474976710656 562949953421312 1125899906842624 2251799813685248 4503599627370496 9007199254740992 18014398509481984 36028797018963968 72057594037927936 144115188075855872 288230376151711744 576460752303423488 1152921504606846976 2305843009213693952 4611686018427387904 9223372036854775808 1 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 thousandmillionbilliontrillionquadrillionquintillion NOW 2,147,483,648× faster Source: @johnmaeda In addition to the pond, another popular Moore’s Law analogy is the chessboard story. C X . R E P O R T 54 | 2020
  55. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 55 In just 9 years, storage increased 1024X  like turning a dime into a $100 bill. Source: @johnmaeda It’s an alien life form and it's going to crush our ideas of what mediums are all about.” “ C X . R E P O R T | 2020
  56. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 56 The data piece is the interesting one that’s even more difficult to understand than computation because it involves emerging and important discourse around who has the right to your data. You. Right? Well. Maybe not. Source: @johnmaeda @wikipedia Type 1 or the “Planetary Civilization” can use and store all of the energy available on its planet. Let’s call this kind of organization one that’s mastered paper and the digital office to an extent that they are users of technology. They know how to search on the Internet and make it useful. Type II or the “Stellar Civilization” has made its way out of a typical office and is a first-class citizen on the Internet. They’ve figured out how to use it for basic owned digital marketing efforts and/or deploying sensors in their supply chain and/or just being more efficient with what “e-business” can be about. They’ve fully leaned into funding experiments that let them be digital. Type IV or the “Universal Civilization” has made forays into AI and machine learning. They’ve managed to navigate autonomous technologies to achieve uncanny (not just desperate) acts of digital and have entered a space where they’re not entirely sure of the ethical implications of what they’ve set loose in the world. The level of complexity is at a scale that can’t be easily unwound. Hopefully You’re
 Not Stuck Here Praying That
 Not Here shared customer insights Type V or the “Multi-Universe Civilization” has made the techie “singularity” vision occur and the “oops” moment has happened for humanity where there’s no turning back. But perhaps something wonderful has happened instead of just the dystopia we’re told shall one day appear. Big Tech
 Is Over Here Ideally You
 Are Right Here So you want to get from Kardashev III to IV, huh? Then you’ll need to jive with nerdy humor sporting a “Talk data to me” or “Data is the new bacon” T-shirt. Well. Maybe not. Type III or the “Galactic Civilization” has ventured fully into the entire universe of social media to cover a giant surface area of contact with many consumers. In the are of B2B, the interconnect between internal business processes and automating the supply chain is already well underway.
  57. C X . R E P O R T 57 Instead of calling it disruptive and sustaining innovation, if I had called it type 1 innovation and type 2 innovation, it would have forced all of these people who have misused the term to read another paragraph.” —Clayton Christensen (1952-2020) Source: @qz Type 1 and type 2 innovation “ | 2020
  58. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 58 Operating at the speed + scale of Moore’s Law is increasingly vital. But making it happen for a grownup company isn’t an easy thing. Startups made it look way too easy. In 1996 sociologist Manuel Castells refers to how the Internet will result in “transformation of work and employment.” Keyur Patel and Mary Pat McCarthy later coin “digital transformation” as the foundation of the e-business universe. Source: @google @wikipedia 202020152005 2010 “Digital Transformation” Also referred to as “DT” or “DX” “Digital Business Transformation” Also referred to as “DBT” or “DBX” “Digitalization” “Digitization” Spelling similarities aside, these 2 terms mean different things
  59. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 59 What’s “Digital Business Transformation” and what does it have to do with the CX puzzle? That’s what’s interesting — it has little to do with the customer explicitly. It’s all implicit. DBT differentiates between "digitization" and “digitalization.” Digitization is representing something digitally. Digitalization is using digital technologies to create new business models with value production and new revenue. Source: @mitsloan @avanka @sap @gartner Digitalization requires the ability to speak machine, computers, AI, anything “digital,” or essentially the language of computation. It’s the language of infinity.
  60. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 60 Source: @johnmaeda @MITSloan digital
 platform shared customer insights 5 building blocks of digital transformation: 1/ operational backbone, 2/ digital platform, 3/ accountability framework, 4/ shared customer insights, 5/ external dev platform. Source: @johnmaeda C X . R E P O R T | 202060 operational backbone accountability framework digital
 platform external
 platform shared customer insights 5 Building Blocks of Digital Transformation Jeanne W. Ross, et al in Designed for Digital lay out a digital transformation model that consists of five parts.
