The Social Media Election, All American Night, Leiden, the Netherlands


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presentation at the All American Night, held at the Pieterskerk in Leiden, the Netherlands, on November 6, 2012.

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  • (Obama raised $500,000,000 online; created 2 million online supporter profiles).
  • “ Winning an election isn't just about kissing babies anymore -- it's about knowing which babies to kiss, and how and when to kiss them.”
  • Twitter usage has multiplied 10 times since the 2008 election
  • This seat’s taken: 55,264 Retweets 22,590 Favorites
  • “ the tweet volume for the election four years ago represents only about six minutes of tweets in 2012. ” “ more election-related tweets are sent every two days this year than were sent out entirely in the leadup to the 2008 vote, Twitter officials say.” "I went to a number of women's groups and said, 'Can you help us find folks,' and they brought us whole binders full of women," Romney said.
  • Salt Lake Tribune reporter Robert Gehrke posted the first Eastwooding image on Twitter
  • The Social Media Election, All American Night, Leiden, the Netherlands

    1. 1. The Social Media Election All American Night Leiden, the Netherlands November 6th, 2012 @janelle_ward
    2. 2. Why is social media important?• In 2008, the social media winner won the election• In 2012?
    3. 3. iProspect infographic
    4. 4. iProspect infographic
    5. 5. A brief history of e-campaigning• 1996: debut candidate web pages• 2000: the first internet election• 2004: fundraising, online organizing• 2008:, social media• 2012: nanotargeting, wives of candidates posting on Pinterest
    6. 6. Questions… 1) How are political campaigns using social media to produce the campaign?2) How are citizens using social media to consume the campaign? 3) How important is (social) media campaigning in determining the winner?
    7. 7. 1) How are politicalcampaigns using social media to produce the campaign?
    8. 8. Obama vs. Romney in the world of social media – Tumblr: younger, niche audience = more spirited content (77 million blogs) – Twitter: donations, travel details, personal lives (500 million users) – Facebook: candidates seek to influence the flow of content (via shares and likes - as of 9/2012, over one billion active users)
    9. 9. Social media in a political context – YouTube: video ads, personal videos, live chats (800 million users/month) – Pinterest: Michelle Obama and Ann Romney (over 10 million visits/week) – Instagram: candid pictures of the candidates (30 million+ accounts)
    10. 10. Facebook vs. TwitterTWITTER FACEBOOK1.6 million Mitt 11.7 million likesfollowers 2.4 million talking Romney about this21.6 million Barack 31.7 million likes followers 2.3 million talking Obama about this
    11. 11. iProspect infographic
    12. 12. Example 1: #Eastwooding• Clint Eastwood speech at the Republican National Convention – The Daily Beast; Know your Meme)• Obama’s official Twitter account posted a photo of Obama seated in a chair with the caption “This seat’s taken.” (55,263 retweets and 22,589 favorites)
    13. 13. Example 2: The second debate• Second Presidential Debate Tops Super Bowl in So TV: #3 most social TV event of all time• Romney’s “binders” comment; Obama campaign’s response: “Mitt Romneys Condescending Views Toward Women” (200,000+ views)
    14. 14. Example 2: The second debate– 37 Tweets Obamas campaign sent out during the second debate– 117,374 Times they were retweeted–2 Tweets Romneys campaign sent out during the second debate– 6,810 Times they were retweeted (source)
    15. 15. 2) How are citizens usingsocial media to consume the campaign?
    16. 16. iProspect infographic
    17. 17. Example 1: #Eastwooding• During the speech @InvisibleObama tweeted for the first time, using a picture of an empty chair as its icon. (source)
    18. 18. Example 1: #Eastwooding• In 24 hours, over 90,000 tweets were posted about Clint Eastwood (source)
    19. 19. Example 1: #Eastwooding• The hashtag #Eastwooding generated 25,325 tweets in 24 hours• More than 850 Instagram photos were tagged #Eastwooding• By the next day, #Eastwooding photos were featured on the Atlantic, the Huffingon Post, New York Daily News, Fox News, etc. (source)
    20. 20. Example 2: The second debate• “Binders full of women:” - Before the debate was over, there was a Twitter hashtag, a Tumblr, and a Facebook page with over 100,000 fans. The phrase was the third-fastest rising search on Google during the debate. ( source)• Amazon and the Avery durable binders
    21. 21. 3) How important is (social) media campaigning in determining the winner?
    22. 22. It’s hard to say!• Everyone’s a producer, everyone’s a consumer• Sometimes the tried-and-true campaign tools win out ( buses, planes and politics)• “What’s the return on putting your pants on in the morning? We don’t know. But we just know it’s bad if you don’t do it.” (Jan Rezab of Socialbakers, in Campaigns Use Social Media to Lure Younger Voters)• In the end, it might just be Hurricane Sandy…