Maximizing Microsoft Office


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  • Synchronous dynamic random access memory ( SDRAM )
  • Maximizing Microsoft Office

    1. 1. 31 Milk Street Suite 815 Boston, Massachusetts 02109 (857) 383-3250 Website: Blog: Facebook: LinkedIn: April 27, 2011/The Women Lawyers Network/Needham Jared D. Correia, Esq. Law Practice Advisor Twitter: Podcast:
    2. 2. Who is Jared Correia? What is LOMAP?
    3. 3. Microsoft Outlook Tips Tip # 1 Use Rules
    4. 4. Microsoft Outlook Tips Tip # 2 Use Signatures
    5. 5. Microsoft Outlook Tips Tip # 3 Use OHIO = Only Handle It Once
    6. 6. Microsoft Outlook Tips Tip # 4 Preview Files in the Reading Pane
    7. 7. Microsoft Outlook Tips Tip # 5 Turn Off Desktop Alerts Tools → Options → Preferences → Email Options → Advanced Email Options → Clear “Display a New Mail Desktop Alert” Checkbox Under “When new items arrive in my Inbox”
    8. 8. Microsoft Word Tips Tip # 1 Add “New” and “Open” Icons
    9. 9. Microsoft Word Tips Tip # 2 Use Paste Special
    10. 10. Microsoft Word Tips Tip # 3 Use the Reading Highlight Feature
    11. 11. Microsoft Word Tips Tip # 4 Drag + Drop Using “View Side by Side” Open Second Document → View → View Side by Side → Highlight Text from One Document (to “Cut”) → Drag + Drop to Second Document (to “Paste”)
    12. 12. Microsoft Word Tips Tip # 5 Use Quick Tables Insert → Table → Quick Tables → Save Selection to Quick Tables Gallery
    13. 13. BONUS Office Tips!!  Excel | for Conflict Checks, Financial Tool  Powerpoint | for Presentations  Lost + Found | The Ribbon  Try OneNote | Electronic Legal Pad  Microsoft Office Online |
    14. 14. Mission Control Most Essential Office Hardware, Often Overlooked o Your Computer Desktop vs Laptop vs Netbook vs Tablet Don’t Buy Out-of-the Box! Key Considerations:  Processor speed – multiple core SDRAM 3GB+ Hard Drive – GB + speed Operating System Windows 7 Professional Ultimate Mac OS X Does it work with what you have? Second, or Multiple Monitors Remote Access
    15. 15. Scanners Multifunction versus Multiple Machines Does It OCR? Desktop versus Portable Bundle Packages: Scanner plus PDF Converter o Fujitsu ScanSnap with Adobe Acrobat o Kodak ScanMate with Nuance PDF PaperPort & OmniPage Scanning Process + Naming Conventions o Create Workflow for Scanning Processes o Create Coherent and Consistent Naming Conventions
    16. 16. eFacts Issues of Traditional Fax o Jamming o Out of Paper o Out of Ink o Overwriting The Answer: eFax Compare Services at:
    17. 17. PDF = Pretty Damn Fine PDF = “Portable Document Format” o Image Scan (Non-OCR) versus Text Scan (OCR) o *Only OCR’d Documents May Be Manipulated* Converter Program Options o Adobe Acrobat 10 (“X”) (the “Gold” Standard) o Nuance PDF Converter 7 (the “Silver” Standard) o Cheap or Free Options (the “Bronze” Standards) o PDFForge/CutePDF, e.g. Advantages of PDF: o Looks the Same on Every Computer o Bates Stamping o Forms Creation o Metadata Removal o Encryption and Password Protection
    18. 18. Your Good Stuff Cheap Buy Your Tech Tools and Toys from Discount Websites: o Shopzilla o NewEgg o CTIStore o Ben’s Bargains o o o Coupon Sites: o o o
    19. 19. Records Management
    20. 20. Records Protection State Rules o Massachusetts Data Privacy Laws + Regulations -MGL c. 93H + 93I -201 CMR 17.00 o SJC Interim Guidelines for the Protection of Personal Identifying Data Compliance Options for Encryption o by Document o by Email o by Device o WISP o Security Safeguards -Paper -Electronic Systems
    21. 21. Questions? Contact LOMAP for Practice Management Consulting Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP) 31 Milk Street Suite 815 Boston, MA 02109 Phone: (857) 383-3250 Toll-Free: (888) 54-LOMAP Email: Follow LOMAP: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Blog: Twitter: