Computer game graphics


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Computer game graphics

  1. 1. Pixel Art-2DPixel Art is a form of digital are, It is created onRaster images software and is typically stored asPNG’s or GIF’s to prevent loss of quality. Pixel artcomes in two states, 2D and Isometric. 2D pixel artinclude simple images like Mario or Pac-man
  2. 2. Pixel Art-IsometricIsometric Pixel art is essentially 3D, It involves liningthe pixels up with an Isometric Grid as I have shownin the lower left Image. This technic is especiallyuseful when creating buildings or cars, or any Boxlike image.
  3. 3. Concept ArtConcept art can range form anything likecharacters to environment, weapons andeven Vehicles. The concept can beconsidered one of the most important partof any game. Without it, Non of thetechnical workers would be able tovisualise what the game should look or feellike.
  4. 4. Texture ArtTexture Art is a 2D image (rarely 3D) usedto get a more realistic and less flat lookwith 3d models. It can be used to make anotherwise plain model seem almost real. Itcan create the look of skin, denim, steeland pretty much anything.
  5. 5. Background GraphicsBackground art is and important factor forgiving a game it final touch, it can includemenu backgrounds, skyboxes or maybe ingame backgrounds. They are important forgive a game a specific feel, using colours likered to represent danger or frustration.
  6. 6. Print Media ArtPrint media art includes the images on thegame box, posters, Booklets, Pretty muchany physical art received Upon purchasingthe game. It is useful to attract people tothe product and an interesting cover canmake people believe the [product it worthbuying.