Rethinking Email in the age of Social Media


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A version of my talk at Digitech 2011 (Sydney), with the work references removed.

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  • A little about online courtship in the 1800s
  • on, wax offLots of parallels between social media skills and understanding email
  • The Direct Marketing Association consistently reports that the ROI on email marketing remains far above that of search or other marketing channels. 2008.
  • little bit about inbox zero
  •“high point of the day is getting up first thing and deleting half your email, and knowing that half your work for the day is done.”
  • beyond ”what do you want to say” to „howcan I be relevant and heard?”
  • We’re trying to get people to a point where they can write better email so that they become better digital communicators.This will take some of the fear out of social media, and help them do a better job when the time comes for them to try (or endorse) social.
  • who you’re talking toKnow what you’re interruptingKnow the device they’re using
  • DatesProcessForcing people to read 10 pages of email conversations before getting to the point
  • This takes some practice, especially in an academic context.
  • requirementsAids in clarityHelps ensure your message is working
  • Are they intrigued by what you’re saying?Does it help reframe their understanding of the world? Is it human and uplifting? Or does it make them angry?
  • the messagepeopleare most likely to open, and yet we canleaveit set to somekind of default.
  • touse a blast email service meansyou’reintroducingthem to a world of stress and panic: that moment justbeforehitting „send”.
  • peopleareoblivious to thisconcept – howcanyouuse the notion of A/B testing to havepeopleseewhere the contentcould be tweaked!
  • do theymakesense?
  • You’re doing all these social things – include crossover content from your email newsletter, and provide links to let people sign up
  • Rethinking Email in the age of Social Media

    1. Rethinking Email Marketing in the age of social media<br />
    2. About online communication<br />Not a new way to communicate: people have been communicating online since the 1800’s with the telegraph<br />The challenge that we face in communicating online is one of reduced bandwidth<br />
    3. Potential problems with email<br />Sending out messages without caring whether someone reads it or not.<br />Not measuring the effectiveness of the email that you send<br />
    4. How do you get people throughout an organisationto engage with social media?<br />Get the basics right first.<br />
    5. Show people the weaknesses in their email communication.<br />Have them want to fix them<br />
    6. Is it too late to learn about email?<br />All the interest seems to be in social BUT<br />Email readers are more engaged, and ready to take action<br />
    7. You’ve taken two days off work.What’s your inbox looking like?<br />
    8. Can you remember the last time you had a good experience with email?<br />
    9. How do people feel when you send them email?<br />
    10. People feel like they’re drowning.<br />Are you offering more water?<br />
    11. Learning to be user-centred<br />
    12. Everyone isan expert<br />But few people write good emails.<br />
    13. (teaching people to)write better email<br />
    14. Your message is much more important to you than your reader.<br />
    15. What are you interrupting?<br />
    16. Avoid ambiguity<br />
    17. Omit needless words<br />
    18. Remember accessibility<br />
    19. Write the subject line first <br />Useful<br />Ultra-specific<br />Unique<br />Urgent<br />Short (<50 chars)<br />Identify yourself <br />
    20. Understand why people read and share emails<br />
    21. Email is a courtship.<br />
    22. Make it easy to subscribeMake it easier to unsubscribe<br />
    23. Don’t sendirrelevant messages<br />Can you trim the recipient list at all?<br />
    24. Have an excellent welcome message<br />
    25. Don’t leavecopy-writing to the developers<br />
    26. Check everythingbefore you send<br />
    27. A/B Testing<br />
    28. When they click, where are you sending them?<br />
    29. Building up the relationship<br />Send a series of emails that just contain valuable content<br />Build up some trust in your reader that an email from you is worth reading<br />
    30. Let’s wrap up.<br />
    31. Creating an email marketing list as the core of your digital marketing activities <br />Use social media to drive people to your website<br />Your website is moving people towards the information they need, and providing incentive to sign up for your email list<br />
    32. 2. Crafting large-volume emails that are both targeted and conversational<br />Know your audience<br />Track how your relationship is going<br />Not happy talk, disembodied or corporate<br />This audience understanding, and these writing skills will transfer well to social media<br />
    33. 3. Observing user behaviour to improve the effectiveness of your messages <br />Track what they’re opening, clicking on, sharing, unsubscribing on<br />Follow-up with those who are out of touch<br />Re-energise your list – custom messages for those who haven’t read a message for a while<br />
    34. 4. Integrating email marketing with other social channels<br />Moving your audience from the social channels to your website, then to your newsletter<br />Cross-selling your newsletter content into the social space<br />
    35. Thanks!<br />David Phillips<br />Twitter: @cafedave<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />