Where Did It All Go Wrong? The Rise and Fall of the Personal Injury Lawyer


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A slide show for Personal Injury Lawyers who are facing change with the Jackson reforms.
My top 10 tips are summarised.

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Where Did It All Go Wrong? The Rise and Fall of the Personal Injury Lawyer

  1. 1. Where Did It All GoWrong?: The Rise andFall of the PI Lawyer Jeff Zindani LLB , MA Solicitor and Legal Business Strategist
  2. 2. Meet Jack Ross and his team at RossLewis and Coulson Solicitors.
  3. 3. We had Good Holidays
  4. 4. We could afford private schools
  5. 5. Guilty Pleasures. But well earned!
  6. 6. What’s wrong with a drink or two!
  7. 7. The battle against the insurance villainswas worth it.
  8. 8. They werent too bad. At least we couldbuy cases and keep the firm going.
  9. 9. Yes, we had to deal with these people toget paid but we always found a way.
  10. 10. What Do Judges Know about Costs?
  11. 11. I never saw it coming…
  12. 12. “The organisations likely to suffer themost are those with the delusion thattomorrow will be like yesterday” Peter Drucker
  13. 13. Don’t Press The Button!
  14. 14. But I don’t know what to do !
  15. 15. Top 10 Tips to Survive1. Stop the Lawyer Victim Syndrome-yes itsgoing to hurt but move on.
  16. 16. Top 10 Tips to Survive2. Put Away the Ogden Tables and Look at theNew MetricsNo more hourly rate x time and success fee.
  17. 17. Top 10 Tips to Survive3. Time To Exit?Planned Abandonment is a Business Strategy. Ifyou didn’t do PI today, would you go into ittomorrow?
  18. 18. Top 10 Tips to Survive4.Define Your Business Model• CD’s V Downloads?• High Street v Online Shopping?• Silo or Boutique?
  19. 19. Top 10 Tips to Survive5.There is Life After Referral Fees.• You are going to have work harder. Its called business development and marketing.
  20. 20. Top 10 Tips to Survive6. Reengineer Business Processes• Do you have an up to date case/document/knowledge management system?• Stop making cars by hand because you wont get paid if charges are based on fixed costs.
  21. 21. Top 10 Tips to Survive7. Lead Change by a Clear Action PlanRestructuring and Re-Engineering wont happenwithout a clear action plan.
  22. 22. Top 10 Tips to Survive8. Create a New Culture at the Firm Based UponFixed Costs. This will take time but will paydividends.
  23. 23. Top 10 Tips to Survive• 9. Unwind Liabilities to Funders and the Bank. WIP will largely disappear for the bulk of PI work.
  24. 24. Top 10 Tips to Survive10. Leadership, Leadership and Leadership.This is the driving force behind any change.
  25. 25. Thank You• Any questions or queries don’t ask Jack but let me know : jeffzindani@gmail.com• See my blog at jeffzindani.com• Or go to Linked in• Watch out for my new book with Prof Dominic Regan : Surviving Jackson : A Practice Guide for Change