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role and function of an educational media center


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role and function of an educational media center

  2. 2. Importance of an educational media center ? The importance of Educational Media Center is to provides teacher and students easy access for information search.    The Educational Media Center functions as a vital instrument as well as a basic requirement for quality education by enriching all parts of the schools educational process. And it is designed for the housing and utilization of all educational media with in the school.
  3. 3. The centers specific function A media program has the following elements assigned to it: Consultant service to improve instruction, learning and use of educational media resources and facilities; Upgrade instructional standards through the use of educational media resources; Information on new educational development;
  4. 4.  Creation/production of instructional materials to suit the special needs of teacher and student Upgraded research through media support to individual investigation and exploration; Multi-media facilities with areas made available to students, teachers and the media staff. Educational media equipment made available for classroom use to student and teachers.
  5. 5. Consultant service The center media specialist act as resource persons for teacher in designing media for instruction. These specialist may also work directly with students in selecting and evaluating materials they need for presentation and learning purposesUpgrade Instruction via media An educational media center is made by a professional staff compose by media specialists, technicians and media aids. the staff function to serve media users through a program of services which make educational media available for instruction , learning and research purpose.
  6. 6. Information on Educational Development The center provides information about innovations and recent development in specific subject areas and in the general field of education. It also keeps teacher posted on available in-service workshops and courses, conference and professional activities which they may find advantage for their professional growth.Production of Instructional Materials The media center staff assists the various academic department and their teacher in the creative conceptualization and production of materials and devices for improve instruction.
  7. 7. Materials for Class/Individualized Learning The media center may serve the purpose of centralizing educational media equipment and materials for accessibility to potential users. However, such resources as chart, maps, and globes may be permanently remain in classroom since they are frequently needed as instructional reference materials by classroom users.Equipment Use, Maintenance and Storage it is distinct feature of an educational media center to provide the facilities and space for the use, maintenance and storage of media hardware. The center assurance users of the available equipment and substitutes in case of equipment breakdown and malfunction.
  8. 8. The Center Facilities and Resources The sized of media center depends on such variable as the population, the financial capability of the school, and the goals and purposes of the media program.The following standers may help to those who are managing media centers or are planning to establish the:1. Environment- an education media center should have facilities that will ensure comfort and effective learning for users. Good lightning, acoustical treatment, and temperature and humidity control are some notable features of media center facilities.2. Location and Space- while media center should be easily to users, the design of media center may vary. There may be a single media center housed in just one building but divided into separate section to perform separate function .
  9. 9. Regardless of these designs and arrangements, the media center generally has the following provision:2.1 Entrance, circulation and distribution – for display and exhibits, card catalog, periodical index.2.2 Viewing and listening – through a facility which can accommodate not more than 100 students.2.3 Conference room —for media specialist and teachers. It may be adjust to a media production laboratory. It may have movable walls to allow expansion or combination of areas.2.4 Small room/Viewing/Listening – with adequate power outlets, viewing monitor/ screen, acoustical treatment and comfortable space.2.5 Workshop room – a classroom-sized flexible space with multimedia equipment for instruction, production, demonstration needs.
  10. 10. 2.6 Administration – an office space and area for media planning.2.7 Maintenance and reparse services – for minor and preventive repair of equipment.2.8 Media production laboratory – audio, video and photo laboratory with power, light, sounds and darkroom facilities.2.9 Storage room – with necessary temperature and humidity control.2.10 AV equipment distribution – may be decentralized in case of bigger schools.2.11Optional space – for computerized learning and radio, television and film work.