Integrated Marketing


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This presentation will provide insight on how to successfully implement an integrated marketing campaign for optimum engagement and ROI.

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Integrated Marketing

  1. 1. From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg Merging CrossMedia Marketing & Print
  2. 2. Attendees Will Learn•Key Components for a successful cross-media campaign•How to structure a cross-media campaign...from concept to implementation•Critical success factors•How to successfully outsource marketing services and partner with key vendors to enhance customer profitability.
  3. 3. It is not the strongestof the species that survive,nor the most intelligent,but the most responsive to change.-Charles Darwin 3
  4. 4. If you are currently implementing cross media campaigns for your customers
  5. 5. Risk & Reward of MSP Reinvention to MSP worth it? Not for everyone...• Assess your company’s current situation, including strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunities and competitive landscape.• Assess your current (and desired) customer landscape. Are you meeting your needs? What services might you consider adding?• Identify the universe of available growth opportunities.• Research, prioritize and articulate a strategy that is achievable and aligns with your objectives.• Execute (And when in doubt, partner with vendors who have the expertise you may be lacking)
  6. 6. Strategy & Planning Do your homework...• What makes you different?• Which vertical markets are you most familiar?• Expand existing relationships• What companies are hiring marketing staff?• Think about what is going to get you in the door-who you know, referrals from satisfied customers?• Research internet (LinkedIN, websites, press releases) etc.• Start small.
  7. 7. How many line items are on your invoice? XYZPrinting__________________________________ Account Payable ABC Company City, St. Zip Add more 55,000 Data Management $ 750.00 services- 1.00 Project Management $ 1250.00 integration 55,000 Printing of 5.5 x 8.5 Postcards $ 3545.00 means 55,000 Mailing Services $ 1275.00 revenue 55,000 PURL Campaign $15,000.00 55,000 Email Campaign $ 6500.00 1.00 Monthly Consulting Retainer $ 5500.00 1.00 Website Development $ 8500.00 1.00 Social Media Development $ 7500.00
  8. 8. Marketers Challenges• Resources • Money• Time • People• Talent • Frustration
  9. 9. Marketers are functioning with Leaner teams
  10. 10. Marketers ChallengesEvolution to a MoreCompetitive, Multi- channel Marketplace 1. Fill pipeline with quality leads for sales 2. Add more digital media and interactive talent. 3. Sharpen focus, how they can better produce, invest more dollars in driving demand and less on branding. 4. Grow or retain market share and drive top-line growth. 5. Develop more targeted and relevant communications to disseminate across channels 6. Utilize multi-channels for your customers marketing message
  11. 11. Marketers & IT DisconnectAligning the CMO & CIO to Achieve Intelligent Marketing1. Only 4% of Marketing Execs and 7% of IT Execs feel they are prepared to exploit digital marketing channels.2. Only 8% of Marketers & 6% of IT said they believe their data and analytics are integrated.3. 78% of Marketers and 68% of IT believe digital marketing is important. Only 1/3 of Marketers and 1/5th of IT said their companies are invested in digital!4. Noticeable disconnect between IT & Marketing *Sample survey of 328 Marketing Executives and 308 IT Executives
  12. 12. Sales Challenges1. Sales struggles with the delivery, quality of final production and overall process management of collateral materials.2. Sales struggles with receiving marketing materials in a timely matter-60% email requests-47% phone requests.3. 79% of sales surveyed requested the opportunity to personalize and target individual customers marketing collateral4. Summary: Marketing Supply Chain must be armed with a tool that integrates data driven, (POD) strategy, along with on-demand access to materials
  13. 13. Sales Challenges
  14. 14. Sales Challenges
  15. 15. How do you get started selling integrated campaigns?• Allow time for planning- identify the audience, who are their ideal customers, review data to segment into smaller lists, if not enough data consider modeling-or finding like customers• Are you going to partner for service offerings or build platform offerings internally?• Involve your vendor early- What will be your unique selling proposition- determine how to deliver it. Work out budget and timeline. And..measure.• Define your customer’s goal/ objective
  16. 16. Great Campaigns Start with a Great Ideas & Solutions
  17. 17. Houston, we have a problem90% of businesses areunable to execute thestrategy they have onpaper70% of businessesproject performancethey will never attainSource: Axon, L. Learning to lead: How Companies Grow Profits by Growing Leaders,Source: Norton, D. Aligning your Strategy to the Customer Value Proposition,
  18. 18. Strategy & PlanningGood planning, strategy &content can increase marketingROI + 50%
  19. 19. Always Start with the Data
  20. 20. Real Insight Understand what truly drives and moves me... and those who influence me ... at every step of the overall experience
  21. 21. Don’t treat melike a child“one message doesn’t fit all”
  22. 22. •Identify the audience, who are the ideal customers, review data to segment into smaller lists, if not enough data consider modeling- People don’t fit or finding like boxes customers•Measure results- Cross media metrics•Test, Test, Test
  24. 24. Combining Direct Mail and Email
