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Havaianas Case Study Marketing

Case study for brand marketing, e-commerce and retail from 2009 to 2012

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Havaianas Case Study Marketing

  1. 1. Havaianas, Case Study 2009 to 2012
  2. 2. Challenge – 2009 US Revenue Growth Had Stalled Ecommerce Wholesale
  3. 3. -3 Brand Positioning Evaluation ColorColor •In 2006, Havaianas reinvented the category using color, fashion and fun. This was no longer unique as Old Navy and other brands copied this approach. ?
  4. 4. A premium style brand that embodies the Spirit of Brazil. US Challenge - What did Brazil mean to our core target, wealthy American women 25-34? Positioning Starting Point - Global Brand Mission
  5. 5. Havaianas allows you to express your style in a spontaneous, passionate, fun way because they have Latin Flair US Consumer Benefit & Insight
  6. 6. Top of the pyramid : - influencers, trend setters, - early adopters … Clients New Clients COOL, ASPIRATIONAL Top Tier Print, Specific stories in PR, high touch events, high end collaborations AWARENESS Traditional and digital media, mass PR, POP, guerrilla events, customer experience/eventsLatinFlair Overall Communication Vision & Customer Segmentation ADVOCACY Social media, email, content, partnerships
  7. 7. Print, OOH & digital media Celebrity & PR Events/Pop Up Collaborations & Partnerships Ecommerce & Social 360 Integrated Approach Retail & POP Latin Flair
  8. 8. Simon Doonan Ace Hotels Collaborations Opening Ceremony Michael Bastian MISSONIMISSONI ♥♥ HAVAIANASHAVAIANAS
  9. 9. Social Media Results 3MM+ Facebook Fans Content Exclusives Partnerships
  10. 10.  Event series with bloggers and secret locations available via social media outlets David Arquette and Courtney Cox’s house Hosted by bloggers 13mm+ impressions Midnight Swim Club Events
  11. 11. Limelight Marketplace Space 15/20 Los Angeles Hamptons, NY Chicago Pop Up Stores
  12. 12. Retail First US Store Bloomingdale’s 59th Street Shop in Shop
  13. 13. Control Distribution & Segment Product Key Accounts Indept. Accounts Verticals: Verticals: •Provide each tier with assigned product assortment. Elevate the brand by reducing distribution in lower level stores Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
  14. 14. -14 UX – I.e Customization Ecommerce – 2009 to 2012 +95% Traffic Driving SEO & SEM Social Media integration Assortment and Exclusives CRM/Email Marketing Integrated Promotional Calendar
  15. 15. Results - WWD Article 4/30/12 “For the U.S., Havaianas sales for the first quarter of 2012 are up 35 percent from the same time last year. “ Results 2009 to 2012 Company revenues increase 59%  Brand awareness increased to 33% from 22% (Millward Brown Brand tracking)
  16. 16. Note: Millward Brown norms reflective of ad results from tracking database 2006 to 2012 Company Revenue Ecommerce Wholesale