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What is open office and its advantages over ms office .


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Name - Amandeep Singh
Class - C.S.E. 2nd Shift ( 2011-2015 ) Batch
Roll no. 115339
Group - N2

Published in: Education, Technology
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What is open office and its advantages over ms office .

  1. 1. OpenOffice : What it is ? Free Open Source Software. Developed by Sun Microsystems Ltd. Databases, Documents, presentations, spreadsheets etc.
  2. 2. Its main components: Impress Writer Calc
  3. 3. About Openoffice-Impress
  4. 4. About Openoffice-Impress How to create presentation?
  5. 5. An example..
  6. 6. About Openoffice-Writer Standard toolbar Formatting toolbar Ruler Status bar
  7. 7. About Openoffice-Writer How to create a text document?
  8. 8. An example..
  9. 9. About OpenOffice-Calc Standard toolbar Formatting toolbar Formula barColumn & Row headers
  10. 10. About OpenOffice-Calc How to create a spreadsheet?
  11. 11. Few examples...
  12. 12. Few examples...
  13. 13. Few examples...
  14. 14. Similarly, there are a lots of tools under
  15. 15. That was how to use..But the Question is.. why to use..?
  16. 16. Heres the answer... Open-Source Applications are Free. Updates to Open-Source Applications are Also Free. Open-Source Code is Always Free, like Speech. Open-Source Tends to Use Open Standards.
  17. 17. It is recommended over MS-Office.. why?? 1.System Support: OpenOffice offers better support for older computers than the latest version of Microsoft Office
  18. 18. Graph Showing System Support -
  19. 19. 2.Usability, Training, and Support Similar and easy to use. Looser licensing requirements
  20. 20. 3.Sharing Documents with Friends and Neighbours uses open standards for its native files Writer and Calc users can share documents with Microsoft users
  21. 21. 4.Security Secure as used with Linux, as less chances for viruses Moreover, security issues are shared.
  22. 22. Writer features and benefits that Word 2003 doesnt have: Creating PDFs. Simplicity. HTML Production. File Size.
  23. 23. Calc features and benefits that Excel 2003 doesnt have: Creating PDFs. Interface Details.
  24. 24. One-click pdf-export
  25. 25. Now.. lets ask some questions.. to ourselves.. Do we get Microsoft Office for free? Even we buy, do we get its source code..?  Once bought, do we have its Ownership ? And  Are we satisfied..?
  26. 26. The answer is ...... NO!!!
  27. 27. Heres the solution...
  28. 28. Any query?