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XO Strengths, Products and Network Maps

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  • All of our solutions are supported by our nationwide network and our exceptional customer experience.With more than 1.1 million miles of total route fiber and 3,000+ On Net Fiber Lit buildings, the XO network meets the needs of the most demanding customers. XO’s network is comprised of the very latest industry technology and advances in DWDM/optical switching and supports terabit speeds nationally. Significant nationwide and metro networksTier 1 network, fully peered with all major IP networks18,000 route mile XO-owned nationwide inter-city fiber network and 1 million metro fiber miles3,000 On-Net BuildingsHigh-capacity transport and IP networksIncreased IP network capacity by 100% in 2008 with Terabit-capable IP networkIncreased transport network capacity by 200% between 2006 and 2007 with 1.2 Terabit transport networkExtensive reach through fiber networks and fixed wireless and Ethernet over copper capabilitiesConnecting 75 major metropolitan markets. XO’s fixed wireless solutions support carrier class service in excess of OC3 speeds with accompanying SLA’sEthernet services available at more than 500,000 business locationsFurther XO has fixed wireless licenses covering 95% of the top U.S. business markets..
  • XO is financially strong. Our total revenue and data and IP services revenue has grown annually and sequentially. Compared to many of our competitors, XO has an enviable debt/cash ratio. Our financial strength enables us to continue to invest in new services, increased network capacity and improved support for our customers. Since 2007, XO has invested more than $400 million to do this
  • Xo Overview Jason 7.21.11

    1. 1. Solutions Built Around You.<br />Meet XO<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br />Jason Mickelson<br />Major Account Executive - Minneapolis, MN<br />Jason.j.mickelson@xo.com<br />612-454-1310<br />Jason Mickelson<br />XO Snapshot<br />National Map<br />Worldwide<br />Local – North and South<br />Financial<br />Service<br />Sweet Spot<br />Support<br />Business Center<br />Why XO<br />
    3. 3. About XO<br />The nation’s premier communications services provider focusedexclusively on businesses, government and enterprises, delivering industry-leadingIP and networking solutions with exceptionalcustomer service<br />Established: 1996<br />2010 Revenue: $1.53 Billion<br />Employees: 3,700<br />Numerous Markets – National/International<br />Prolific Growth in Complex Economy<br />1,000,000 VoIP Users<br />Customers: 90,000<br />50% of Fortune 500<br />Including, Morgan Stanley, UnitedHealth Group, FICO, Thomson Reuters, U.S. Postal Service <br />Network:<br />19,000-mile Tier 1 nationwide network connecting more than 85 markets<br />200 Miles of Metro Fiber in Minneapolis<br />
    4. 4. Nationwide Network Coverage<br />The XO nationwide network is designed to deliver maximum coverage, performance and scalability<br />Nationwide Network Coverage<br />75+ cities<br />19,000 inter-city route miles<br />High-Capacity IP and Transport Networks<br />2.8 terabit nationwide transport network<br />Tier 1 IP network with terabit routing core<br />Extensive Access Options<br />Fiber networks<br />Ethernet over copper<br />Broadband wireless<br />
    5. 5. Global Reach<br />Global service delivery to 23 countries on five continents<br /><ul><li>Australia
    6. 6. Bermuda
    7. 7. Brazil
    8. 8. Canada
    9. 9. China
    10. 10. Colombia
    11. 11. Denmark
    12. 12. France
    13. 13. Germany
    14. 14. India
    15. 15. Ireland
    16. 16. Israel
    17. 17. Japan
    18. 18. Mexico
    19. 19. Netherlands
    20. 20. Singapore
    21. 21. Spain
    22. 22. Sweden
    23. 23. Switzerland
    24. 24. Taiwan
    25. 25. Thailand
    26. 26. United Kingdom</li></li></ul><li>Minneapolis, MN – XO Metro Fiber<br />
    27. 27. Minneapolis, MN – Metro Fiber Expansion<br />
    28. 28. XO Financials<br />Revenue<br />(millions)<br />IP and Data Services1 Revenue<br />(millions)<br />Adjusted EBITDA<br />(millions)<br />XO has no senior debt obligations and $363 million in cash<br />
    29. 29. XO Services Portfolio<br />A complete portfolio of IP communications and managed network services<br />
    30. 30. XO Services Portfolio - Continued<br />XO’s “Sweet Spot” – Focused on our Customer’s Needs<br /><ul><li>High Speed Data Bandwidth (10 Mb and Above)
    31. 31. Ethernet
    32. 32. Fiber
    33. 33. Wavelength
    34. 34. Complex and Customizable
    35. 35. Next Generation Services
    36. 36. SIP Trunking
    37. 37. IVR / ICR – Advanced Call Routing
    38. 38. Managed Services – Hosted PBX / Routers
    39. 39. WAN (MPLS) Networks
    40. 40. Take advantage of XO’s Nationwide Footprint
    41. 41. Convergence of Voice, Data w/QoS nationwide</li></li></ul><li>XO Account Support Team Approach<br />A superior experience through a higher level of attention and support than what most other service providers offer<br /><ul><li>Consistent customer experience
    42. 42. Designated points of contact
    43. 43. Smooth implementation for every XO service
    44. 44. 24x7 Customer Care representatives
    45. 45. Web-based customer resources and tools for managing your account and services
    46. 46. Escalation List</li></li></ul><li>XO Business Center<br />Online Tools to Manage Your Account Anytime, Anywhere Through the XO Business Center<br />
    47. 47. XO Differentiators – Why XO?<br /><ul><li>The Right Network – XO has the network reach to support you wherever you are, with the flexibility, performance and scalability your business requires
    48. 48. Solutions Built Around Your Business – XO offers a broad range of IP communications and networking services and solutions built around the needs of your business
    49. 49. The Best Customer Experience – XO is focused on your business, with dedicated people, support and systems to ensure you have constant access and control over your services</li></li></ul><li>XO Communications appreciates the opportunity to learn more about your business<br />THANK YOU!<br />