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Goshthi social media

  1. 1. Vichar GoshthiRole of Social Media in Politics
  2. 2. Welcome Note
  3. 3. Why we all are hereTo Know• What is communication?• Modern day mediums available to communicate effectively.• What wonders can effective communication do?• How the party can use the services of Samvad Prakosht at various levels.
  4. 4. Lets Communicate ..• To let your Target Audience know what you have to say.• To let the people/parties concerned know what’s your take on relevant issues.• To let the people within and outside the party tow the line decided by top brass.
  5. 5. Mediums available to you..• The different mediums available to you are : • Social Media • Word of Mouth ( Tea Stall Discussions ) • Forums like RWAs, Clubs • Taking part in debates on Media channels • And in your own capacity any mediums like newspapers, magazines,blogs,e-letters etc.
  6. 6. Lets talk about Social Media• Thanks to the internet we have today a new medium called Social Media.• In form of Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Flickr etc we have independent and free social mediums• The party is very much active on these mediums through dedicated forums.
  7. 7. Contd..• Party’s official page on Bhartiya Janta Party• Samvad Cell’s official page on BJP Samvad Cell Delhi Pradesh• Samvad Cell’s official handle on @bjpsamvad
  8. 8. Use of Social Media in other Medias• Through Social media make yourself heard on different forums.• The debate forums are open to showcase your views.• These reflect a clearer view of the mood of the nation.
  9. 9. Social Media..behind many modern day revolutions• Revolution in Egypt..lead to the end of dictatorship.• Revolution in other middle east countries.• The ‘Yes We Can’ campaign of Barack Obama• and the best e.g for us is the Anna’s campaign for Lokpal.
  10. 10. Yes he could• On Election Day in Nov’08 Barack Obama had : 1,15,000 followers on Twitter. 24,01,386 fans on Facebook.• In Jan’09 he had almost doubled his fan following Over 40 L Facebook fans. Over 2.5 L followers on twitter
  11. 11. How the Anna campaign Revolutionized• Thanks to Social Media, the Anna’s campaign has brought down Govt. on its knees ( twice atleast ).• The movement spread like a chain reaction on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.• Brought in the immediate support the movement required.
  12. 12. Anna ..contd.• Where the electronic and print media failed , Social Media excelled.• Became a backbone of support for the Jan Lokpal movement.• And How? The messages from Anna and team spread like fire in a span of couple of hours.• Groups and pages dedicated to the movement were formed immediately.
  13. 13. Images and link to India Against Corruption pages• IAC’s official page on India Against Corruption• Twitter Handle @janlokpal
  14. 14. How we used Social Media?
  15. 15. Rashtriya Ekta Yatra• Organized by Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha• Took a pledge to unfurl the tri-color at Lal Chowk, Srinagar.• The Samvad Cell,Delhi Pradesh took an active part in managing the control room of Yatra.• Sh.Atul Mukhi and Sh.Khemchand Sharma from the core group represented us.
  16. 16. Jan Chetna Yatra
  17. 17. Jan Chetna Yatra• Organized by Bhartiya Janta Party.• Advani Ji took the pledge to tour the nation and make people aware of issues like Black money and corruption.• The Samvad Cell,Delhi Pradesh took an active part in managing the control room of yatra.• Sh.Naviin Goel and Sh.Rishi Kalia from the core group represented us..
  18. 18. JCY contd…• Yatra’s official website made and maintained by Samvad Cell. www.janchetnayatra.in• Through blogs and live twitter feeds, people shared their views with us.• A special feature ‘Write to Advani Ji’ was launched on the website.
  19. 19. JCY’s official video• Link to the video.
  20. 20. Some interesting facts and stats• Globally 100 million new accounts were made on twitter in 2010.• 250 million new facebook users in 2010.• 2 billion videos being watched daily on youtube.• A total of 25 billion tweets were sent on twitter in 2010.*source : Facebook, Twitter and Google official documents
  21. 21. and what’s the story here?• 100 million internet users in India.• 6.2 million of claimed users and 5 million active users of internet are in Delhi.• That means almost 1/3rd of Delhi uses internet actively.
  22. 22. Population of internet users
  23. 23. Its not only for the Sec A now.
  24. 24. Youth (18-35) still lead the lot.
  25. 25. All stats and facts quoted here are taken from the following source :• Google• Internet & Mobile Association of India ( IAMAI)• Indian Marketing Research Bureau. (IMRB)
  26. 26. Will we be Sibal’ed ?
  27. 27. And they admit they flawed• Union Law Minister admitted last month that they were caught ‘unaware’ by the huge following Anna had on Social Media We didn’t know
  28. 28. Make the best use of it• Self regulate in order to use social media.