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L3 gd ha6_robot_dreams_140212_01

  1. 1. Assignment briefQualification Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production – Games Design L3 Unit 5 Working to a Brief in the Creative Media IndustriesUnit number and title L3 Unit 66 3D Modelling - PartialStart date 12th March 2012Deadline 25th May 2012Assessor name Harry ArnoldAssignment title HA6 – Robot DreamsThe purpose of this assignment is for you to:Understand the requirements of working to a briefBe able to develop a planned response to a briefBe able to apply a response to a briefBe able to review work on completion of a briefBe able to devise 3D modelsBe able to create 3D models following industry practiceScenarioThe Head of the BA (Hons) in Animation, Kate Corbin, from Salford University has invited students from the Eccles Centre’s BTECLevel 3 Extended Diploma in Games Design course to take part in a competition, Robot Dreams. The brief is to conceive anddesign an original character concept.Man has been obsessed with the idea of creating artificial life from Golem to Frankenstein to AI. Your character will need to befully fleshed-out in terms of both its appearance and character.You will develop the design pack during Mandy’s sessions and then realise these into a 3D prototype with me. The resulting workwill be exhibited at Eccles Sixth Form Centre and judged in early June.
  2. 2. Tasks Grading Criteria MappingThere is additional guidance that you will need to follow posted to Units 5 and 66’s Moodle course and all evidence produced byyou must be posted to your blog. Where you use the web to carry out your research make sure that you have cited all sources.Task 1Review your design pack, digitise the relevant elements and make sure that it is posted to your blog. Produce an Unit 5outline schedule for the assignment that demonstrates that you have understood the requirements of this formal live P1, M1, D1brief. Break it down into each of its elements, work out what will be needed to complete each task and take into P2, M2, D2consideration the timescale, particularly as this is an external brief. You will need to build in review sessions andproduce a production log to ensure that you are on track throughout the project. This production log will also help Unit 66you to identify your strengths and weaknesses as you work, allowing you to plan for self-development and the P2, M2, D2acquisition of new skills.Once your plan is agreed you may move onto Task 2.Task 2Shoot any additional reference imagery and textures, make measurements and draw diagrams to provide you with Unit 5the information you need to model your character and any context you wish to place it in. P3, M3, D3Your design pack will evolve as the modelling develops. Unit 66 P3, M3, D3Task3You will draw together the skills you have developed in building the LightBot and SIMS College Concept Art and build Unit 5your character from your design pack using Newtek’s LightWave, both Modeler and Layout. Remember to assign P3, M3, D3surfaces to your character as you create each element. Unit 66Ensure that you save your work by date and incrementally. P3, M3, D3Remember to review your progress against your plan regularly and update as necessary. Screenshots will be a usefulform of evidence showing the development of your character and your working process.Task4 Unit 5Load your character object into Layout, and then shoot a range of virtual photographs and render them out as high P3, M3, D3resolution Jpegs. These will be combined with your design back to form the basis of your competition entry. Unit 66 P3, M3, D3Task 5Write an evaluation of your project. Use your plan, production log and blog posts to identify the strengths and Unit 5weaknesses of your design process. Try to establish whether or not your finished product has achieved the aim of the P1, M1, D1project. Take into consideration anything said by interested parties. P4, M4, D4 This brief has been verified as being fit for purpose Assessor Signature Date Internal verifier Signature Date
  3. 3. Unit 5: Working to a brief in the Creative Media Industries P1 M1 explain the requirements of working D1 comprehensively to a brief with reference to detailed explain the requirements of working to adescribe the requirements of working to illustrative examples. brief with elucidated examples.a brief.P2 plan a response to a brief working M2 plan a response to a brief D2 plan a response to a brief to near-within appropriate conventions and with competently showing some imagination professional standards showing creativitysome assistance. and with only occasional assistance. and flair and working independently to[CT, SM]. professional expectations.P3 apply a response to a brief working M3 apply a response to a brief D3 apply a response to a brief to near-within appropriate conventions and with competently showing some imagination professional standards showing creativitysome assistance. and with only occasional assistance. and flair and working independently to[CT, SM] professional expectations.P4 comment on own work on completion M4 explain own work on completion of a D4 critically evaluate own work onof a brief with some appropriate use of brief with reference to detailed completion of a brief with reference tosubject terminology. illustrative examples and with generally professional practice, and consistently correct use of subject terminology. using subject terminology correctly.Unit 66: 3D ModellingP1 summarise accurately theory and M1 explain theory and applications of D1 comprehensively explain theoryapplications of 3D with some 3D with reference to detailed and applications of 3D with elucidatedappropriate use of subject illustrative examples and with examples and consistently usingterminology. generally correct use of subject subject terminology correctly.[IE] terminology.P2 generate outline ideas for 3D M2 generate detailed ideas for 3D D2 generate thoroughly thoughtmodels working within appropriate models showing some imagination and through ideas for 3D models showingconventions and with some with only occasional assistance. creativity and flair and workingassistance. independently to professional[CT; SM] expectations.P3 create 3D models following M3 create 3D models to a good D3 create 3D models to a technicalindustry practice, working within technical standard following industry quality that reflects near-professionalappropriate conventions and with practice, showing some imagination standards following industry practice,some assistance. and with only occasional assistance. showing creativity and flair and[CT; SM; RL] working independently to professional expectations.:PLTS: This summary references where applicable, in the square brackets, the elements of the personal,learning and thinking skills applicable in the pass criteria. It identifies opportunities for learners to demonstrateeffective application of the referenced elesments of the skills.