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Tips for success in getting hired


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Tips for success in getting hired

  1. 1. Tips for SuccessHow To Networking, Communities, and Resume Tips Presented By: JJ
  2. 2. Regional HR ManagerHR Florida StateCouncil District DirectorNCF- SHRM PastPresidentJohn Maxwell TeamCoach, Speaker, Trainer
  3. 3. More Important: Who Are You?The Single Most Valuable Takeaway From Today Is… Knowing Your Value Which leads to… Presenting Proving Improving Your Value Your Value Your Value
  4. 4. KnowingYour Value What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? What are your biggest strengths?
  5. 5. KnowingYour Value What are your biggest weaknesses? What are you bad at? What do you dislike doing?
  6. 6. KnowingYour Value Accomplishments? Achievements? Certifications?
  7. 7. KnowingYour Value
  8. 8. Knowing Your ValueTip Your Value Changes:Tip Comparisons Help Identify Value:Tip Everyone Will Not Know Your Value:
  9. 9. Presenting yourValue
  10. 10. Presenting Your Value What are someways we present Resumes our value? Cover Letters Referrals Letters of Reference Recommendations
  11. 11. Presenting Your Value Step:Step: BroadcastOutline and Refine Monster Positive Language Workopolis Be Clear LinkedIn Be Targeted VisualCV Does the Reader Care About This? Your Blog Focus on What You Have Twitter (Skills vs Education vs Experience) Etc… Add Creativity
  12. 12. Presenting Your ValuePresentations? YouTube?
  13. 13. PresentingYour Value PodCast or Audio Version?
  14. 14. Presenting Your ValueMake an Excel Version? Use Charts Use Graphs Make it more interesting/dynamic
  15. 15. Presenting Your Value Mind Mapping?IBIS Mapping?
  16. 16. PresentingYour Value
  17. 17. Presenting Your ValueTip Have more than one ‘Resume’Tip: Be Creative and Get AttentionTip Present Your Value in Many Different Ways
  18. 18. Presenting Your Value So noweveryone knows your value.
  19. 19. Proving Your Value
  20. 20. Proving Your ValueRecord Your AccomplishmentsBe Proud Of Your AccomplishmentsNever Stop Presenting Your Value in New and Better WaysAsk for RecommendationsAsk for Referrals
  21. 21. Proving Your ValueTip Always Ask For Recommendations and Referrals
  22. 22. ImprovingYour Value
  23. 23. Improving Your ValueIt is always harder toimprove a weakness than itis to improvea strength.
  24. 24. Improving Your ValueTip Improve Strengths
  25. 25. Improving Your Value Who You KnowWhich really is a result of…• Putting Yourself Out There• Networking• Building Relationships• Etc…
  26. 26. Improving Your ValueTip: Improve Your Value Through RelationshipsTip: Always Be Soft Recruiting Recruitment Companies also make for wonderful friends.
  27. 27. Improving Your Value Step:Step: Get InvolvedExplore What’s Out There Share Business Cards (be creative) User Groups Connect with People Before and After Conferences Contribute Events Web Meetings
  28. 28. Tips for SuccessTip Your Value Changes:Tip Comparisons Help Identify Value:Tip Everyone Will Not Know Your Value:Tip Have More Than One ‘Resume’:Tip Be Creative and Get Attention:Tip Present Your Value in Many Different Ways:Tip Always Ask For Recommendations and Referrals:Tip Improve Strengths:Tip Improve Your Value Through Relationships:Tip Always Be Soft Recruiting
  29. 29. Thank You!Let’s talk, and/or tweet!Twitter: me your emails, and let me knowyour feedback!Email me at: