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Inbound Marketing Strategy


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Inbound Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Toward Lead Generation, Nurturing and Optimization: Hubspot, Salesforce, and InsightSquared
  2. 2. Lead Generation Strategy: Overview• Adopting a campaign-lead generation strategy with focus on three key sectors (Nonprofit, Education & Automotive) – Solution selling (multiple products) – Cross marketing peer to peer to Education market• Tradeshows – Run Walk Ride (Nonprofit/marathon) – Association of Fundraising Professionals (Nonprofit) – NTEN (Nonprofit Technology) – TSUN (Education) – NADA, Pay Here Pay Here (Automotive)• Lead Tracking Tools – Hubspot – SalesForce – InsightSquared
  3. 3. Sales & Marketing Campaigns - Nonprofit• Marathon Fundraising – Resources reallocated to focus on winning back marathons lost to Crowdrise/Razoo – Reduced pricing to 3.99% to compete – Attending new conferences to generate leads• Non-Sponsored NPO Engagement – Focus on up selling Donate Now and Mobile Transact to 3000+ non-sponsored NPO’s – Check will contain marketing message regarding FG’s service• Competitive Win Campaign – Download lead lists from major competitors (Network for Good, JustGive, Crowdrise) – Begin calling campaign (Goal – 30% of Top 100 clients; 20% across entire campaign)• National “Cause” Campaign – Highlight national “cause” on FG’s website – Engage NPO’s and fundraisers to participate in national campaign – Provided reduced subscription fee ($300) to new NPO’s that participate that month• National Brands – Focus sales team monthly on winning NPO’s associated with National Brands • Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, Junior Achievement
  4. 4. Sales & Marketing Campaigns - Education• Peer to Peer Product Sales – 800+ universities have expressed interest in the Peer to Peer product over the years – Sales team will focus on contacting these schools and closing deals – 25 opportunities generated from initial email • Closed: Cornell, Michigan State, Vanderbilt, Purdue• Partnership Relationship – SunGard – Revisiting marketing campaign to support promotion of upgrade to 3.0 eSchoolPlus • 20 schools will be live in March• FSP Website Redesign – Redesign FSP website to generate B to B leads• Visa Rule – Convenience fee – Focus on selling FT to universities based upon the Visa rule change
  5. 5. Sales & Marketing Campaign - Automotive• FastTransact – Focus on selling FT to current dealerships for processing of loan payments and propane merchants• Partnership Relationship – Frazer – Work with partner on increasing sales opportunities and lead lists – ADP Web1000 – Marketing creating email templates for additional pilot clients – Dealer Solutions – Participating in users conference, email blast to promote FSP – Vertrax – Joint marketing, focusing on selling FT to this propane partner – Medical (new vertical) • BPA Best Practice Academy – Affiliate partner • Careblue – integration complete• FSP Website Redesign – Redesign FSP website to generate B to B leads
  6. 6. The Inbound Marketing Funnel
  7. 7. What is inbound marketing?
  8. 8. “If you have more money than brains, youshould focus on outbound marketing. Ifyou have more brains than money, youfocus on inbound marketing.” - Guy Kawasaki,(Former chief evangelist, Apple Computer)
  9. 9. It’s a noisy world
  10. 10. Be an Inbound Marketing Bee• No more pushing. Pull them in.• Make sweet n’ sticky honey. 1. Be sweet - Attract viewers to your site with engaging content. 2. Be sticky – Viewers offer up information in exchange for useful downloadable content. 3. Be sticky - Nurture them down the sales funnel.
  11. 11. Outbound vs. Inbound
  12. 12. Let Magneto explain
  13. 13. Tools of an inbound marketer
  14. 14. Benefits of Inbound Marketing
  15. 15. The 3 tools of inbound marketing 1. 2. 3.Generate NurtureCollect Report OptimizeNurture Track Inform
  16. 16. How do we use Hubspot?
  17. 17. Landing Pages Is this sweet n’ sticky? A landing page is a webpage where individuals input their information in exchange for downloadable content – turning them into leads that are pushed down the sales funnel.
  18. 18. “I’m gonna make himan offer he can’t refuse.”
  19. 19. Call to action A call to action is an offer What are we asking from our viewers? Should they download an ebook? Attend a webinar? What’s the “hook?” Where’s the value?
  20. 20. How do we engage our audience?• Social Media – Top of the funnel• Blog - Top of the funnel• eBooks - Middle of the funnel• Webinars – Bottom of the funnel
  21. 21. Again, what is our philosophy?PULL PUSH
  22. 22. Now what?
  23. 23. Thanks to workflows!
  24. 24. What are Hubspot Workflows?
  25. 25. How does Hubspot work with Salesforce?
  26. 26. How Marketing Uses Salesforce• Reporting• Tracking Sales Activity• Inform Strategy
  27. 27. We use this
  28. 28. And turn it into this…
  29. 29. July 2012 Accounts
  30. 30. But this highly manual task can be accomplished much easier
  31. 31. Toward Lead Optimization
  32. 32. InsightSquared is a Number Crunching Champion
  33. 33. Lead Aging
  34. 34. Prospects waiting to convert
  35. 35. But…
  36. 36. Salesforce Cleanup
  37. 37. Wrapping up: Keys to Lead Gen, Nurturing, and Optimization• Stay the course in sharing remarkable, actionable content that engages our audience• Nurture leads through workflows in Hubspot• Clean up Salesforce for consistency and accuracy for better readings in InsightSquared