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WNorth Keynote: The Female Industrialist


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Emancipation of Woman with tech - Technology Will Set Us Free
We are on brink of moment that only happens once in a century. That moment is when science, nature, and human ingenuity come together to drive a new framing for society. That moment when Henry Ford put wheels on a combustion engine and ignited mobility with a spark that set the course for an entire economic ecosystem, that produced roads, cities, suburbs, jobs, manufacturing -- industry itself. That moment when Alexander Graham Bell picked up the telephone receiver and unleashed a new future for communication. And the moment when John D. Rockefeller converted crude into the oil and powered an entire energy industry.
At the same time, the Suffragettes were chaining themselves to railings for the vote as women struggled for equal rights, unable to participate in economic opportunities, unseen in history, that literally built empires.

Now, as we step into the nascent stages of the Third Industrial Revolution, we have a seat at the table. We also have an important choice: to stand back and let this moment pass, or choose to take action and get down to the business of becoming this century’s great industrialists.

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WNorth Keynote: The Female Industrialist

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