Insights from Social Business Thought Leaders - July 2014


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Social business insights are revealed from the following thought leaders' engagement in the Jive Community: Dion Hinchcliffe, Andrew Hutchinson, Rachel Happe, Jaimy Szymanski, Vala Afshar, Gerry McGovern, Charlene Li and Elisa Steele.

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Insights from Social Business Thought Leaders - July 2014

  1. 1. “Part of the secret to successful digital transformation seems to be the emphasis and meaningful adoption of new organizational models. Whenever we look at companies that have been relatively successful in such transformations, they’ve built vibrant ecosystems around new network-centric models.” Dion Hinchcliffe Chief Strategy Officer, Adjuvi @DHinchcliffe CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  2. 2. “In social business, it’s important to know not only when to pitch, but also when to ‘pass’ – when to be helpful, when to refer customers to other sources, when to give them information that’s not directly tied into the hard sell.” Andrew Hutchinson Social Media Consultant AUS Best Blogs 2014 winner @adhutchinson CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  3. 3. “So often in the business context it seems we will do anything to find and convince someone to buy our products or work for us and then trip over ourselves to try to convince them to stay. From my perspective, when we push too hard to establish or keep a relationship, the other party ends up resentful or unhappy, neither of which endears you to them and is unlikely to produce advocates, which in the digital age is a huge opportunity cost.” Rachel Happe Principal and Co-Founder, Community Roundtable @rhappe CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  4. 4. “Employee engagement on LinkedIn is most successful when championed by leadership, starting with active executives...This leads to employees feeling empowered and inspired at their jobs.” Jaimy Szymanski Senior Researcher for Altimeter Group @jaimy_marie CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  5. 5. “In today’s knowledge-sharing and hyper- connected world, fueled by rapidly changing technology, people demand the very best experience. Users form lasting impressions based on their expectation that applications simply work and are always connected and reliable. The network plays a key role in delivering the best user experience. The experience economy also requires the humanization of business, meaning the adoption of a collaborative mindset where customers, partners and employees easily connect and share creative ideas and best practices. A social business is a caring business.” Vala Afshar CMO at Extreme Networks @valaafshar CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  6. 6. “The culture of silos will hurt all data and information. It will lead to duplication, confusion, inaccuracy, slowness, and incomplete information. It will become a significant drain on resources as employees waste their time navigating through many systems with different interfaces.” Gerry McGovern Founder and CEO, Customer Carewords @gerrymcgovern CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  7. 7. “There's value in integrating Social Identity for use across channel and departments...[which] promotes better relationships.” Charlene Li Founder, Altimeter Group @charleneli CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  8. 8. “Technology has broken down so many barriers and we have adopted technology in our personal lives that has become a part of our lifestyle. We do things differently because we have access to this technology in the palm of our hands...In today's world, people want a workstyle that matches their lifestyle.” Elisa Steele EVP Strategy and CMO, Jive @ElisaSteele CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE INTERVIEW