  61. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 61 The impediments to digital transformation are more about culture than the technology. That’s because the majority of businesses today do not (yet) know how to speak machine. Whether it’s in "Why Digital Strategies Fail” or "The Two Big Reasons That Digital Transformations Fail” or in "Why Transformations Fail” it's so often about the people. There’s also plenty of reasons for success too (“people!”). Source: @mckinsey @harvardbiz @accenture operational backbone accountability framework digital
 platform Unspoken disagreement among top managers about goals.” A divide between the digital capabilities supporting the pilot and the capabilities available to support scaling it.” Why Transformations Fail via Seth Goldstrom (@McKinsey) 1. Lack of alignment around the right, compelling "change story.” 2. Performance aspirations are not set based on full potential of the organization. 3. Letting "zero sum” tradeoffs be assumed instead of showing there are none. 4. Having the courage to commit teams to enact changes that need to get made. 5. Aligning incentives to the performance of the transformation work. 6. Tracking the initiatives before they’re too numerous to drive causality. 7. Focusing on activities instead of outcomes with a laser focus on results. 8. Letting “fire, aim, ready” happen without training teams in the new ways. 9. Missing a deep bench of talent and capabilities needed to accelerate change. Top 2 Failure Reasons (HBR) “ “ 10. Forgetting to focus on growth as much as cost and not asking often enough: What can we do to change the growth trajectory of the business?
  62. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 NEXT 62 What’s happening right now is that the accountability for operational leadership and customer leadership is separated, and now needs to become more integrated. The Publicis Sapient approach to Digital Business Transformation integrates operational leadership with customer leadership to drive high efficiencies and customer happiness via strategic application of technology and design. Source: @johnmaeda @publicissapient @vaznigel Customer Leadership Operational Leadership Leader LeaderLaggard Successful ‘digital first’ leaders combine both customer leadership and operational effectiveness.” —Nigel Vaz, CEO Publicis Sapient “Create unique and beloved experiences which solve for customer needs and turn customers into advocators Drive significantly lower costs-to- serve through highly automated, highly efficient processing shared customer insights 10. Forgetting to focus on growth as much as cost and not asking often enough: What can we do to change the growth trajectory of the business? NOW
  63. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 63 The relative speed of the pre-purchase computational experience compared with the post- purchase CX differs because … In the Beginning, digital marketing was born. The simple distinction between pre- and post-purchase as marketing versus product doesn’t work as well anymore due to the increased tech needs in marketing systems today, and also with marketing's ownership of customer loyalty. Source: @johnmaeda EXAMPLE Websites Take Changes To Copy And Images Quickly EXAMPLE Sophisticated
 Web Experiences Change Slowly “Marketing” “Product” shared customer insights shared customer insights
  64. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 64 I first encountered Scott Brinker’s marvelous Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic in 2012. It’s evolved into a Guernica-style masterpiece in 2020. The rapid growth of tooling to support digital marketing is evidenced by the vast ecosystem of tools that have evolved to deliver ROI for marketing spend in the Buyer Experience. It’s blurred into the Customer Experience as well. Source: @chiefmartec Scott Brinker and @bluegreenbrands 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 Social + Relationships Content + Experience Commerce + Sales Advertising + Promotion Data Management 8,000 SOLUTIONS 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 5,233% growth shared customer insights
  65. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 65 The marketing tech stack has evolved with Moore’s Law-style haste. The product tech stack, however, is still under construction. Catching up to the speed of marketing isn’t easy. I became interested in the Product Management space a few years ago and personally hired one of the co-founders of a Big Tech APM Associate Product Manager) program to coach me on my PM journey. My product blog is Source: @productcraft @pendoio 0 50 100 150 200 User Feedback Collaboration Business Intelligence Product Analytics Design/Prototyping Task Project Management Knowledge Base Roadmapping Session Replay User Testing Experimentation + Feature Flagging Internationalization Onboarding Tag Management 198 SOLUTIONS shared customer insights
  66. C X . R E P O R T 66 People always fear change. People feared electricity when it was invented, didn't they? People feared coal, they feared gas- powered engines. There will always be ignorance, and ignorance leads to fear.” —Bill Gates Source: @billgates The technology is rapidly changing, but people can’t move at Moore’s Law speeds. And it’s logical to know you need to change — but it’s not what you want to do. Ever. “ | 2020 KARDASHEV V
