Customer form#3


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Customer form#3

  1. 1. CLIENT: This Graphic Design and Logo Planning Worksheet will give us a clear picture of what services you are interested in. Project: Date Date due JOB#:Clients Name: : Phone:Address: Fax: AR TIST : AR TIST : Email/wed URL EST . DESIGN TIME : Do you want a logo designed for you by A J Creations? yes or no answer please..... What is the name to be used in the logo? Please write as you wish it to appear. What is your business and why do customers or clients come to you? PROJECT: What is your mission statement? What are some favorite colors? describe clearly like ... light powder blue, soft white light pink, light amethyst, light soft mint green ...... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. NOTE: To show me the colors you like best, go to the Web Color & Font Chart here.
  2. 2. What are some favorite symbols?exp. - butterflies, hearts, flowers, angels, wings, unicorns, hummingbirds, clouds, rays of light ..... are some of the elements that you envision being in your logo?exp. - pyramid inside of a world globe, hearts floating around the logo name, the logo font being whimsical, bold, orelegant ....What evokes a sense of serenity in you?exp. - Walking on the beach, Walking in a meadow, Mountains, streams, forests, waterfalls, flowery hiking path, greenplush hills, a soft babbling brook, lake ..... you have or want your own web domain?If you would like one or already have one, would you like me to host it on the WWW for you?Logo Specifics:Is the logo being designed associated to: Company NameProductDo you currently have a logo? Yes NoIf so, are you wanting to change your existing logo? Yes NoIf so, what colors are being used in your present logo and what would you like to seechanged?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________If the logo is not associated with the company name, but rather with a product name,please put down the name of the product:_________________________________________________________________________Which colors do you NOT want to use in your logo? _______________________________ Where will your logo be used? Packaging (products your company sells) Signage (storefront, flyers, Visual Print Ads Promotional Apparel (t-shirts, caps, jackets, etc) posters, vehicles) Catalogues (brochures, etc) Promotional Products (pencils, pens, etc) On-Line Stationary (business cards, let- terhead, envelopes)
  3. 3. Graphic Specifics:Do you have graphics that you would like to incorporate? Yes NoWould you like the graphic used on the logo? Yes No circle selectionITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE above. filling out this form and e-mailing it back to A J Creations, you are agreeing to the terms listed This questionnaire will also serve as a contract between you, the client, and me, A J Creations. InLOGO Includes the following:- 4 sample designs (can choose only one)- Package includes usage rights, comps and style guide[8-hours time - price based on logo usage / $10 per hour] $80 (6-8 samples)LOGO PACKAGE Includes the following:- 4 logos, 2 Letterhead, 2 Envelope and 2 Business card samples- Package includes usage rights, comps and style guide[17-hours time - price based on logo usage] $160BUSINESS CARD Includes the following:- 2 sample designs (size: 3.5x2)- Artwork on CD and 2 color proofs[3-hours time] $30ENVELOPE Includes the following:- 2 sample designs (#10 ENV. up to 9x12)- Artwork on CD and 2 color proofs[3-hours time] $30LETTERHEAD Includes the following:- 2 sample designs (size: 8.5x11)- Artwork on CD and 2 color proofs[3-hours time] $30POSTCARD Includes the following:- 2 sample designs - front and back (sizes: 4x6 or 6x9)- Artwork on CD and 2 color proofs[4-hours time] $40POSTER / LARGE FORMAT Includes the following:- 2 sample designs (sizes: up to 24X36, Trucks, Billboards, etc...)- Artwork on CD and 2 color proofs[8-hours time] $80T-SHIRT Includes the following:- 2 sample design (sizes: up to 13X14)- Artwork on CD and 2 color proofs with separations[5-hours time] $30HOURLY RATE Includes design, production, photo correction $10 per hour