The future of story telling - transmedia toe dipping 2013


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The way we tell stories is constantly evolving, from the oral tradition, to the written word, to story telling of the future using transmedia. This presentation looks at one experiment in using multiple platforms to tell and enhance a story. Story is Kiss Kill by Jeni Mawter, published by Really Blue Books, Australia's first digital only publishing house.

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The future of story telling - transmedia toe dipping 2013

  1. The Future of Story Telling Transmedia Toe Dipping Kiss Kill Jeni by Jeni Mawter
  2. The Oral Tradition Painting “The Moroccan Storyteller” by Alfred Dehodencq 1877
  3. The Oral Tradition • Includes epics, sagas, lyric poems, ritual songs, genealogies and panegyrics (praise poems) • Often intended to recycle knowledge • Focus on oral-aural • Often open-ended
  4. Development of Writing and Printing Oldest Printed Book Frontispiece of the Diamond Sutra Printing Press
  5. Development of Writing and Printing “Words now things to be arranged on a page” (Ong, 1988) Pages determined by economies of scale Story closure encouraged Medieval Manuscript
  6. Development of Writing and Printing Stories now ‘shaped’ to fit the form
  7. 6 Silos in Traditional Story Models (now merging) • Publishing • Movies • Television • Gaming • Music • Performance
  8. Some Jeni (J.A) Mawter Books
  9. Mark Twain “Ideally a book would have no order to it, and the reader would have to discover his own.”
  10. Kiss Kill Relationship Disintegration
  11. Relationship Abuse Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  12. Abuse victims denied a voice
  13. Story Experiences or Fragments “Creating Kiss Kill was like collecting moments.” Facades First Love Self Doubt s
  14. Different experiences, demanded different texts • • • • • • • • • • • • Prose Script Song Notes Poems Comic Essay Texting Email Facebook post Jokes Quotes • • • • • • • • • • • • Photos Questionnaire Play Ballad Monologue Blog Postcard Phone-call Newspaper Article Diary Dictionary Definitions Lists
  15. Reader Participation Multiple texts allow for multiple entry points for the reader to engage with and extend.
  16. Kiss Kill story written organically Mind Map created by Kathy de Stefano
  17. What are you writing? • • • • Is it a book? Is it a magazine? Is it fiction? Is it non-fiction? No No No No
  18. Traditional Publishing Rejects Kiss Kill (resoundingly 2008-11)
  19. I no longer fit in the publishing community…
  20. Member of The Society of Rogue Author(s) “I soon discovered that innovation is a messy business filled with long stretches of doubt, countless false starts, and a constant black cloud of indecision. There was no road map to follow, no guarantee that a story told this way would result in anything more than a pile of broken parts.” (Patrick Carman, The Digital Shift, Nov 4, 2011) Creator of Dark Eden, Skeleton Creek, Trackers, Thirteen Days to Midnight Image at
  21. Meanwhile … Technology Revolution
  22. Social Media Timeline Kiss Kill started 2007
  23. Mark Pesce Sydney Writer’s Festival May 2010
  24. Technology Revolution = Story Revolution
  25. I finally know what I’ve written! A story with which readers can:
  26. Frank Rose The Art of Immersion: “The conventional belief that every story has a beginning, middle, and end has become obsolete through the rapidly evolving intersection of dynamic media and advanced technology.”
  27. David Varela Sydney, 2011 “The medium carries a lot of the story’s power”
  28. Transmedia Storytelling “Transmedia is telling stories over a number of media platforms, stories that are connected to a higher or lesser degree, but always connected and rooted in a common story world” (Simon Staffans, 2011, p. 6) Transmedia Digital Tipping Point by Sofie Andreou
  29. What story world? Mat’s story world 17 year old Mat’s world
  30. Mat’s World • Sixteen year old Mat • Only child living with parents • Best friend ‘Jonno’ (girlfriend Nadia) • Falls for the new girl at school (Elle) • Mat’s first love • Elle’s fatal flaw ‘Narcissistic Personality Disorder’
  31. The Kiss Kill Story Mat is a 16 year old boy who falls for a new girl at his school, Elle Taylor. Initially the relationship is everything he wants, but over time Elle gets more and more abusive. Unwilling to lean on parents or friends, Mat ‘shoulders’ the abuse alone, hoping that the Elle he fell in love with will one day return. After the relationship hits crisis point Mat manages to extricate himself to stand alone.
  32. Story Continued Relationships, experiences and ideas are explored through the use of: • multiple text types • philosophy • humour (language of young males)
  33. Really Blue Books (2011) Australia’s 1st Digital Only Publisher • Australia’s “Rogue ebook Publisher and ebookshop of the modern era” • CEO Sarah Bailey •
  34. Kiss Kill Published 2012 • Author: Jeni Mawter • Title: Kiss Kill • Genre: Young Adult Realism • Publisher: Really Blue Books • ISBN: 978-0-98726061-1 • Amazon
  35. Reader Participation Within Story-World • Questionnaires Example 2: ‘How high is your self-esteem? • Website Links Example 1: Mensline Australia Example 2: Headspace Youth Mental Health Australia • Example 1: ‘What’s wrong with this picture?’
  36. Reader Participation Out of Story-World Character Blog Audience builds relationship with Mat and others
  37. Character Blog Metadata 7000 views from 109 Countries!
  38. Reader Participation Out of Story-World Co-creates pictures to share “Sarah”, London
  39. Reader Participation Role-playing in Out of Story-World Audience autonomy by building relationship(s) with Mat. Personalise their experiences through role-playing. Film-maker: Danny Kim (Crane Film) Actors: Lucy Coleman and Adam Marks (Australian Theatre for Young People)
  40. How Do You Define a Man? Plot Point 1
  41. Reader Participation Out of Story-World Personalise experiences through role-playing. Plot Point 2 • iTunes: ‘Thought I Knew You’ • Music and recording by Phil Bowley (2012)
  42. Reader Participation Out of Story-World • iTunes ‘Gonna Show You’ • Music and Recording by Adam Fitzgerald (2012) Image by Bailey M., Eagan, MN
  43. Reader Participation Out of Story-World Audience builds relationship with author and others via Author Blog
  44. Reader Participation Out of Story-World Twitter @mawter@kisskilldigital
  45. Reader Participation Out of Story-World Pinterest
  46. Reader Participation Out of Story-World Facebook
  47. Educating traditional storytellers about multiplatform storytelling via Jeni Mawter! site ‘Children’s and Young Adult Stories’
  48. Forging new pathways for digital publishing regarding reviewing, selling, publicity, competitions and awards “This is awesome Jeni. I really like how the character comes through and you get a real feel for his predicament.” Book Probe (Reviews) 2/4/12 Publishing Innovation Award Seal
  49. Emotional Engagement at multiple levels to a wider audience • Youth Mental Health focus -steps-of-recovery-from-relationship-abuse-with-anarcissist-by-mat-from-kiss-kill/ • Pinterest and Blog followers on Bullying and NPD
  50. A story in evolution From a traditional story arc … (Image by Pamela Rutledge)
  51. … to a Story Universe (Image by Jill Gollick) • To a story universe (Jill Golick)
  52. The Open Story Robert Pratten
  53. Where are we now? From
  54. Where to from here? Literary Pioneer in a world of infinite possibility.
  55. (2013 and beyond) ✪Transmedia Storytelling ‘Love Story’ for Mat ✪Transmedia for Social Change Raise awareness about Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder.