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Adam richardsons p1 unit 3


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Adam richardsons p1 unit 3

  1. 1. P1 - Common Computer ComponentsHDD (Hard disk drive)Power SupplyMotherboard Adam RichardsonAdapter CardsCD/DVD Drive
  2. 2. HDD (Hard disk drive) HDD (Hard disk drive) The HDD often just referred to as a hard drive, is a storage device that uses magnets toPower Supply store a large amount of data.Motherboard Adapter Cards CD/DVD Drive
  3. 3. Power supply HDD (Hard disk drive) A power supply provides the needed voltage to power the various electronic circuits thatPower Supply make up the PC.Motherboard Adapter Cards CD/DVD Drive
  4. 4. Motherboard HDD (Hard disk drive) The motherboard is the main printed circuit board that connects allPower Supply the components of a computer. The mother board is made up ofMotherboard various components such as the CPU and RAM. Adapter Cards CD/DVD Drive
  5. 5. Adapter Cards HDD (Hard disk drive) Adapter Cards are installed on the motherboard to add functionality to a computer.Power Supply Common adapter cards are; The network interface cardMotherboard - This is used to connect a computer to a network Adapter The wireless interface card - This can be used to connect Cards a computer to another computer or wireless access point using radio signals CD/DVD The video adapter card Drive - This sends data to a computer display
  6. 6. CD/DVD Drive HDD (Hard disk drive) The CD/DVD Drive is an optical storage device that reads and writes informationPower Supply to a CD drive and reads DVDsMotherboard Adapter Cards CD/DVD Drive