  67. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 67 There are a ton of acronyms out there in the IT-related space. And they keep on growing. Why? Again. Think Moore’s Law. It’s natural and normal. New stuff’s happening all the time! If you're an acronym junkie, I have a further breakdown of my analysis over here. Note that the only thing this really says is that there's been a lot of change in the IT industry. The wheels have been a’spinning fiercely. Source: @forrester @johnmaeda When I browsed Forrester Topics on the Web in May 2020 I found 66 main topics and 520 total sub topics. ANALYST RELATIONS PLANNING & PROCESS, Analyst Relations Best Practices, APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT PROCESSES & TOOLS, Agile, Application Development Methodologies, Business Rules, Continuous Delivery, Functional Test Automation, Hybrid Application Development, Lean Software, Requirements Management, Software Change & Configuration Management (SCCM, Test Data Management, Testing & Quality Assurance, Web Development, APPLICATION INFRASTRUCTURE TECHNOLOGIES, Continuous Integration, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI, HTML5, Hybrid Integration, Integration-Platform-As-AService (IPaaS, Integration Technologies, Middleware, Programming Languages, APPLICATION MANAGEMENT, Application Life-Cycle Management (ALM, Application Performance Monitoring, Application Release Automation, Application Virtualization, Development & Operations (DevOps), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI, APPLICATION SECURITY, API Security, Application Penetration Testing Tools, Container Security, Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST, Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST, Runtime Application Self- Protection (RASP, Software Composition Analysis (SCA, Web Application Firewalls (WAF, ARCHITECTURE & TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY, APIs & API Management, Application Modernization, Application Portfolio Management, Application Rationalization, Containers, Development Platforms, Industry Specifications & Standards, Interaction & UI Architecture, Low-Code Platforms, Microservices, Multichannel Architecture, Open Source, Platform-As-AService (PaaS, Reference Architecture, SOA & Web Services, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AI, Chatbots, Cognitive Computing, Content Intelligence, Conversational Computing Platforms, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA, Robotics, Semantic Technology, Virtual Assistants, B2B, Account-Based Marketing (ABM, B2B eCommerce, B2B Integration, B2B Marketplaces, Channels, EDI, Lead-To-Revenue Management (L2RM, Managed File Transfer, BIOMETRICS, Behavioral Biometrics, Facial Biometrics, Fingerprint Biometrics, Voice Biometrics, BRANDING, Adaptive Brand Marketing, Brand Building, Brand Experience, Brand Monitoring, Trade Promotion Management, BUSINESS & IT ALIGNMENT, Business Technology (BT, Business Transformation & Organizational Change Management, Business Value, Continuous Business Services (CBSes), Digital Business, Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation, IT Communications & Marketing Of IT, BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, Advanced Analytics, Analytics Applications, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Enterprise BI Platforms, Predictive Analytics, Query & Reporting Tools, Streaming Analytics, BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT BPM, Business Process Management Suites (BPMSes), Business Process Methodologies, Business Process Modeling, Dynamic Case Management, Complex Event Processing (CEP, Workflow, CLOUD COMPUTING, Cloud Brokers, Cloud Management, Cloud Security, Cloud Workload Security (CWS, Hybrid Cloud, Hybrid Cloud Management, OpenStack, Personal Cloud, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, CONSUMER MOBILITY, Consumer Mobile Activities, Consumer Mobile Adoption, Consumer Mobile Devices, Mobile Commerce (mCommerce), Mobile Engagement, Mobile Engagement Automation, Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Moments, Near Field Communication (NFC, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT, Customer Advocacy, Customer Centricity, Customer Emotion, Customer Engagement, Customer Experience Ecosystem, Customer Experience Maturity, Customer Experience Measurement, Customer Experience Strategy, Customer Life Cycle, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV, Customer Onboarding, Customer Understanding, CX Transformation, Omnichannel Customer Experience, Social Media, CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE, Attribution, Cross-Channel Attribution, Customer Analytics, Customer Experience Index (CX Index), Customer Feedback Management (CFM, Digital Intelligence, Enterprise Social Listening Platforms, Mobile Analytics, Net Promoter Score (NPS, Next-Best-Action Analysis, Social Analytics, Social Intelligence, Spatial Analytics, Systems Of Insight, Tag Management, Voice Of The Customer (VOC, Web Analytics, CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT CRM, Agent Performance Management, AIFueled Digital-First Customer Service Solutions, Contact Center Technologies & Processes, CRM Applications, Customer Communications, Customer Data, Customer Service Solutions, Email Response Management, Help Desk & Service Desk, Interactive Voice Response (IVR, Partner Relationship Management (PRM, Self-Service, Social CRM, Speech Analytics, Virtual