Strategic Outreach: Use of Social Media in the Job Search Process


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A presentation I made to the Massachusetts Bar Association/Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers attorney job search group in December 2012.

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Strategic Outreach: Use of Social Media in the Job Search Process

  1. 1. Strategic Outreach: Use of Social Media in the Search Process Massachusetts Bar Association- Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers ‘Managing Your Work Search Process’ Series Jared D. Correia, Esq.@ Massachusetts Bar Association Senior Law Practice AdvisorWednesday, December 19, 2012 Massachusetts Law Office@ 10 am Management Assistance Program
  2. 2. Unexpected Camouflage + Establishing a Mindset• If You Build It, They Will (Not) Come o Posting o Pushing o Engaging• How Will You Search? o Opportunities + Threats o Friends + Benefactors o Traditional + Non-Traditional• How Do You Get Found? o What If There Are No Coincidences? o Without You o By You
  3. 3. Not The Facebook• What is Social Media? o The Historical Social Network o Posting + Comments o The Proliferation of Networks• Why Social Media? o It’s Free o It’s Easy to Use o It’s Got Crazy Reach• Social Media + Your Job Search o Broadcast Media for Your Resume/Expertise o The Social Job Market o It’s Still All About Who You Know
  4. 4. The Foundation• Your Present Online Presence o Vanity Search o Currency of Information o Accessibility• What Profiles Do You Maintain? o Personal Profiles o Professional Profiles o Control of Information• How Do You Maintain Your Profiles? o Update w/ New Information o Posting o Engaging
  5. 5. Online Reputation Management• The Monitor o Automate the Vanity Search(es) o Regular Visits to Your Profiles/Sites o Access the Community• Positive Information o The Good News: It’s Mostly Good News o Accentuate the Positive o Seed the Conversation• Negative Information o The Bad News: It Happens o Address It, Sometimes Why o Seize/Siege the Dialogue
  6. 6. What You Need• Consistency o Generally o NAP o Voice• Basic Content o Resume o References o Objective• A Voice o An Audience o Expertise o Online Persona
  7. 7. Profile Distribution Sites• For Lawyers o Avvo o My Bar Access o Martindale-Hubbell• For Everyone o LinkedIn o Facebook o Twitter o Pinterest o Google+• For Businesses o All of the (Just) Above o Search Engine Local Profiles o Yelp o Manta
  8. 8. Content Distribution Channels• Text o Blog o Tumblr o Legal Journals o JD Supra o SlideShare/SlideShark/Prezi• Audio/Video o PodOmatic/iTunes o YouTube o WebConference• Q+A o Avvo o Quora o Social Media Site Streams
  9. 9. Data Mining• Looking for a Reason o Data Mining is a Two Way Street o Competitive Intelligence o It’s In the Way That You Use It• Search Portals o Controlling the Information o Traditional Search Portals and Social Media o Internal Social Media Search Portals• Secure In Yourself o Professional/Public v Personal/Private o Establish Your Settings o ‘View As’
  10. 10. Traditional Media’s Place in the New Media• Old Channels, New Techniques o The Proliferation of the Resume o On the Grid o Networking Cards• New School Application Materials o Resume Building o Drafting References o Creating Cover Letters o Writing Samples o Salary Expectations o Thank You Letters
  11. 11. Traditional Job Seeking Tactics + Social Media• The Continuing Value of Networking o It’s Still Who You Know o The Visceral Connection o Complete the Picture• IRL o The Meaning of Conversion o Pay Pal o Between Two Worlds• Lasting Impressions o It’s Not Just the First Impression o Top of Mind o Feed the Beast
  12. 12. Fence Sitting is a Question of Balance• Stuck in the Middle o The Job Market is Tough o The Start-Up/Start-Again Game is Tough o Hedge Your Bets• The Balancing Act o Two Full-Time Jobs o Building a Book of Business o Gaining the Experience You Can’t Get o Cost-Effective, Sort Of o Personal Decision/It’s Up To You• Utilizing Consultants o Career Counseling o Business Counseling o Law Practice Management Consulting
  13. 13. Questions? Concerns??• Massachusetts Bar Association o• Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers o • Law Office Management Assistance Program o