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Politics and social media


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Politics and social media

  1. 1. Politics and Social Media BY GRAHAM KELLER
  2. 2. The Beginning Political blogging dates back to the 1990’s Grew exponentially after September 11th, 2001 People needed to voice there feelings in uncertain times and search for information that mainstream media was not providing.
  3. 3. The Beginning The same bloggers eventually began to expand to more general issues of politics like domestic and foreign policy Political elites began using bloggers in their political campaigns By 2004 9% of American internet users visited political blogs at least “sometimes” Any of you read them? Your thoughts?
  4. 4. Social Media Now, nearly every politician has Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and even blogs. Lobbyists and Activism groups also create accounts Social Media sites are now a big part of most political fundraising campaigns
  5. 5. Obama in 2008 Barack Obama was trailblazing in his use of social media for his 2008 Presidential Campaign. In his campaign he utilized 15 different social media sites including Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and LinkedIn Through his campaigns use of the sites, his campaign created over 5 million supporters (Facebook Friends, Twitter followers, etc.)
  6. 6. Obama v. McCain Obama McCain Facebook Supporters:  Facebook Supporters: 2,379,102 620,359 Myspace Supporters:  Myspace Supporters: 836,161 217,811 Funds Raised Through  Funds Raised Through August 31st, 2008: August 31st, 2008: $456,853,990 $204,435,971
  7. 7. Obama v. McCain Obama had 380% more supporters and raised over twice as much money For comparison, in 2004 Bush raised $256,081,557 and Kerry raised $215,915,455 Conclusion: Social Media = More Money
  8. 8. Public Politics Now, more than ever, regular people can have a strong political voice
  9. 9. Technology Impacting Politics In January 2012 Internet users and many major websites fought back against PIPA and SOPA The backlash indluded nearly 200,000 phone calls (made via Craigslist and Tumblr), 7 million online signatures (the Google petition), and over 2.4 million tweets via Twitter. Google, Mozilla, Reddit, O’Reilly Radar, Wikipedia, and thousands of other Websites protested the acts, including blacking out their Sites
  10. 10. Why This Matters A loosely organized group of internet leaders and internet users fought back and outwitted a well- funded lobbying organization. Convinced law-makers to overturn their decision almost overnight
  11. 11. Questions???
  12. 12. The EndBY GRAHAM KELLER
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