Agents, DATA & INFORMATION PROTECTION, Data Classification, Data Discovery & Flow Mapping, Data Loss Prevention (DLP, Data Security, Encryption, Privacy, Rights Management, Tokenization, DATA CENTERS & DATA CENTER NETWORKING, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, Business Service Management (BSM, Business Technology Resiliency, Capacity Modeling & Planning, Data Center Consolidation, Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM, Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC, DATA MANAGEMENT, Big Data, Data Governance Stewardship Applications, Data Integration, Data Modeling, Data Preparation, Data Quality & Data Governance, Data Science, Data Virtualization, Data Warehousing, Database-As-AService (DbaaS, Database Management Systems (DBMSes), Extract Transform & Load (ETL, Hadoop, In-Memory Databases, Master Data Management, Metadata Management, NoSQL, Open Data, Translytical Databases, DIGITAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, Digital Experience Delivery, Digital Experience Platforms, Digital Experience Service Providers, DIGITAL MARKETING, Behavioral Targeting, Brand & Product Web Sites, Community Management, Contextual Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Marketing, Social Marketing, ECOMMERCE, Agile Commerce, Augmented Reality, B2C eCommerce, Commerce Solutions, Cross-Border eCommerce, Direct To Consumer, Global eCommerce, Online Chat, Online Retail, Ratings & Reviews, Showrooming, Social Commerce, Subscription Billing, Virtual Reality, EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE, Compensation, Competency & Skills Management, Employee Engagement, Employee Journey, Employee Onboarding, Human Resources Management Applications, Mentoring, Payroll, Performance & Talent Management, Recruitment, Staff Development & Succession Management, Workforce Management, ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE DOMAINS & PRACTICES, Application Architecture, Business Architecture, Capability Road Map, EA Management Suites, Information Architecture, Operating Models, Solution Architecture, Technical Architecture, ENTERPRISE COLLABORATION, Collaboration Platforms, Collaborative Work Management, Enterprise Social, Enterprise Video Platforms, File Sync & Share, Knowledge Management, Learning, Learning Applications, Learning Management Systems (LMSes), Livestreaming, Videoconferencing, Web Conferencing, Webcasting, ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT ECM, Business Content Services, Digital Asset Management (DAM, Document Management, Enterprise Content Management Suites, Enterprise Portals, Product Information Management (PIM, Retention Management, Search & Knowledge Discovery, Taxonomy & Classification, Text Analytics, Web Content Management (WCM, ENTERPRISE MOBILITY, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD, Enterprise Mobile Devices, Mobile Device Management, Mobile Software & Platforms, Remote Work & Telecommuting, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, Budgeting, Cost Control, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM, Finance & Accounting Applications, Financial Consolidation & Reporting, GOVERNANCE RISK & COMPLIANCE GRC, Corporate Social Responsibility, Fraud Management, GDPR, Legal Issues, Regulations & Legislation, Risk Management, Sustainability, IDENTITY & ACCESS MANAGEMENT IAM, Authentication, Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM, Digital & Electronic Signatures (eSignatures), Identity & Access Governance, Identity-As-AService (IDaaS, Identity Verification, OAuth, Passwords, Personal Identity & Data Management (PIDM, Risk-Based Authentication (RBA, Single Sign-On (SSO, Strong Authentication, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA, User Account Provisioning, INFORMATION SECURITY, Antimalware, Content Security, Digital Certificates & PKIs, Email Content Security, Endpoint Security, Firewalls, Mobile Security, Network Security, Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML, Web Content Security, Zero Trust, INFRASTRUCTURE ARCHITECTURES, Composable Infrastructure, Converged Infrastructure, Edge Computing, Hyperconvergence, Processor Architectures, Server Platforms, INNOVATION, Co-Creation & Crowdsourcing, Emerging Technologies, Innovation Management, Research & Development (R&D, Thought Leadership, Venture Capital & Private Equity, INTERNET OF THINGS IOT, IoT Analytics, IoT Edge Device Components & Modules, IoT Security, IoT Software Platforms, Machine-To-Machine (M2M, IT PROCESS AUTOMATION, ChatOps, CMDB, IT Asset Management (ITAM, IT Management Software, IT Service Management (ITSM, ITIL, Service Catalog, Service Design, Workload Management, IT SERVICES, Application Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO, Data Center Outsourcing & Colocation, Disaster-Recovery-As- AService (DRaaS, Hosting & Managed Services, Infrastructure Outsourcing, Infrastructure-As-AService (IaaS, IT Consulting, Offshore Services, Outsourcing, Package Implementation Services, Staff Augmentation, Systems Integration, Workplace Services, MARKET RESEARCH, Competitive Intelligence, Consumer Segmentation, Market Research Tools & Vendors, Millennials, MARKETING AUTOMATION, Campaign Management, Content Marketing Platforms, Data Management Platforms (DMPs), Demand- Side Platforms (DSPs), Enterprise Marketing Platforms, Marketing Resource Management (MRM, Online Marketing