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Social media canvas


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Tips to plan your social media strategy

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Social media canvas

  1. 1. social media canvas By Robin Low
  2. 2. social media canvasKey Partners Key Value Engagement Audience Resources Proposition Segment Key Activities ChannelsCost Goals / Measurement
  3. 3. audience segmentWho are the target people you want to reach?•Market / customer Segmentation•What are their demographics?•Potential vs. Addressable vs. Target Markets
  4. 4. value propositionWhat needs or problems are you solving withyour offering that is better than existingalternatives, including status quo?•Latest information / News•Insights on the industry•Research data•Other value that can retain audience
  5. 5. channelsHow do you want to reach / communicate /deliver your value to your proposed audience?•Social media platforms•Events•Newsletters•Frequency?
  6. 6. engagementWhat is your plan of engagement?•Human vs. Automated /Self-Service•Community vs. Individual Relationships•Co-Creation•Frequency / Social Media Calendar
  7. 7. goals / measurementWhat do you consider success to look like? Andhow do you measure it?•Increased engagement? (lower cost todisseminate information)•Increased sales / prospects?•Increased awareness? (benchmarked withcompetitors)
  8. 8. key resourcesWhat are the most important assets that youmust have to enable you to create and deliveryour value proposition?•Physical vs. Human vs. Intellectual vs. Financial•Community Manager•Social media monitoring tool
  9. 9. key activitiesWhat are the most important things that youmust do well to create and deliver your valueproposition?•Social object creation / dissemination•Responding to feedback•Influencer engagement•Monitoring news / discussions•Running events
  10. 10. key partnershipWhat are the key partners that you can or mustrely on to provide the complementary resourcesor activities that enable you to create anddeliver your value proposition?•Influencers / Prominent bloggers / Media•Reporters / Volunteers / Supporters / Fans•Suppliers vs. Infrastructure Providers vs. Co-Producers vs. Channels
  11. 11. costWhat are all the costs that you will incur toengage the audience / stakeholders?•Fixed Cost•Variable Cost•One-Off Cost
  12. 12. putting it all togetherHow do you make all the components in yourmodel come together in a sustainable andscalable way?What is the long term goal / strategy to sustainengagement?What is future scalability of model? How muchcontrol on social objects do you want?Do you have the social media policies to supportthe social media plan?
  13. 13. Social Media EngagementWhat are your plans to co-create? Twitter: dmediaacademy Blog: