Internships in Spain - Internships in Malaga Praktika in Spanien Malaga,Praktikum


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Internships in Spain - Internships in Malaga - Internships Abroad in Spain ,Internships in Spain: Internships Jobs in Spain Praktika in Spanien Malaga,Praktikum in Spanien, Praktika in spanien European training lifelong Leonardo Program

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Internships in Spain - Internships in Malaga Praktika in Spanien Malaga,Praktikum

  1. 1. Leonardo da Vinci - Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme This programme is also supported by the vocational training programs “Leonardo Da Vinci” and “Eras- mus” of the European Union. Internships in Spain Study with a diverse student population and choose from a wealth of Spanish course options SUMMARY LOCATION TYPE OF INTERNSHIP TIMETABLE DURATION REMUNERATION HOW CAN YOU APPLY? STARTING DATES Alhambra Instituto offers a tremen- dous opportunity to live and work in Spain. Immerse yourself in Spanish cul- ture with our internship program. Our program is a combination of Spanish language courses and practical professional work experi- ence with a company located in Malaga, Marbella, Granada and Sevilla. Private housing is included in a shared apartment, so you will be conveniently located to your Span- ish language course and internship Alhambra Instituto ave. J.S. Elcano 78 - Malaga - Spain Who can we accept? Students or graduates, aged 18 - 32 from all EU member states, Iceland, alhambra@ Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzeland. phone (0034) 952 291 509 Expected Partner Profi le: Schools and Universities, Further Education colleges, Vocational Training organisations. www.
  2. 2. Leonardo da Vinci - Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme The European Com- Highlights: As a result of the rapid evolution Alhambra Instituto operates programmes mission has integrated of the market and the economic globalisation, throughout the year, though it is best to its various educational we offer you the opportunity to broaden your avoid planning arrivals during Easter, Au- and training initiatives horizons with the following programmes that gust and mid December through January 8. under a single um- are particularly dedicated to improving specific Normally, we need at least four weeks to brella, the Lifelong technical language while gaining practical ex- organise the logistics of the programmes. Learning Programme. perience in a real work environment. We request that you give us a position Work placements, also referred to as intern- In this era of globalization, exposure to in- description ships, are geared toward students and young ternational business and culture gives you a which we can graduates wishing to gain experience in the distinct edge in the jobs market. keep on file. workplace. The placement is selected to The position Alhambra Instituto´s Work Experience Pro- description match the beneficiaries’ background, skills, should des- gramme is the ideal way for students and and job preferences. Internships are typically cribe the ge- graduates to practice their chosen career. 3 months or longer. For a placement in a host neral duties organization the project should be a minimum and your expectations for your interns; we of 4 weeks in duration and beneficiaries Internship is the best way of acquiring work- can use these to help the pre-screening must speak intermediate Spanish, or work in ing experience in the field you would like to process and to inform you of available po- fields that use the English language (typically work in, while learning a new language: Span- sitions. tourism and IT). ish. The experience improves communication, Our goal is to introduce you to the world of The student will language and interper- business in Spain and establish new skills also have an in- sonal skills, and helps the that can be transferred to any job in your person interview program participants be- future. with the host or- come more confident and ganization, after successful in the future Student interns will be motivated to work they arrive, to ensure that the placement is a of their career. hard and learn from their experience. They good fit for both parties. Language training is realize that internship helps make them at- incorporated into the programme. tractive to employers when they are looking Immerse yourself in Spanish culture with our for their first post. internship program. Our program is a combi- Our services are geared toward the organi- nation of Spanish language We will accompany sation, management and courses and practical pro- you on your first day certification of work experi- fessional work experience of internship to in- ence, professional observa- with a company. troduce you to your tion projects, and language The networking opportunities host company. competence programmes. provided by an international During your stay we As active participants in internship are a significant are available to an- the Life Long Learning Pro- advantage and these profes- swer any questions gramme, we are also inter- sional and personal contacts that you may have ested in partnering with other organizations can lead to job openings in the and help whenever in the design and development of Pilot future. Having an international necessary. Projects, Language Competence, and Refer- internship on your résumé makes you a very at- During your Internship, the supervisor will visit ence Material. tractive prospect for future the participants in the companies and help employers. them in case of problems. An internship in another country allows you to im- merse yourself completely into the culture of that country and gain an un- Alhambra Instituto derstanding of the per- ave. J.S. Elcano 78 - Malaga - Spain spective of the people. You can use your spare time to alhambra@ travel and visit places you phone (0034) 952 291 509 might not otherwise have a chance to see.
  3. 3. Leonardo da Vinci - Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme An internship is a temporary po- sition within a particular occupa- SUMMARY tional field which allows students LOCATION or recent graduates to combine Most of the internship companies are the theory they have studied with in Malaga/Costa del Sol. practical work experience. An Internship in Spain provide TYPE OF INTERNSHIP this hands-on experience while Alhambra Instituto can offer all areas and also giving you the opportunity levels of practical trainings. Determining to get a valuable insight into how factors are: Students Work Experience business is conducted in Spain. TIMETABLE 36 to 39 hours per week. However, the training hours depends on what is agreed Typical sectors for Internships: with the company! travel agencies, real estate, airlines, banks, tourism industry, hotels, car industry, language schools, catering sector, chambers of com- DURATION The training duration depends on the com- merce, computer industry, consultancy, convention centres, consul- pany and the department. The minimum ates, drinks multinationals, events sector, fast food sector, financial stay will be 8 weeks and the maximum one world, furniture companies, health sector, insurance companies, year. market research companies, music industry, pharmaceutical mul- REMUNERATION tinationals, promotion companies, sport companies, super market Non- paid programme. Students are not chains, telecom industry, wine companies. paid during their internship. In some cases, the company offers a voluntary Internship Packages salary to support some expenses of the participant We offer five different packages and a special Malaga introduction-wellcome add on! Check it out… HOW CAN YOU APPLY? Why do an internship in Málaga (Spain)? To begin the application process please Doing an internship in Málaga offers you a unique opportunity that no other educational programme contact us via email, phone or our online contact form. can offer. phone 0034 952 291 509 -You will have the opportunity to speak Spanish on a daily basis. This is a fun and very effective way to TIMETABLE learn Spanish, completely immersing you in the language and culture. STARTING DATES You can apply for an internship anytime during the year, but A.I. requires min. 2 -You will get practical experience in your area of interest/studies. Hands-on experience is essential to months notice to organise your internship the development of your skills. You will have the oppor- programme. tunity to put into practice all that you have learnt. -You will get a reference from the company at the end of your internship. Employers all over the world now demand the highest quality employees. Most employers will certainly prefer an applicant that has international experience. Getting a reference from a Spanish company will give you just that! -Discover yourself! Know what you are really interested in. Develop personnel management and leader- ship skills. Learn about the Spanish culture and take the first step towards your independence. The companies may use the internership period as an effective and economic process for the selection Alhambra Instituto of professionals. They may carry out their selection based on the results obtained during the period of ave. J.S. Elcano 78 - Malaga - Spain practicals, by evaluating the participant’s knowledge and abilities. In this way, they can ensure that the alhambra@ qualities of interns are suitable for the needs of the organisation. phone (0034) 952 291 509