Technology, Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM, Through-Channel Marketing Automation, MARKETING MEASUREMENT, Marketing Attitudes, Marketing Metrics, Marketing ROI, MARKETING METHODS, Content Marketing, Database Marketing, Direct Marketing, Gamification, In-Store Marketing, Loyalty, Mobile Marketing, Partner & Affiliate Marketing, Word of Mouth Marketing & Viral Marketing, MARKETING MIX MODELING, Advertising, Integrated Marketing (Cross-Channel), Media Buying, Programmatic Buying, MARKETING ORGANIZATION & CULTURE, Marketing Organizational Structure, Marketing Talent Management, MARKETING SERVICE PROVIDERS, Advertising Agencies, Database Marketing Service Providers, Digital Agencies, In-House Agencies, MEASUREMENT, Balanced Scorecard, Benchmarks, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Metrics, Return On Investment (ROI, MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT, Mobile Application Platforms, Mobile Apps, Mobile Architecture, Mobile Web, NETWORKING, Communications Infrastructure, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), LAN/WAN, Location Intelligence Platforms, Network Function Virtualization (NFV, Network Management, Software-Defined Networking (SDN, Unified Communications, Virtual Network Infrastructure (VNI, Wi-Fi, OFFICE PRODUCTIVITY, Email Platforms, Office Suites, Web Browsers, Workforce Enablement, ORGANIZATION, Centers of Expertise, Executive Leadership, Organizational Structure, Shared Services, Steering Committees, Corporate Culture, PACKAGED SOLUTIONS, Application Upgrades & Maintenance, Buy Versus Build, Enterprise Resource Planning Applications (ERP, Smart Process Applications (SPAs), Software-As-AService (SaaS, PANDEMIC, PLANNING & FULFILLMENT, Demand Planning, Order Management, Price Optimization, Store Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, PRODUCT & SOLUTIONS STRATEGIES, Channel Partners, Go-To-Market Strategies, Product Development Services (PDS, Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM, Product Management, Product Portfolio Strategies, PROGRAM & PROJECT MANAGEMENT, Program Management, Project Management Office (PMO, Project Management Tools & Processes, Project Portfolio Management (PPM, SALES, Buyer Engagement, Buyer Role Profiles, Configure Price Quote (CPQ, Multichannel Selling Strategies, Sales Enablement, Sales Enablement Automation, Sales Force Automation (SFA, Social Selling, Sales Training, SECURITY OPERATIONS & PROGRAM GOVERNANCE, Data Breach Notifications & Incident Response, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS, Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs), Physical Security, Security Analytics, Security Architecture, Security Automation & Orchestration, Security Information & Event Management (SIEM, Security Patch Management, Security Performance Management, Security User Behavior Analytics (SUBA, Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability & Threat Management, SOURCING & PROCUREMENT APPLICATIONS, Contract Life-Cycle Management (CLM, Electronic Invoice Presentation & Payment (EIPP, eProcurement & eSourcing, Spend Analysis, Vendor Management Systems, SOURCING STRATEGY & EXECUTION, Contract Negotiations, Multisourcing & Multiprovider Strategy, RFPs, Service-Level Agreements (SLAs), Supplier Risk & Performance Management, Technology Pricing & Licensing, Vendor Management, STORAGE, Backup, Cloud Storage, Data Archiving, Data Resiliency, Flash Storage, Software-Defined Storage (SDS, Storage Hardware, Storage Management, Storage Networking, Storage Virtualization, STRATEGY PLANNING & GOVERNANCE, Business Models, Corporate Strategy, Decision Making, IT Governance, Strategic Portfolio Management, Strategy & Strategic Planning, SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT, Desktop Support, Infrastructure Change & Configuration Management, IT MOOSE, Server Management & Provisioning, Server Virtualization, Software Asset Management, SYSTEMS OF ENGAGEMENT, Beacons, Sensors & Embedded Devices, Smart Glasses, Wearables, TECH SECTOR ECONOMICS, IT Spending Forecasts, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As), Tech Market Outlook, Technology Adoption Data, TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES, Broadband & Remote Access, Convergence Services, Data Services, Mobile Services, Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs), Telecommunications Expense & Inventory Management, Voice Services, USER EXPERIENCE, Customer Journey, Customer Journey Analytics, Customer Journey Mapping, Design Thinking, Experience Design, Globalization & Localization, Human-Centered Design, Online Testing, Online Testing Platforms, Personalization, Personas & Scenarios, Prototyping & Wireframing, Responsive Design, Testing & Optimization, Usability Testing, Web Design Standards Back in March 2012 Forrester Topics totaled 19 main topics and and 92 subtopics. IT INFRASTRUCTURE & OPERATIONS, Application Management, Client Systems, Client Security & Management, Infrastructure Architectures, Data Center Management, Systems Management, IT Process Automation, Peripheral Devices, Server Platforms, Storage, Networking, IT MANAGEMENT, IT Budgeting & Forecasting, IT Talent Management, IT Organization, Strategy, Planning & Governance of IT, Legal Issues & IT, Program & Project Management, IT Serving the Business, IT MEASUREMENTS, Benchmarks, Metrics, ROI, IT SERVICES, IT Consulting, Offshore Services, Outsourcing, Systems Integration, MARKET RESEARCH, Emerging Market Research Methodologies, Emerging Market Research Strategies, Market Research Segmentation, Market Research Tools, Market Research Vendors, MARKETING AUTOMATION, Enterprise Marketing Platforms, Marketing Resource Management, Online Marketing Technology, MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, Marketing Messaging, Public Relations, Social Media Communications, MARKETING MEASUREMENT, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Attitudes, Marketing ROI, Measurement Methods & Techniques, MARKETING METHODS, Acquisition Marketing, Cross Channel Strategies, Emerging Methods, Loyalty Marketing, Partner & Affiliate Marketing, MARKETING ORGANIZATION & CULTURE, Marketing Ethics, Marketing Executive Leadership, Organizational Structure, Talent Management, MEDIA MIX, Advertising, Emerging Media, Integrated Marketing (Cross- channel), Media Buying, Social Media, PACKAGED APPLICATIONS, Application Strategy & Selection, Customer Relationship Management (CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning Applications (ERP, Financial Management, Human Resources Management Applications, Order Management, Product Life-Cycle Management, Supply Chain Management, SECURITY, RISK AND COMPLIANCE, Application Security, Authentication, Authorization & Audit, Content Security, Directory Services, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Identity & Access Management, Information Protection, Infrastructure Security, Regulations & Legislation, Security Operations, Security Program Governance, SOURCING & PROCUREMENT, Sourcing & Procurement Applications, Sourcing Strategy & Execution, Vendor Management, TECH SECTOR ECONOMICS, IT Spending Forecasts, Technology Pricing & Licensing, Technology Adoption Data, TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT STRATEGIES, Analyst Relations Planning and Process, Corporate Strategy, Product Management, Product & Solutions Strategies, Sales Enablement, Vendor Alliances & Partnerships, Vendor Positioning, TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES, Broadband & Remote Access, Communication Service Provider Issues & Technologies, Convergence Services, Data Services, Mobile Services, Telecommunications Expense & Inventory Management, Managed Telecommunications Services, Voice Services The only acronyms in the 2012 topic list are ROI, CRM, ERP In those topics I found 96 acronyms and shorthands. Keep in mind this is just the acronyms that appear within the titles. Software Change & Configuration Management Enterprise Application Integration Integration-Platform-As-AService Application Life-Cycle Management Development & Operations Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Dynamic Application Security Testing Interactive Application Security Testing Runtime Application Self-Protection Software Composition Analysis Web Application Firewalls Platform-As-AService ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Robotic Process Automation Account-Based Marketing Bring Your Own Device Lead-To-Revenue Management Business Technology Continuous Business Services BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT Business Process Management Suites Complex Event Processing Cloud Workload Security Mobile Commerce Near Field Communication Customer Lifetime Value Customer Experience Index Customer Feedback Management ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE LIBRARY Net Promoter Score Voice Of The Customer CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Interactive Voice Response Partner Relationship Management Data Loss Prevention Business Service Management IT MAINTAIN AND OPERATE THE ORGANIZATION, SYSTEMS 
 AND EQUIPMENT Data Center Infrastructure Management Software-Defined Data Center Database-As-AService Database Management Systems Extract Transform & Load Learning Management Systems ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT Digital Asset Management Product Information Management SCCM EAI IPaaS ALM DevOps VDI DAST IAST RASP SCA WAF PaaS AI RPA ABM BYOD L2RM BT CBSes BPM BPMSes CEP CWS mCommerce NFC CLV CX Index CFM EDI ITIL NPS VOC CRM IVR PRM DLP BSM IT MOOSE 
 DCIM SDDC DbaaS DBMSes ETL LMSes ECM DAM PIM WCM EPM GRC IAM CIAM eSignatures IDaaS PIDM RBA SSO 2FA SAML R&D IOT M2M ITAM ITSM BPO DRaaS IaaS DMPs DSPs MRM RTIM KPIs ROI CDNs NFV SDN VNI ERP SPAs SaaS PDS PLM PMO PPM CPQ SFA DDoS MSSPs SIEM SUBA CLM EIPP SLAs SDS SDPs CMDB Web Content Management Enterprise Performance Management GOVERNANCE RISK & COMPLIANCE IDENTITY & ACCESS MANAGEMENT Customer Identity & Access Management Digital & Electronic Signatures Identity-As-AService Personal Identity & Data Management Risk-Based Authentication Single Sign-On Two-Factor Authentication Security Assertion Markup Language Research & Development INTERNET OF THINGS Machine-To-Machine IT Asset Management IT Service Management Business Process Outsourcing Disaster-Recovery-As-AService Infrastructure-As-AService Data Management Platforms Demand-Side Platforms Marketing Resource Management Real-Time Interaction Management Key Performance Indicators Return On Investment Content Delivery Networks Network Function Virtualization Software-Defined Networking Virtual Network Infrastructure Enterprise Resource Planning Applications Smart Process Applications Software-As-AService Product Development Services Product Life-Cycle Management Project Management Office Project Portfolio Management Configure Price Quote Sales Force Automation Distributed Denial of Service Managed Security Services Providers Security Information & Event Management Security User Behavior Analytics Contract Life-Cycle Management Electronic Invoice Presentation & Payment Service-Level Agreements Software-Defined Storage Service Delivery Platforms CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT DB CX Related
