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Powerpoint tips

important tips to keep in mind when preparing a slideshow.

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Powerpoint tips

  2. 2. SERIF FONTSAre the font styles that have tails atthe end of the lines and are use forlarge amounts of texts eg.Times New Roman or Georgia.SAN SERIFFonts that have no tails that are usedfor headlines and labels example:Arial and VerdanaFONTS
  3. 3. Fonts have to be contrasted to match thetone of the content. Stay with basic fontsSpecialized fonts only if neccesaryFor a profesional looking-presentationuse only 2 or 3 fonts.
  4. 4.  For text effects:Use ordinary type-face to conveysimple information and save bold/italicfor emphasis.Text size:Use font size 4 points larger thanyou are confortable with.
  5. 5. Normal open and upper and lower caseare easy to read (mixed case)Avoid lots of colors, use pre elaboratedschemes to keep it simple. Be friendly to color-blindpeople,selecting colors that are easilyrecognizable.
  6. 6. For legibility use the 7 and 7 rule.7 words per line, 7 lines per slide,with a maximum of 25 words perslide.Keep text to the essential and simple.3 to 6 bullet points, simple graphicthat illustrated the title.
  7. 7. BACKGROUND COLORFor contrast,use dark background colorwith light text.Cool colors make better backgroundsInsert a light background slide from timeto time, for dark enviroments
  8. 8. DESING TEMPLATESKeep the same custom lookUse graphic devices (borders, boxes,lines, arrows) only when neededUse transition to add enphasisLimit animation and sound effects
  9. 9. Use key pointsAvoid sub-headingsBreak major points into separate slidesUse animation sound, and videosparingly.KEEP IT SIMPLE
  10. 10. Use images that are appropriate for thepresentation.They must show relationship.Captivate attentionClarify pointsUse one image per slide.USING IMAGES
  12. 12. POWERPOINT:Help audience remember part of apresentationRepresent conection between conceptsEmphasize key pointsHightlight progression of a lecture
  13. 13. Add visual aids to represent difficultconcepts.
  14. 14. Are special effects that introduce slidesduring a showSLIDE TRANSITION