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  1. 1. PlanFor my Project, I have decided to set it in a futuristic city environment; This will mean having tomodel 20-30 building in detail in order to create a large non-repeating city scape. The player will be acar, so to keep customization a key part of the game; I will need to include a few car models, as wellas a variety of paint jobs.Another key part of the game will be building/car destruction; this means including weapons on thecars, I will be including a few weapon choices as well as ammo options.The things I will need to model include 20-30 Building 3-5 Cars 3-5 Weapons 3-5 ammunitionsI will also have to create several paint options for each car.Level Structure Diagram. Car Select/Mission Select Level Win/LoseThe level structure above gives an Idea of what the game is going to be like. Do d this I will have todo some intensive work on GUI’s to get the screen and levels to flow correctly.
  2. 2. BudgetUnity free FreeNewtekLightwave £895Adobe Photoshop £500Microsoft Office £200Internet connection £15/MonthSub Total:- £1610+15/monthFood £200/Monthelectricity £40/monthHousing £200/monthSpending money £200/monthTransport £60/monthSub total:- £700/monthTotal:-- £1610+715/month