  68. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 68 Digital transformation is hard because while the acronym’d solutions grew, the “land and expand” approach to enterprise software was a thoroughly winning strategy. It's not an easy task to remove oneself from being locked-in to a software platform. It may seem like a rational choice to move from solution A to solution B, but that means you’re changing someones’ jobs. That won't fly so easily. Source: @johnmaeda Back When Nerds Weren't Cool Word Processor Spreadsheet Digital Telephony Shared Files Finance Systems Personnel Systems ERPs and etc … Who wants to be the person who will rip out all the things that have been working for many years because there’s a new, better way to do it? E-mail For All “Everything’s working just fine so don't touch it, okay? Or else …” TIME1980 INCREASING IT COMPLEXITY 2005
  69. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 69 There’s nothing like a local view to appreciate global and local, or “glocal” as they say these days. And you quickly come to realize that C19 has connected us while also dividing us. I'm collecting points of view from around the world on Medium these days. As CXO of Publicis Sapient I span 50 cities across the world and it lets me see a whole lot of similarities and differences with how C19 is being handled. Source: @pubsapientx @johnmaeda
  70. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 70 I think there’s enough post-pandemic predictions for the future. Mine stay consistent with last year’s view of trends with the exception of “cool” becoming a little less cool … Illustration of trends are from the 2019 Design in Tech Report and created by Tony Ruth of Business Town fame. Source: @lunchbreath @johnmaeda 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥 C-19 Era Intensity of Trend HIGH
  71. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 71 Brian Chesky often shares the three phases of how a digital product finds its path to scale. It’s always stuck with me as a kind of “phase change” in startups from solid, to liquid, to gas. Phase 3 is often referred to as "growth" by tech folks because they're generally averse to the word "marketing." But if the marketing machine can spin so quickly, and it works like a dream when personalized, it's hard to resist. Source: @bchesky @sarahtgold @johnmaeda @lunchbreath 🔥 🔥 shared customer insights Number of Users TIME Data- Centric Growth 3 MASS MARKET Product- Market Fit 2 EARLY ADOPTERS Intuition Still Matters 1 1st PANCAKE
  72. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 72 Big Tech is winning big with their data game. For that reason, CDP Customer Data Platform) is an approach that’s sticking with the grownup companies out there. It’s only logical. Source: Max Kirby @publicissapient interpreted by @johnmaeda standalone system standalone system standalone system standalone system standalone system standalone system standalone system standalone system standalone system standalone system standalone system standalone system customer data platform To make one system communicate with another system is easy. To make all systems communicate with each other is hard when there are many legacy systems involved. Big Tech doesn’t have this problem because they *are* a CDP.
  73. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 73 Better marketing and products happen with a CDP. When connected with a sophisticated identity provider, you get to do things like Google does. And is that … okay? You can generate a more personalized experience with the CDP, and then with the data you gather from interacting with a buyer or customer you then scoop the data back into your CDP. The virtuous cycle begins. Source: Max Kirby @publicissapient interpreted by @johnmaeda CMO / CDO CIO / CTO DMP Data Management Platform CRM Customer Relationship Management DSP Demand Side Platform MDM Master Data Management CRM Customer Relationship Management ERP Enterprise Resource Planning C
  74. C X . R E P O R T 74 Source: @mira_lane @microsoft When you’re at Kardashev IV, you need to consider for unintended consequences. Source: @mira_lane @microsoft C X . R E P O R T Today’s technologies are exciting and present tremendous opportunities to augment human abilities across a range of scenarios. At the same time, technologies without appropriate grounding in human-centered thinking, or appropriate mitigations and controls, present considerable challenges. These technologies have potential to injure people, undermine our democracies, and even erode human rights — and they’re growing in complexity, power, and ubiquity. —Mira Lane, Ethics & Society Leader @Microsoft | 2020
