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Presentation scream

  1. 1. 9 Frame Analysis of ScreamVictoria Robinson
  2. 2. This is the first shot I think is important in this opening sequenceas it establishes where the film will be set. The shot is a mediumshot, which then pans up to the girls face. In the shot frame thephone is the only thing that is shown, this suggests that a phone orphone call will be the base of this film. This gives the audiences anidea of what type of sub-genre the film will follow. In the case ofScream it is a physiological thriller.
  3. 3. I choose this shot as it is the first time we are introduced to what seems to be themain character. She is a young, pretty female, this is a convention of a thrillermovie, to involve a young, good looking girl to attract both genders. The girl at thispoint has just picked up the phone, as most people would do. As this is a thrillerfilm the audience already have a idea of who will be at the other end of the phone.This again is a typical convention of a thriller. However although this is the casethe girl looks happy and care free at this point, this is shown by a medium shot, weget a full view of the girls reactions.
  4. 4. This shot is shown after the girl has just put the phone down. The longshot shows a empty garden. However the swing is moving by its selfthis indicates that someone is watching the girl or in her garden due tothe previous phone call we know something is going to go wrong. Thelighting shows the audience that it is night time, this is a typicalconvention of a thriller film, this time of the day is usually used as itcreates a creepy atmosphere as we cant see the garden andsurroundings clearly.
  5. 5. This shot again shows the girl on the phone again. She picks thephone up care free and is openly talking to the unknown numberon the other end of the phone. Her surroundings show that she ishome alone as there is no motion from any other characters. In thisshot we get to see what the girl is wearing, it seems to be somethingthat a teenage girl would typically wear. I think the way the girl isdressed suggests she is vulnerable as the clothing is quite younglooking.
  6. 6. This shot shows the girl handling a sharp knife, this puts her in a vulnerablesituation and sets the tone for the upcoming action. Whilst this is happeningthe girl is still talking on the phone with the stranger, again highlighting herstupidest and vulnerability. She seems to be indulging in talking to thismale, this is shown by her facial expressions. She seems to be enjoyingtalking to the male and has no urgency to put the phone down.
  7. 7. This is the first shot when the girl realizes that she is talking to astrange man. This medium close up shows her facial expressionsperfectly. It is still clear that the girl is alone, due to her surroundings.She now reacts to the phone call this is shown by her facialexpressions. This shot being an example.
  8. 8. This shot shows the girl is increasingly getting worried asshe is checking her surroundings. The male on the phone isgetting aggressive suggesting he is somewhere close to her.She has tried to put the phone down but he constantly isringing her. Her reactions shown by close ups demonstrateto the audience that the girl is now worried for her safetyafter earlier locking all doors.
  9. 9. This shot follows on from the male telling the girl he can see her shefrantically locks all doors this is shown through a medium shot as itshows all action but we do not loose the girls facial expressions. Allthis action clarifies to the audience that the girl is now scared andworried for her safety. We also get clarification that the girl is aloneas by now she would of told someone else. The lighting used againproves to the audience that it is night time and dark in the house.This puts her in a vulnerable sate making her a easy target.
  10. 10. The last shot I have decided to focus on was this. By using a close up the audiencefully understand the girls panic. At this point it is evident that the male on theother end of the phone is stalking this young girl and watching her. Which clarifiesaudiences previous thoughts that he was stalking her. The girl begins to realizethat he is close to her and gets hysterically emotional. This is shown in this shot byher facial expressions. The girl is stood in front of clear glass window putting heron full show to her stalker. Again exposing her to the stalker and making her veryvulnerable.