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Accelerator YYC


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I was invited to speak @AcceleratorYYC for Mashable\'s Social Media Day.

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Accelerator YYC

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  14. 14. Social Web – Postanalysis Define your target audience is and plan What are we trying to accomplish? Are we accordingly. Do we want to engage your trying to communicate directly with our customers customers directly? Or, do we want to engage – to engage in direct conversation? Or, are we other like-minded organizations in the same attempting to demonstrate subject matter ‘business’ ? Do we have the appropriate expertise? Is our goal customer service? The resources to converse and engage on Social answer to these questions will determine our Web? Strategies and which Social Web technologies we choose. With literally thousands of Social Web channels to How are we going to accomplish choose from, this can be an interesting challenge. our Goals? Will we be using Social For most organizations, it makes sense to start Web as a broadcast tool – for Calls small, stable and proven and then expand as to Action? Or, will we be engaging required. A review of what peers are doing is also constituents in deeper and broader prudent. conversation? Again, this influences A starter toolkit normally involves a broadcast tool or choice of tools. (Twitter); a conversation tool (FaceBook); a video channel (YouTube, Vimeo); and a ‘Business to © 2011 Business’ channel (LinkedIn). 14
  15. 15. 1. Evaluate the Landscape 2. Build a Relevant Presence Identify established channels, After identifying key organizations influential organizations and users and it will be important to Connect as well as editorial themes and with the top 5% of this constituency content. This research is critical to give you credibility. before establishing any kind of Social Web presence.4. Use your Influence 3. Develop the You can then amplify and scale by Community arming active users information and Next, the need to move the tools they require. This also community stakeholders from represents the ‘tipping point’ – when being indifferent towards your you can begin to use your Social ‘brand’ to champions and Web channels for appeals and advocates of the programs and promotions. But, trust must be services you provide. earned. © 2011 15
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