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Fmp schedule 08_05_2013


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Fmp schedule 08_05_2013

  1. 1. Salford City CollegeEccles Sixth Form CentreBTec Level 3Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionGames DesignFinal Major ProjectScheduleReview date: 06.02.13Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sundayw/b 04.02.13 Task 1 - FMP LaunchMeetingw/b 11.02.13 Half-Termw/b 18.02.13 Book meeting slotwith project manager.Begin secondaryresearch into existingsandbox gamesBegin primaryresearch in intosandbox gamesReview Schedule andProduction Logw/b 25.02.13 Finish off all researchassignments in task 1Begin Ideas generationAnd set up blogComplete Ideasgeneration and updateblog with task 2 and 3Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 04.03.13 Task 4: Pitch musttake place by thisweek.Finish Task 4 by thispointBegin Pre-production Make a plan, includingbudget and time, andhold a pre-productionmeeting.Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 11.03.13 Task 5: Pre-productionmust take place bythis week.Begin creating buildingassets, includingtextures.Continue plan, budgetand work out wages.Plan and budget mustbe finished by thispoint.Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 18.03.13 Investigateappropriate colourscheme.Plan and budget mustbe finished by thispoint.Begin to build basicfunctionality usingunity.Review Schedule andProduction Log25.03.13 Easter Review Schedule andProduction Log01.04.13 Easter Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 08.04.13 Create other assets,e.g. characters.Create otherenvironment assets.Continue working onfunctionality.Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 15.04.13 Work on completingfunctionality.Keep working onfunctionalityKeep working onfunctionalityReview Schedule andProduction Logw/b 22.04.13 Fix issues involvingcontrols with in thebuilt gameReview Schedule andProduction Log
  2. 2. w/b 29.04.13 Finish first ‘alphastage’ and test it.Make siome changesbased on feedbackReview Schedule andProduction Logw/b 06.05.13 Complete scoringsystem for new gamemode.Finish and Beta test Make appropriatechanges to the game.Evaluation Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 13.05.13 Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 20.05.13 Task 8: Evaluationshould take place nolater than thebeginning of thisweek.DEADLINE