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  1. 1. Louis Jimenez<br />2IENG_10/SP_ENGL_2314<br />Reflection<br />Well, I have to admit, I wasn’t looking forward to having to take another writing course. Needless to say, I enjoyed learning a little more about business documents and their formats. When I first glanced at the class syllabus, I felt comfortable and familiar with at least forty percent of the upcoming work. I had just completed three business classes at UTB, and was very familiar with instructional training, usage of the software, resume building and using the site. The subject matter that was interesting and new to me was creating a business plan, business proposal, a white paper, and the recommendation paper. Although I wasn’t looking forward to having to write much for this class, I’m glad that there was a lot to gain from understanding the formats of each business document we covered. <br />The first week or two of class was interesting, because we had to create a Twitter account and a Wordpress account. Although I never worked with Twitter, I had worked with Wordpress, but had only used Wordpress at the end of a class and never for the beginning. With the understanding that all our class assignments were to be posted on Wordpress, so they can be time stamped. This meant we had to meet assignment deadlines and couldn’t lie about our dog eating our assignments, for example. The Twitter account I created was new to me, and I wasn’t really interested in creating one. Mainly because I do have a Facebook and a Myspace account, and rarely have time to keep up with those online communication channels. In my opinion, I think working with Twitter was a waste of time. Twitter seems to only work if the user wants to know what another person or business is constantly doing. I had no use or the time for understanding Twitter. <br />When the course week project covered writing a business plan, I have to admit I’ve never written a business plan and was looking forward to the assignment. I did my business plan on Global Touch Café, an internet place I’ve help setup. Since I have a little knowledge about the business side of things, I was able to quickly put something together, in hope of meeting the assignment requirements. When the time came to write a White Paper, I was clueless on the design features and format for a White Paper. With help from the notes in class and research from the use of the internet, I learned a great deal about the setup and information a White Paper suppose to inform upon. The easier projects for me where the instructional training power point design and instructional video design. Mainly because I have work on something similar before and already had a little knowledge about the setup and software to use for the projects. I did my training assignment on how to use the point of sale system by APEX, which is being used by the company Global Touch Café. It was during this project I learned more about the software we needed to use to upload our training subject matter online. I’m talking about Slide Share and YouTube uplinks, which allowed us to give our work a URL and be accessed or view online by someone. The main assignment that I felt I learned a lot from and by the way was the longest assignment due, was the Recommendation Paper. This paper was to be written as a recommendation for the TSTC department on an issue we wanted them to attend to for the betterment of our college experience. With never have written, a Recommendation Paper, I found myself interested and also confused because of the understanding this paper was to express. Once I felt aware, and rechecked my notes, I was able to write about the college having more awareness about dust allergies in the classrooms. This assignment ended up being quite interesting and insightful for me.<br /> Now that the class is coming to its end, I’m being reintroduced to Wordpress and the many qualities the website has to offer. The E-portfolio, I’m doing for the class, will be displaying the many assignments I did for the class as well as a bio and resume link. This class covered a lot of different aspects of business writing and we just didn’t write and learn about business documents, but we learned how to incorporate the use of the internet with our documents. I’m really thankful for my new found knowledge and hope to incorporate it down the road. I would like to point out the wonderful instructor we had for the class, professor Santoy, and thank her for being very knowledgeable and creating an enjoyable atmosphere to learn in.<br />