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Becoming	  a	  Digital	  Influencer	  	  (crea3ng	  Passionate	  Movements)	                Jane:e	  Toral	        h:p://ww...
Maven,	  Connector,	  Salesman	  •  Share	  knowledge,	  become	  a	  catalyst,	  and	  let	     others	  3nker	  it	  fur...
Learn	  and	  share..	                                     Why	  you	  do	  what	  you	  do?	  h:p://
h:p://www.e-­‐	     (Benefits	  than	  gain)	  
Personal	  advocacy	  
Challenge	  status	  quo	  
Maven,	  Connector,	  Salesman	  •  Share	  knowledge,	  become	  a	  catalyst,	  and	  let	     others	  3nker	  it	  fur...
Take	  charge	  of	  your	  3me	             Don’t	  let	  others	  waste	  your	  3me.	    Proac3vely	  support	  without...
Do	  things	  you	  enjoy…	  Where	  work	  and	  projects	  becomes	  a	                    pleasure.	  
Don’t	  be	  afraid	  to	  fail..	     My	  failure	  is	  my	  success…	               Perspec3ve!	  
Live	  a	  humble	  life…	  Success	  is	  not	  always	  about	  money…	                     Re-­‐invest…	    Keep	  your...
Plan	  for	  2	  to	  3	  years?	   Where	  do	  you	  go	  from	  here?	  How	  do	  you	  measure	  success?	        (co...
h:p://	                                         Be	  around	  sharp	  people	  to	  improve	  th...
Currently	  building	  skill	  on	  Internet	  security.	                       2	  year	  goal:	  Protect	  and	  defend	...
Professional	  Bloggers	  Associa3on	                         crea%on	  process..	    ….	  in	  %me	  for	  consulta%on	  ...
The	  best	  investment	  in	  the	  future	     is	  a	  proper	  influence	  today.	        What	  kind	  of	  an	  influe...
Be	  a	  market	  disruptor.	  	    Challenge	  the	  status	  quo.	  An	  invasion	  of	  armies	  can	  be	  resisted.	 ...
Becoming a Digital Influencer
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Becoming a Digital Influencer


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Delivered a talk on "digital influence" at the Bannister Academy ( last March 19, 2011.

Published in: Self Improvement
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Becoming a Digital Influencer

  1. 1. Becoming  a  Digital  Influencer    (crea3ng  Passionate  Movements)   Jane:e  Toral   h:p://   h:p://  
  2. 2. Maven,  Connector,  Salesman  •  Share  knowledge,  become  a  catalyst,  and  let   others  3nker  it  further  to  their  own   advantage.    •  Connect  people  who  dont  know  each  other  so   that  they  can  collaborate  through  the  club.  •  Sell  ideas  and  projects  to  people  "eventually"   by  first  suppor3ng  or  sustaining  it  personally.   Tipping  point,  Malcolm  Gladwell  
  3. 3. Learn  and  share..   Why  you  do  what  you  do?  h:p://  
  4. 4. h:p://www.e-­‐   (Benefits  than  gain)  
  5. 5. Personal  advocacy  
  6. 6. Challenge  status  quo  
  7. 7. Maven,  Connector,  Salesman  •  Share  knowledge,  become  a  catalyst,  and  let   others  3nker  it  further  to  their  own   advantage.    •  Connect  people  who  dont  know  each  other  so   that  they  can  collaborate  through  the  club.  •  Sell  ideas  and  projects  to  people  "eventually"   by  first  suppor3ng  or  sustaining  it  personally.   Tipping  point,  Malcolm  Gladwell  
  8. 8. Take  charge  of  your  3me   Don’t  let  others  waste  your  3me.   Proac3vely  support  without  grandstanding.  Don’t  respond  in  anger,  you  only  make  them  win.  
  9. 9. Do  things  you  enjoy…  Where  work  and  projects  becomes  a   pleasure.  
  10. 10. Don’t  be  afraid  to  fail..   My  failure  is  my  success…   Perspec3ve!  
  11. 11. Live  a  humble  life…  Success  is  not  always  about  money…   Re-­‐invest…   Keep  your  feet  on  the  ground…  
  12. 12. Plan  for  2  to  3  years?   Where  do  you  go  from  here?  How  do  you  measure  success?   (community  impact)  
  13. 13. h:p://   Be  around  sharp  people  to  improve  thinking  
  14. 14. Currently  building  skill  on  Internet  security.   2  year  goal:  Protect  and  defend     against  online  abuse.   Equip  and  work  with     DigitalFilipino  Club  members.  
  15. 15. Professional  Bloggers  Associa3on   crea%on  process..   ….  in  %me  for  consulta%on  /  release  of  blog  adver%sing  /  PR  guidelines  by  other  associa%ons.  
  16. 16. The  best  investment  in  the  future   is  a  proper  influence  today.   What  kind  of  an  influencer  will  you   be?  Posi%ve  or  nega%ve?  
  17. 17. Be  a  market  disruptor.     Challenge  the  status  quo.  An  invasion  of  armies  can  be  resisted.   But  not  an  idea  whose  %me  has   come.  -­‐  Victor  Hugo