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Cultural Differences - Working with Americans


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by Vadym Radchenko

Published in: Technology
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Cultural Differences - Working with Americans

  1. 1. Cultural Differences –Working with Americans Vadym Radchenko March, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda▪ How I selected the subject… - Story▪ Culture iceberg▪ US Culture characteristics▪ Examples & Tips▪ Conclusion 
  3. 3. Story
  4. 4. What is Culture… …anything created by human beings – anything which is not natural world.
  5. 5. Action-oriented culture where time dominates life• Everybody is always busy.• Actions are quick and decisive.• Wasting time is something that is not tolerated.
  6. 6. Individualistic cultureWho you are and what you do matters more than who your family is, and where you grew up.
  7. 7. Positive culture
  8. 8. Culture differences - Schedules • Being on time is a prerequisite for a productive business relationship • Missing a deadline is a major professional blunder; it is a sign of being untrustworthy. • Trying to schedule or reschedule a meeting last-minute is not appreciated, and could be seen as a sign of disrespect.
  9. 9. Culture differences – Low Context
  10. 10. Feedback and Praise
  11. 11. Feedback and Praise When expressing disagreement, use careful language, for e.g., “I see your point, and while I agree with some of what you have said, I have the impression …”
  12. 12. Power – less hierarchical than others
  13. 13. Effective E-mail usageleaving the message unanswered in your inbox is an indicationthat either the message or the sender is not important for you
  14. 14. Voice Mail
  15. 15. Order and Lines
  16. 16. Talk to unknown people
  17. 17. Firm handshake
  18. 18. Preparing Resume
  19. 19. How far is it?
  20. 20. The EndIdeas and implementation Vadym Radchenko Email Twitter @VadymR Produced by Vadym Radchenko ©