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Zonta leadershipgeneralboard


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This is a draft and test. Not for official use.

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Zonta leadershipgeneralboard

  1. 1. Zonta InternationalDistrict 9Leadership TrainingGeneral Board
  2. 2. IntroductionCongratulations and thank you for contributing your time andtalent to Zonta leadership.Since its founding in 1919, Zonta has grown and flourishedthanks to the passion and skill of dedicated volunteers like you.The following training module is designed to help you succeed inyour new role. It will familiarize you with the basics of being aboard member and help you locate resources within Zonta toextend your knowledge and answer your questions.We know you’re busy, so let’s get started!
  3. 3. Your Most Valuable Resource• Every Zontian should have a copy of the Club Manual. As a board member, it is essential.• Download as a pdf from the ZI website, under Member Resources.• Covers all aspects of Club operation and management.• Includes Zonta history and scripts for installing new members and club board.
  4. 4. Club By-Laws and Rules• All clubs are governed by By-laws and many also have Rules Of Procedure. These are in addition to the Zonta International By- laws and District By-laws that govern our larger organization.• Make sure you have a copy of your club’s By-laws and Rules Of Procedure and carry them with you to board meetings. They are a critical reference documents and all board decisions must be in compliance.• It is the board’s responsibility to make sure the By-laws and Rules Of Procedure are updated regularly and circulated to all club members.
  5. 5. What is the role of the board?Efficient leadership is crucial for the effective functioning ofZonta clubs.The club board must propose goals and activities thatcomplement and enhance those of the Zonta Internationalstrategic planning framework (i.e., A Course for the Future –2010 and Beyond [see]).Goals and activities should be specific, attainable and effective,to demonstrate clear direction.
  6. 6. What is the role of the board?• The club board members need to have an in-depth knowledge of Zonta and sound communication skills.• The club board needs to take responsibility, uphold ethical principles, work towards progress for the club and organization, utilize the strengths of the members, and encourage self-development.
  7. 7. What else does the board do?• Directs the affairs of the club.• Develops coordinated goals and monitors progress towards their achievement.• Supervises the affairs of the club between meetings, without conflict with club actions.
  8. 8. What else does the board do?• Recommends, but does not determine, policy, advocacy actions, service projects and donations for adoption by the club.• Disseminates Zonta International program information to all club members.• Encourages support of Zonta International and district biennial goals, including the encouragement of club and individual contributions to the Zonta International Foundation funds.
  9. 9. And there’s more!• The board has many other responsibilities in areas such as financial oversight, membership matters, maintenance of bylaws and many more.As a board member, it is your duty to review and understandthe complete range of board responsibilities.You can find that information in the Club Manual on Page 21.
  10. 10. Leadership & Succession Planning• The board is also responsible for club leadership planning and recruitment.• The club board members need to have an in-depth knowledge of Zonta and sound communication skills. Both can be strengthened if succession planning and leadership training are a natural part of club leadership preparation.• Potential leaders should be identified within the membership and be appointed as committee chairmen and encouraged to attend training workshops, area meetings, district conferences and conventions. The stepping stones are then in place for election to the club board.
  11. 11. Club leadership planning andrecruitmentThis includes:• Encouraging new members to join club committees and aspire to future leadership positions.• Emphasizing that leadership skills learned in Zonta are useful everywhere.• Delegating responsibilities and receiving new ideas positively.
  12. 12. Club leadership planning andrecruitmentIt also includes training members to become new leaders:• Allow potential leaders to function as a complement to the experience of veteran leaders.• Large committees may use vice chairmen in order to train future chairmen.• Mentoring by current leaders helps develop prospective leaders.
  13. 13. Learn MoreAs a Zonta club board member, you have a wealth of resourcesavailable to learn more about your duties and responsibilitiesand about Zonta.• The Club Manual is your primary reference document. It can be downloaded as a pdf from ZI Click on Member Resources and look for Club Manual.• Your club’s By-laws and Rules Of Procedure.
  14. 14. Learn MoreOther resources include:• Zonta International Governing Documents. This includes the International By-laws and Rules Of Procedure. Download at• District 9 website• Your Area Director
  15. 15. Thank you!Thank you for taking the time to watch this training module.Because of dedicated leaders like you, our clubs thrive and growstronger. Good luck with your term and thank you for yourservice.