  25. 25. iPhone OS OS wit h HTM BB L EmailEmailRenderingTests Symbian OS Android OS Windows Mobile OS ver 6.0 BB OS with No HTML Email
  26. 26. Optimize Creative |Drive Customers to Social & websites
  27. 27. Optimize Creative
  28. 28. Tracking and DeliverabilityEmail metrics byimportance :•Click Through•Deliverability•Conversions•ROI•Open Rate•Revenue•Total Subscribers•Forwards What you measure depends on your objectives
  29. 29. Opens-Who and When?? Maximize open rates based on knowledge for future campaignsTest different times to send emails to see what receives the bestresults
  30. 30. Case Study•Developed truly dynamic 100%personalized email and printednewsletter•Delivered a direct mail piecedriving them to a website andasked them questions regardingtop interests•This information wasintegrated into database forautomatically generateddynamic messaging.•Lessons learned: Constantlytest performance
  31. 31. Personalized URL’s
  32. 32. It’s not a made to order magic trick Personalized URLs are not a made-to-order magic trick you can buy from the store and immediately get results for your business. Like all marketing tools use personalized URLs to: • think about a strategy for reaching your different customer segments • plan on integrating your ‘magic’ personalized URLs with current media • make a conscious effort to follow through on each message you send
  33. 33. Make it Relevant
  34. 34. Mobile Marketing
  35. 35. Opportunities: SMS/Text• Mobile marketing is exploding-• Reaches 91% of households in the US• Top Mobile Verticals:1.Directories2.Telecommunication3.Finance4.Entertainment5.Dating6.Retail & Restaurants7.Consumer Package8.Travel9.Education10.Automotive
  36. 36. Mobile Marketing•82% of US executives are carrying smartphones (that compares to 28% penetrationamong US consumers•Majority of these executives consider theirsmart phone to be their primary business tool•Mobile marketing is not a stand alonestrategy- it is an extension of abrand strategy.✴ 2010 eMarketer
  37. 37. Growth in mobile web, text messages •90% of all text messages are read within three minutes of delivery •99% of all text messages are read by the recipient, •All text messaging is opt in which contributes to the high action rates. •Mobile spending currently makes up less than 5% of marketing budgets •Challenges are number of different device types, operating systems and screen sizes available. •Watch for the evolution of location-centric mobile apps •Healthy usage of location based check-in-Foursquare37 Entire contents © 2008 Forrester Research, Inc. All rights reserved.
  38. 38. SMS | TextMessaging
  39. 39. SMS | TextMessaging
  40. 40. Social Marketing
  41. 41. Social Marketing & Dept. Integration•HR department should embrace social and use it to attract and retainstaff.•Marketing department should use it to form deeper, more loyalrelationships with customers.  •PR department should use it to spread communications and buildadvocacy.•Customer service department should use it to answer customerquestions on a mass scale.  •CEO should use it to spread the mission of the company to the mostengaged fans.•Finance department…ok, maybe not the finance department  But most departments within a company should understand the powerthat social provides.
  42. 42. In a world with millions of channels, brands whose consumers tell thebest stories, win EXPERIENCES - EMOTIONS - STORIES
  43. 43. - perception80% of CEO’s believe theirbrand provides a superiorcustomer experience– reality8 % of their customers agree
  44. 44. Bottom-line for CEO’sSHOW ME THE MONEY
  45. 45. Social Marketing
  46. 46. Social Marketing
  47. 47. Social Marketing
  48. 48. Social Marketing
  49. 49. Blendtec-Will it Blend? Youtube viral video Blendtec’s retail sales are up 700%, Youtube site has 200,000+ subscribers and it has been featured on The Today Show, Tonight Show, History Channel, Wall St. Journal to name a few. It has also won a Clio for their interactive efforts.Starbucks - My starbucks idea onFacebook.Lesson: thinking of ways to build yourcompany are great, but directly askingyour consumers what they want is better.Acting on it is the success of thecampaign IBM-created an entire network of blogs allowing their employees to write about their experiences, what they were working on etc. Lesson: having a CEO that blogs is great but increase the number of blogs and you increase the connections
  50. 50. 50
  51. 51. Learn about what their customers wantBest tool everGrow big ears
  52. 52. Customers are talking......hear what they have to say
  53. 53. Be seen as the company that adopts new ways of doing things. Wise Social WebinarIncreasing Marketing ROI by Outsourcing Social Media Wed., May 4th 2:00 PM EST To sign up: Visit be entered to win an iPad2
  54. 54. Measurement
  55. 55. To simplify and give meaning:Humans seek patterns, even where there are none
  56. 56. Performance Metrics Measure Interpret Data Benchmark Test Increase sales Lower Costs Increase MROIImprove business systems
  57. 57. Things to RememberConsider dividing campaign into pilot programs or phases Learn as you go and change things up if it is not working Test, Test, Test and test again
  58. 58. what are your next steps?
  59. 59. Be the First Penguintake the plunge...
  60. 60. Game ChangersWise can help you reinvent your company
  61. 61. Robin Marchetti Wise P:888.815.WISE rmarchetti@wbf.com1. Provide proactive ideas and solutions tha nks2. Senior team review and involvement in all projects3. Attention to details and quality control4. Fast, reliable service5.Creative products & services that exceeds ?expectations We believe our success depends on your success. When our clients win, we win!