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M e m o r a n d u m 2

  1. 1. M E M O R A N D U M <br />To:Whom it my concernFrom:Lou JimenezDate:February 18, 2010 Subject:The Point Of Sales System for Global Touch Internet Café<br />This is in my proposal, which I hope you’ll find not only unique and interesting, but see the major or endless possibilities learning the POS system for from World Touch Gaming, could have for the employees at Global Touch Internet Cafe. I intend to post an informational view of this revolutionary point of sale system. The dynamic qualities and capabilities this POS possesses will be displayed and illustrated as my proposal, as a solution to better train employees with computers skills, management skills, and technology awareness skills. The following proposal describes the POS system and instructions on how to take in new accounts, take donation and redeem for cash prizes. This proposal will outline the information I intend to exhibits and discuss the time allotted as well as the resources required to complete the study.<br />The need for understanding the Point Of Sale system from World Touch Gaming.<br />Global Touch Internet Cafe wants its employees to proficiently grasp customer service and the POS system, while working and keeping a manageable balance between the two. There is currently no instruction on the POS system and without proper instruction; employees would not have documentation to refer back to if needed. Confusion for employees, can lead to a hasty mistakes at Global Touch Internet Cafe. The message is clear, employees need instruction on how to use the POS system, to quickly give employees the edge they need to organize and manage their work environment and most importantly, their daily work duties.<br />Benefits of Evernote<br />In the report, I will document the following: (1) how the POS makes it easy to enrol new customers, (2) how to input donation from patrons into the POS, (3) how to give free entries from coupons or for random reasons, (4) how to help patron redeem the cash prizes quickly and correctly.<br />Project Plan<br />The project plan is to present a white paper to illustrate a quality Point Of Sale system, created by World Touch Gaming. The POS is the point of sales register for Global Touch Internet Café which needs XP Professional to run correctly. I will provide a thoroughly researched and factual informative paper.  This Impeccable delightful POS system will help employees acquire the needed knowledge to perform day to day duties. The POS will help keep track of donation and payouts, all in one place.<br />My plan consists of researching videos and understanding how to use the POS from World Touch Gaming. My research should take too much time; Evernote is easy to work with.  I should have a well written first draft white paper presented by Feb. 18, 2010.<br />The whitepaper will consist of 600-1000 words, using Microsoft Word 2007, also including two graphics pertaining to the POS. I will spend up to 30 man-hours, drafting my white paper, so that it will not only meet your needs, but the needs of the employees of Global Touch Internet Cafe.  <br />Report: Audience<br />I will address the report to you. However, my main target for my report is the employees of Global Touch Internet Cafe. As you know, Global Touch Internet Cafe is dedicated to providing employees with the needed information to perform a sensational job.<br />My Qualification<br />I have work with and around computers for over eight years. I have worked with hardware and software alike. I have seen many programs change constantly over time as our technology improves. I know and understand the benefits of a quality new POS system for employees. I know I can portray the major improvements this POS can have on the employees of Global Touch Internet Cafe.<br />