Maccabees Video Anaylsis 3


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Maccabees Video Anaylsis 3

  1. 1. Maccabees Video analysis, <br />11430001521460-11430001521460In the first few seconds of the videos we are shown close-up shots of a girl getting ready. We are aware that the character is female because of her pink surroundings and the clothes that she is wearing. All of these aspects suggest that she is a normal teenage girl. However this idea is subverted when we see a shot of a doll on the bed. Next we see a shot of the girl packing her bag, and then the doll is gone. This would suggest that there is something unusual about the girl and that the doll is an important feature within this video. <br />342900041910<br />3886200641350-1143000184150After this we are shown a series of matching shots of the girl walking up the streets, we as the audience are unaware of where she is going. This creates a sense of mystery about the girl, as the audience wants to know where she is going. However the leopard print cardigan that she is wearing suggests that there is a predatory nature to her and that she is dangerous and confident in her sexuality. In these matching shots we also aware of the doll sticking out of the girls bag.<br />383540097790137160097790-91440097790<br />We then shown an over the shoulder shot of the girl reading a book, however we can see part of the book and we can see images of dolls. This suggests that the girl has an obsession and that we as an audience should be weary of her .We see a close shot a boy looking at the girl and the girl smiling back at the boy. This would once again highlight the girl’s sexual confidence as well as suggesting that a love story will be developed. However our suspicions are raised when we see a close- up shot of the girl pushing an item down into her bag. <br />The idea that a love story is going to be developed is re-enforced by the fact that the boys sits down and they begin talking to each other. The relationship between the boy and the girl is established when we see an exchange of phone numbers and the girl calling the boy. <br />-24130092075-45720092075<br />0998855We see the relationship between the girl and boy’s develop doing activities that are stereotypical of couples such as going on picnics, having a meal, fixing the boys hair, giving each other presents or flowers .As the flower is red it highlight the danger and sexuality of the. We are also shown a close-up shot of the boy and girl holding hands, which relates the title of the song ‘One Hand Holding’. <br />-114300105410<br />Along the with the developing relationship of the boy and the girl we are also shown close up shots of the girl cutting out pictures, we are cannot see what the photos are of which continues the theme of mystery, creating an enigma for the audience, However the recurring theme of the doll, highlighted through a medium close of the doll by a window suggests the doll will be the answer to the mystery. <br />1828800575945-685800575945As the video progresses we are shown the through medium, close up shots the girl trying to change the boy as she fixes his hair and gives him a red t-shirt which suggests she has an possessive and obsessive personality <br />We then see a shot of the boy walking up the stairs and walking into the girl’s room. This creates a climax for the audience as this is an environment that they haven’t seen before which therefore suggests that the enigma is going to be solved, We see the boy enter the room through an over the shoulder shot from the perspective of the doll. This would suggest that the doll has human qualities suggesting that he us a sinister character that may cause the boy harm. <br />182880071120-91440071120<br />We are then shown a close-up shot of a set of doll books, which highlights the girl’s obsession and therefore furthering the girl’s mental instability. We then see a pair of reverse shots the boy and the doll showing that they have become the same person. The audience sees the boy realizes this as he touches the red t-shirt and his hair. After the boy picks up the doll, the audience sees the cupboard moving. This suggests that there is a further enigma in the story and therefore creating a climax. The boy then looks up and we are shown close up pictures of the doll, we are then shown a reaction shot of the boy’s face, which highlights his fear, and anxiety of what is in front of him<br />38862001054101600200105410-1371600105410<br />3657600-77539851143000-7525385-1371600-7525385 As the tempo of the rhythm increases we are shown a series of pictures of the girl and doll, which correspond with earlier dates that the boy and the girl went on which are reflected in a series of flashbacks. sitting in the park having a romantic meal .At the end of these series of flashbacks we see a picture of the Maccabees with the lead singer in a red t-shirt. This was done to feature the band within the video as well as continuing with highlighting the red motif within the video. As the tempo increases we see the bedroom door opening, although we cannot see the girl we aware of her presence which creates a heightened sense of danger. We then see the cupboard moving again suggesting that the enigma is going to be resolved. <br />3657600370840<br />137160013335-91440013335<br />As the boy opens the cupboard we are once again shown the girl coming further into the room through a medium long shot, which increases the sense of danger. <br />We are shown the boy opening the cupboard through a point of close up view of shot as though the audience were in the cupboard looking at the boy. This gives the audience a sense of fear as though they are trapped in the cupboard. Through a medium long shot are shown three other boys in the cupboard all with red t-shirts and sticking up hair. This highlights the main message of the video which the society’s striving for perfection but never being to reach it no matter how hard they try as well as showing how truly dangerous the girl is as she locks boys up in her cupboard.<br />36576001473201371600147320-914400147320<br /> The camera then shows a medium shot of the girl put her hand on the boys shoulder and pushes him into the cupboard showing that he has become another victim of the girl. We are shown a close up medium shot of the cupboard, which reminds the audience that the boys are still in the cupboard. As we can see that it is light outside we become aware that it is a new day, after this we a repeat of the sequence from the beginning of the girl coming out of her house and walking. However as we know how dangerous the girl is we become uneasy as we have an idea of what she is going to do. In the final shot of the video we see the girl looking at camera and saying ‘Hi’ which is once again a repeat of the beginning of the video. This makes the audience feel nervous, as by looking directly at the camera it is if the girl is speaking to the audience, which gives the impression that we could become her next victim. <br />685800171323038862001130301600200113030-1117600113030<br />