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Dimension Data – Enabling the Journey to the Cloud: Real Examples


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Dimension Data – Enabling the Journey to the Cloud: Real Examples.
Presented by Grant Morgan, General Manager: Cloud at Dimension Data.
September 05, 2013 edition of the IT News Africa Innovation Dinner (

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Dimension Data – Enabling the Journey to the Cloud: Real Examples

  1. 1. 11 September 2013 Dimension Data – Enabling the Journey to the Cloud: Real Examples Grant Morgan General Manager: Cloud
  2. 2. © Copyright Dimension Data 211 September 2013 Dimension Data cloud credentials • Differentiated cloud technology • Strong performance guarantees • Experts in both cloud and managed services • Global Coverage • Solution for both enterprise and service providers Gartner’s 2012 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  3. 3. © Copyright Dimension Data 311 September 2013 Consistent Cloud Instances Globally for Data Sovereignty
  4. 4. © Copyright Dimension Data 411 September 2013 Software as a Service Compute as a Service Dimension Data Cloud Services Portfolio Dimension Data Managed Cloud Platform™ Cloud Services for Microsoft Cloud Backup Managed Hosting Dedicated servers Virtual servers Dimension Data CloudControl™ Application Programmable Interface (API)
  5. 5. Pain or opportunity makes people move to cloud
  6. 6. © Copyright Dimension Data 611 September 2013 Rapid time to Value Launching mobile application for order entry Salesforce automation Up in 3 weeks
  7. 7. © Copyright Dimension Data 711 September 2013 Pay for what you need | Don’t pay until you start Traditional project equipment purchase date Actual date production equipment was really required due to project delays Six months of depreciation alone can kill the cost on a project When you needed to order the equipment
  8. 8. © Copyright Dimension Data 811 September 2013 811 September 2013 Pay for what you need | Burstability – every day • Almost every application has a sine wave of usage. • By modifying the available capacity throughout the day you can reduce costs by as much as 40%.
  9. 9. © Copyright Dimension Data 911 September 2013 Mattel saved 30% by optmising testing environment Saved 30% Customisation of servers on the fly Load testing On-demand scalability for production site
  10. 10. © Copyright Dimension Data 1011 September 2013 1011 September 2013 Pay for what you need | Burstability – the big event Seasonal bursts • tax season • holiday e-commerce • year-end close One-time bursts • special events • flash crowds • big stories
  11. 11. © Copyright Dimension Data 1111 September 2013 Addressing Dis - Synergy 4500 Users 3500 Users Sale of business unit +30% in IT cost per user
  12. 12. © Copyright Dimension Data 1211 September 2013 Macsteel International Moves All-In to Cloud Runs production SAP on Public Cloud Global IT consolidation to Hong Kong, DR in SA Outsourced from SA Cost saving of 25%
  13. 13. © Copyright Dimension Data 1311 September 2013 Case study: ClearBenefits improves reliability and reduces cost; Saves 90% with cloud-based DR Saved 90% Resource reallocation Cloud-based disaster recovery Improved performance
  14. 14. © Copyright Dimension Data 1411 September 2013 Save over time: can reduce cost with programming As you develop new code you can immediately reduce costs. One client chopped 30% off their monthly bill by making a simple change in network discovery. As you develop new code you can immediately reduce costs. One client saved 30% on its monthly bill by making a simple change in network discovery.
  15. 15. © Copyright Dimension Data 1511 September 2013 Better operations: size infrastructure on the fly
  16. 16. © Copyright Dimension Data 1611 September 2013 Case study: Thermo Fisher launches new application to address new markets Launched new service Reached new market segment Faster innovation and analysis
  17. 17. © Copyright Dimension Data 1711 September 2013 Save over time: immediately take price breaks Your costs go down immediately as prices go down!
  18. 18. © Copyright Dimension Data 1811 September 2013 Launching Your Own Cloud Services?
  19. 19. © Copyright Dimension Data 1911 September 2013 Tolly Report – key findings “The Dimension Data cloud servers showed consistently high performance across the range of resources benchmarked.” Tolly Report, July 2013
  20. 20. © Copyright Dimension Data 2011 September 2013 Managed Cloud Platform’s Segregated networks for 3 Tier Architectures Low (Web) Medium (App) High (DB) VLAN A VLAN B VLAN C Public (NAT’ed) IP Space Public Traffic filtered at Firewall Private IP Space Traffic filtered at VLAN A Firewall Multi-cast turned on for application clustering Private IP Space Specific server to server traffic is filtered at VLAN B Firewall Public user VPN Gateway Administrator Administrator Load Balancing SSL Offloading NAT
  21. 21. Cloud Adoption Cycle: A Practicle View Our objective: An offering at every stage of a client’s adoption journey Private Cloud: SaaS 3 Managed Hosting / Outsourcing 2 Web Hosting, Internet clean pipe, colocation 1 Emergence of multitenant technology Public Cloud: IaaS 4 Private Cloud 5
  22. 22. © Copyright Dimension Data 2211 September 2013 Low Hanging Fruit Use Cases for Corporate IaaS • Test and Dev › Project based work • Agile Web › Large ecommerce websites › Mobile apps • 3 tier corporate apps – Web, app, DB › Transformational projects e.g. rewrite of insurance app with Web browser access, SAP • Innovate SaaS services • Applications for remote users vs campus users • Mid size customers putting everything into cloud
  23. 23. Thank you