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Email reactivation and segmentation - Glyn Thomas, WDM


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Presentation at eCampaigning Forum 2013 by Glyn Thomas of World Development Movement.

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Email reactivation and segmentation - Glyn Thomas, WDM

  1. 1. Email:Reactivation and segmentation Glyn Thomas / WDM
  2. 2. ReactivationWhat is email reactivation?Who gets sent the email(s)? |WDM: People who had not opened an emailfor at | || |least six months.|
  3. 3. ReactivationSubject: Have we offended you?Hello Glyn,It looks like youre not opening our emails. Wed love tohear why.We want to send you emails that are relevant to you andwe certainly dont want to spam anyone. Please click onthe link below that most represents how you feel aboutour email list.
  4. 4. Reactivation* I do read your emails.* I dont know who you are and why you are emailing me.* I don’t have time to read your emails at the moment.* I don’t receive emails from you that interest me.* I cant read your emails properly.* I dont normally read emails from organisations.* You send me too many emails.* You dont send me enough emails.* Something else.
  5. 5. ReactivationIf you want to stay on the list you dont need to do anything.But if you want to unsubscribe, we totally understand. All youhave to do is click this link.Thank you for your support.Best wishes,Pontus WesterbergWeb officer, World Development Movement
  6. 6. ReactivationOpen rate: 17% - higher than list as a wholeClick through rate: 11% - higher than list as a wholeUnsubscribed immediately - 2.8%Some complaints |How did you know?| |Many not realise it was an email list| |Being monitored / tracked|
  7. 7. Reactivation* 47% said they dont read emails because they donthave time.* 30% said that they do actually read our emails.* 6% said who are you?* 4% said we send too many emails* 2% said they dont read emails from organisations* 1% said our emails were boring
  8. 8. ReactivationViews and suggestionsSubject line was popularMany false negatives: people reading emails onBlackberries, not downloading images, havingimages turned off by default etc.Abrupt opening to the email.No time to read emails = your emails arentinteresting enough to me ?
  9. 9. ReactivationImprovementsTone: "how can we improve so we get you involvedagain" rather than "you havent been active..."Data to use: not clicked in past six months and nottaken campaign action. Ask for feedback on thecampaign and why not got involved.Surveys about email communications.Change unsubscribe process - give people moreoptions.
  10. 10. ReactivationThose that didnt respond:Do you want to renew your subscription toWDM emails? |Yes / No|Your subscription to WDM emails expiressoon. |Yes|
  11. 11. ReactivationAny other ideas?
  12. 12. SegmentationAim: keep people more engaged through moretailored email communicationsPilot project: WDM fundraising appeal emails
  13. 13. SegmentationPreviously1) Email sent to whole list2) Reminder email sent to people who didnt openfirst email
  14. 14. SegmentationPilot project1) Email sent to whole list2) Five different reminders depending on previousactivity
  15. 15. Segmentation
  16. 16. SegmentationPrevious donorNot opened first email - different subject line andmore detail about the campaignOpened first email but not clicked - much longeremail, more detailClicked but not donated - thanked again for previousdonation
  17. 17. SegmentationNot previous donorDid not open first email - really short email, focus onthe difference they could make donatingOpened first email but not clicked - no reminderClicked but not donated - if taken action on similarissue, thanked and explain how linked
  18. 18. SegmentationOutcomeDoubled income compared with average for previousonline appeals.
  19. 19. SegmentationFuture plansFundraising emails start with thanks again, Glyn, foryour donation of £x.Special update emails - tailored to include aparagraph about each of the things theyve done.Campaign emails - people who have taken everyemail on a campaign will get a couple of extraparagraphs in an email about the campaign. Shorteremails for others.
  20. 20. SegmentationAny other ideas?