  75. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 75 So how and where do we draw the line on giving away so much of our data with the intent of just wanting the ultimate pre-, during-, and post-purchase experiences? GDPR, CCPA, and other legislation is attempting to protect us. You. Me. We. From what? The fewer people who know how to speak computation, the more easy it will be to to just hit “accept” without knowing better. Is that okay? Source: @sarahtgold @projectsbyif interpreted by @johnmaeda 3rd Party Data 2nd Party Data 1st Party Data Zero Party Data No Personalization What’s Your Comfort Level? Number of Users TIME shared customer insights MORE CREEPY LESS CREEPY
  76. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 76 Source: @johnmaeda B C E G Nobody Really Cared That Big Tech Is Over Here IV Source: @johnmaeda C X . R E P O R T | 202076 Businesses Consumers Employees Governments
  77. C X . R E P O R T 77 The hallmark of a well-run development engine is a development cadence that is brisk in bringing new products to market without burning out its builders.” —Megan Quinn Source: @msquinn @ideo As the late Bill Moggridge (19432012 said about the one design principle that truly matters: “... it’s probably about starting with the people." “ | 2020
  78. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 78 To bring back the loop notation I introduced in the beginning. It’s useful to consider how it’s a notation for “change” and self-improvement. John W. Gardner called it “self-renewal.” Making change happen requires energy. When a business or organization is already running super lean, there’s not enough discretionary resources available to initiate or enact change. Old ways work fine. So change doesn’t happen. Source: @johnmaeda B B 2 C B 2 E Business Transforming Itself Business Transforming Itself Consumer Transforming Themself Business Transforming Itself Employee Transforming Themself BBusiness Transforming Itself CConsumer Transforming Themself EEmployee Transforming Themself
  79. C X . R E P O R T 79 Source: @johnmaeda @uniqlo (found on the CEO's office wall) Merchant wisdom on CX as EX  it’s really the foundation of good business, forgotten. 1 Be customer-centric. 2 Care for your employees. 3 Leadership matters. “ | 2020 Stores exist for customers. Stores prosper with store staffs. Stores perish with store managers.” —Choji Kuramoto (1899-1982)
  80. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 80 The older generation will be in power proportionately longer than what past generations have felt because the “population pyramid” will become the “population rectangle.” The neatly ordered organizational hierarchy we were all accustomed to has become disrupted by the flattening effect of social media. With new modes of communication have also come new expectations for responsiveness. Source: @pewresearch @wef @johnmaeda I think the potential of what the internet is going to do to society, both good and bad, is unimaginable. I think we’re on the cusp of something exhilarating and terrifying.” “ WEF Hierarchy to the Heterarchy (2013 New Models of Leadership / John Maeda The Next Generation: Hierarchy To The Heterarchy Bowie’s Foresight Heeded? Pew Research Center / Next America (2014 Percent of U.S. Population by Age Group, 19502060 MALE FEMALE 4% 2% 2% 4%0% 0 2529 5054 7579 85 BABY BOOMERS Population Pyramid Is Becoming The Population Rectangle
  81. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 Experiential Value Potential Value 81 This is a hypothesis I have about digital transformation: Could the reason why it’s taking so long is because of the systemic gender pay gap? I’m curious to know if there’s data out there. Having estimated child penalties in the full population we are able to decompose aggregate gender inequality over time into child-related inequality and residual inequality.” Henrik Kleven, Camille Landais, Jakob Egholt Søgaard (2018 Source: @jamescitrin @nberpubs @johnmaeda Value In The Career Market Time “The Career Playbook: The Phases Of Your Career” “ ASPIRATION PROMISE MOMENTUM HARVEST ENCORE LEGACY Aspiration Phase 23 years Men With Child Woman With Child "Children and Gender Inequality: Evidence From Denmark” Long-Run ChildPenalty = 0.185 0.2 0.2 0.4 0.6 4 2 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 0.0 Earnings Impact First Child Birth Time
  82. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 82 Source: @johnmaeda C X . R E P O R T | 2020
  83. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 Source: @johnmaeda 83 The Red Pill World In A Nutshell Speaking machine is a prerequisite to partner with your AI work force. The Internet has become exactly what Bowie predicted in 1999. We need to master how business gets done in the infinite loop. Sustaining innovations are just as important as disruptive ones. Digital transformation doesn’t need to be just about self-disruption. Your employees are the experience. And they can’t live like machines. Silicon Valley is people and not just robots. We tire. Machines don’t. Your Employee Experience (EX) is what makes your CX human. Literally. C X . R E P O R T Source: @johnmaeda | 2020
  84. | 2020 C X . R E P O R T 20 20 84 Computational Thinking is the new systems thinking. In 1999 I created a system called Design By Numbers to fuse design and computation together at scale. This project was shuttered, and a better project called Processing by Ben Fry and Casey Reas emerged. Check it out! It’s amazing! Source: @wikipedia @mitpress @fryrsquared @johnmaeda How To Speak Machine By John Maeda Computational Thinking By Peter J. Denning and Matti Tedri (2019 Hello World By Hannah Fry (2018
  85. Source:@lunchbreathinthe2020CXReport