Getting them involved: attracting and empowering supporters


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Knowledge Exchange presentation by Darren Lilleker of Bournemouth University at the 2012 eCampaigning Forum.

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Getting them involved: attracting and empowering supporters

  1. 1. Getting them involved:attracting and empowering supporters Darren G. Lilleker (Bournemouth University)
  2. 2. “I don’t usually get involved in anything politicalbut [Change We See] just inspired me. I wantedto be part of that, to say something positive.There’s too much negativity, I wanted to showpeople what I thought was positive… I took mycamera out and I think I must’ve taken twentyshots, I even uploaded some under differentnames, getting comments back from othersupporters really gave me a boost to get moreinvolved” (Karen, 34, Nurse)
  3. 3. Rethinking Activism Low High InvolvementSeek Blog Join Delivering Canvassing Share OfflineInformation GOTV Advocate Like Comment Join to Friends Online Communication is about nurturing interest, increasing involvement, building relationships, a community and mobilising
  4. 4. The Political Loyalty Ladder Activists Empower through connectedness. Build desire for outcomes; Make outcomes realisable Active Advocate Bring them into the organisation. Create opportunities for them to be activists Connected Forums, groups and opportunities for meets. Passive Advocate Welcome and test desire to be connected. Communicate at various levels. Information Seeker Engaging and appealing broad messages. Have clear idea of the target audience Hypermedia usageProspectTargeted through Activists and Active Advocates.Personal Appeals using broad messages.Market-oriented brand identity
  5. 5. Understanding CognitionThe Role of Communication The Impact on Cognition and Behaviour Creation of Positive Outcomes from Involvement (Expectancy Value) Positive Outcomes Creation of Social + Heightened Propensity Community Spirit = Norms around support to participate and alliance + (Group Think) Low Barrier to success Demonstrate value of action and reduce barriers (Foot-in-the-door) Adapted from Azjen’s Theory of Planned Behaviour
  6. 6. “I don’t know what I was looking for, justbrowsing I guess, I was wondering about theelection and should I vote coz I don’t usually… Iwas reading the forum and wanted to answerthis guy so I joined and we got chatting… I nevermet him but I thought I would go along to ameeting next thing I’m on this stand tellingpeople to vote {XXX}” (Max, 28, Estate Agent)
  7. 7. “I don’t know anyone whose had cancer but itsserious like I know, [Mary] liked Wear it Pink so Iwondered what it was, it seemed so easy toachieve so much, all I had to do was get a ribbonand it was really cool seeing how many othershad them. I even spoke to a woman on the tubeas we both had one. They do events and I mightgo to one next year, its just something I thought‘yeah’ why not” (Jenny, 22, checkout operator)