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6 Secrets to Social Success


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Deirdre Walsh, Senior Manager of Social Strategy at Jive Software, unlocked the secrets to social success with her eBook, The Business Guide to Social Success. By implementing or adjusting strategy according to these insights, organizations can draw others in at all levels of the enterprise and throughout the ecosystem.

The Business Guide to Social Success includes additional insights from: Virginia Miracle, Chuck Hemann, Gary B. Wilcox, Jordan Viator Slabaugh, Kristen Sussman, and Emilie Kopp.

Download The Business Guide to Social Success eBook here:

Jive is the world's #1 social business platform. We help employees, customers and partners connect, collaborate and communicate to achieve breakthrough results in sales, marketing, customer service and workforce productivity.

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6 Secrets to Social Success

  2. 2. About @DeirdreWalsh• Sr. Manager of Social Strategy for JiveSoftware• Jive Software brings the innovation ofthe consumer web to the enterprise• 2006 – launched National Instrumentssocial business program• Public relations for Hewlett-Packard,Allstate and Texas Senate• University of Texas - bachelor ofscience in public relations and minorsin business and English
  5. 5. 5 © Jive confidentialUnderstand Your Audience• Understand your audience and make information easily andenjoyably available• Start by asking, “what will the users get by participating?”• Make your program a two-way street, enabling both yourbusiness and audience to get where they are trying to go
  6. 6. 6 © Jive confidential• Align your social objectives with REAL business goals, settingmeasurable targets along the way• Your department, company’s current direction and social channelchoice will all influence goal creation• Social media can impact several business objectives includingdemand generation, customer support, brand awareness and moreAlign with Core Business Objectives
  7. 7. 7 © Jive confidential• Define role of everyintegrated social channel–each with their own uniquegoal and purpose• Perform regular audienceand content analysis oneach platform to optimizeeach channelDetermine Unique Role of Each SocialChannel
  8. 8. 8 © Jive confidential• Community is not a one size fits all technology, and it can benefitvarious departments:• Sales – Sell more, faster with more effective tools and bettermanaged opportunities• Marketing – Enables diverse teams to work together withefficiency, better collateral within deadline and budget• Social Intranet – Intranet is converted into a hub of enterprisecollaboration and communication• Customer Service – Social support lets you resolve customerissues quickly, cutting costs and increasing satisfactionDouble Click on Community
  9. 9. 9“To successfully define goals, first understand what youre tryingto accomplish by understanding the marketing objectives. Thenset specific, attainable targets tied to measurable metrics for thedesired outcomes.”Dr. Gary Wilcox, Professor of Advertising,The University of Texas at Austin
  11. 11. 11 © Jive confidential• Create integration on the surface level, and make valuableconnections between conversations happening both insideand outside the firewall• It becomes less about the technology and more aboutmaking the right connectionsUnderstand Integrated Vision
  12. 12. 12 © Jive confidential• Ensure your organization has Social DNA• Find and empower an executive who is willing toexperiment with social and who can champion yoursuccessesGet Executive Sponsorship
  13. 13. 13 © Jive confidential• Begin genome mappinginternally• There are various models forhow to structure your internalintegration• The Hub and Spoke modelfrom Jeremiah Owyangprovides central resources toempower business units• A social intranet can also beused to integrate social withinprimary functionsIntegrate Social into Traditional Roles
  14. 14. 14 © Jive confidential• Meet regularly to discuss strategy, review guidelines andreceive training on social technologies• According to the FTC, any company participating on socialmust:– Be truthful– Have policies and training– Monitor the social conversation and correct mistakesCreate governance, training and education
  15. 15. 15”Social strategy starts with people, but success comes whenorganizations integrate internal resources with external audiences andembrace technology that connects them both. This is the turning point atwhich companies start to achieve great business results.”Jordan Viator Slabaugh, Director of Social MediaSpredfast
  17. 17. 17 © Jive confidential• Identify your social identity• Maintain a consistent personality and deliverunified messaging• Consider conversations, relationships andreputationDetermine Your Social Identity
  18. 18. 18 © Jive confidential1. You can never really “manage” the relationship – people arecomplex2. Social branding is about what customers, employees andother key audiences are saying and how YOU respond3. Understand that the cost and success of your socialbranding initiative will vary4. Balance usefulness and promotion within content5. Give insights, opportunities and entertainmentSocial Identity Development Tips
  19. 19. 19 © Jive confidential• Range of accessibility• Ease of usability• Fun opportunities forengagement• Beneficial learning• Next Generational technologyadoption• Versatility to ensure scalability• Identifying a leaderDeploy Relevant Solutions
  20. 20. 20 © Jive confidential• Determine how you will drive awareness and adoption, likeintegrating the physical and the digital• Once you get members there, determine what they will do• Make it simple and beneficial for simple engagement to occurright awayDrive Membership
  21. 21. 21“Think of your online communities like a web that will only continuouslygrow and be fruitful if infused with diverse creative content, personality,and meaningful conversations. Then begin to elevate your efforts by takingtime to measure and optimize.”Kristen Sussman, Founder, Social Strategist,Social Distillery
  23. 23. 23 © Jive confidential1. Public charter, guidelines and support plan2. Training plan for subject matter experts that will be involved3. Process for creation, management, moderation and curation ofconversations and content4. Timeline to understand predicted growth patterns and plan forscalability5. Calendar of monthly lessons learned meetings with key internalstakeholders from areas like product management and supportManaging the Managers
  24. 24. 24 © Jive confidential1. Collect Information – Listen to key conversations about thebrand, products, markets & competition2. Filter Mentions – Identify opportunities to align with core socialbusiness objectives & areas of impact for top-line goals3. Engage the Subject Area Experts - Leverage employeenetwork & customer community to ensure the best response4. Respond – Link to valuable content & resources5. Assign Sentiment – Track online attitudes, opinion or intendedmeaning of a writer & their message6. Analyze – Track & record all conversations for reports & makinghigher-level business decisions6 Steps to Social Monitoring
  25. 25. Be ProactiveListening helps:– Relationship-building– Competitive insights– Customer serviceopportunityContent is King:– Create a content calendar– Develop an IntegratedContent Strategy– Vary types of conversations– Curate– Promote content– Tell stories
  26. 26. 26 © Jive confidentialThere are several ways to get yourconversations and content noticedbeyond paying for it:• Gamification• Bridge online and offlineGet Noticed
  27. 27. 27“To engage influencers, take a reactive approach. Understand theiragenda and look for opportunities to provide meaningful points of viewand value to their conversation. Proceed with caution – come across asa sales pitch and your influencer can quickly bring negative attention toyour message.”Emilie Kopp, Social Business Program Manager,National Instruments
  29. 29. 29 © Jive confidential• Make it easy for advocates toshare you content in a meaningfulway– “What Type of Office Hero AreYou?”• Reward evangelism and loyalty– Gamification at JiveWorld12Activate Advocates
  30. 30. 30 © Jive confidential• Customers desire a betterconnection with your brand– Real Office Hero Spotlight– Weekly #ThursdayThanks• Amplify voices through customer-generated social content• Look inside your organization– Employee videosRecognize Brand Heroes
  31. 31. 31“Smart companies are redirecting a fraction of the energy that their peersspend attempting to engage “influencers” into socially empowering theirinternal and external advocates. Feeding those who are hungry forcontent, interaction, and information from your brand is the low hangingfruit in demonstrating social media impact.”Virginia Miracle, EVP, Professional ServicesSpredfast
  33. 33. 33 © Jive confidential• It’s now possible to show howspecific social strategies impactbusiness goals• Social technologies help companiesachieve measurable, businessimprovements:– Increase employee efficiency,productivity & innovation– Reduce operational cost– Increase brand awareness andadvocacy– Drive more leads & accelerate salesconversations– Reduce customer service costs– Increase customer satisfactionMeasure Success – Business Value
  34. 34. 34 © Jive confidential• Program metrics are key to ensure day-to-day social efforts.Community managers should check these stats weekly:– Increase awareness: confirmed and potential impressions– Increase reach: current network size– Increase social engagement: total number of social interactions– Drive demand: names, leads and product trials– Increase revenue: generated directly from social activities– Foster loyalty and advocacy: social sharingMeasure Success – Program Health
  35. 35. 35“The secret of successful analytics is bridging the divide between capturing amassive amount of data and making it actionable to multiple parts of thebusiness. Digital data is great, because it has application beyond just PRand marketing, so your analytics team should be one part business personand one part data cruncher.”Chuck Hemann, Group Director, AnalyticsWCG
  36. 36. Download the 6 Pillars of SocialSuccess