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Trabajo de 6º Primaria

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Alejandro and Álvaro 6ºB.
  2. 2.  The basketball is a team sport that one plays in a covered or disclosed track. In him, two equipments of five players each one, annotate points (baskets) introducing a ball in a hoop, placed to 3,05 meters of height, with the hands.
  3. 3.  It was invented for James Naismith in december of 1981 in YMCA of Springfield, Massachusetts (Unites States). He designed thirteen rules for this sports, since for example: * It isn´t possible to strike the ball with the fist. * The player can not run with the ball.
  4. 4. * The ball can not agree neither with the arms nor with the body. * It´s not possible to load with the shoulder, take hold, push, throb or put the trip. * Etc… It was introduced in Spain in 1921. It was sport exhibition in the Olympian games of 1928 and 1932, reached the Olympian category in 1936.
  5. 5. * Players: The equipment is formed by twelve players at the maximun. Five form the inicial equipment (playmaker/ point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center) and others are substitute. The clothes that they use are: vest without sleeves with the number and the name behind, shorts, short socks and slippers that hold the ankles and don´t slip.
  6. 6. *Duration: In the FIBA there are four periods of ten minutes each one, in the NBA of twelve minutes and in NCAA there are two periods of twenty minutes each one. *Umpires: There is the principal one and two assistants.
  7. 7. *Annotator´s table: The table controls the incidents of the match. It´s formed for: annotator, assistant of annotator, time- kepper, operator of the rule of 24 seconds and commissioner. *Points: -Free shots: one point. -Shots inside zone or of the line of triple: two points. -Shots out of the line of triple: three points.
  8. 8. * Playground: It has to be a flat, hard, rectangular and free surface of obstacles, of 15 meters of width and 28m of length. It´s divided in two equal halves. There are several parts: zone of assault, of defense, line of triple, zone, line of free shots, line of bottom and wings, …
  9. 9. * Basket: There are two , one in every zone of playground. The hoop has a diameter of 45,7 cm and is to a height of 3,05 m of the soil.
  10. 10. *Ball: It´s of synthetic material and spherical ( weight: 567-650 g; diameter:23-24 cm; circunferencia: 74,9-78 cm).
  11. 11. Violations: Infrigement o the rules. • Steps. • Double. • Foot. • Three seconds. • Throw/ background. • Field behind. • Twenty-four seconds. Fouls: • Personal foul. • Offensive foul. • Unsportmanlike foul. • Technical foul. • Disqualifying foul.
  12. 12. * Pass: - Chest pass. - Bounce pass. - Hand to hand. - Etc… * Shot basket: • Suspension. • Free shot. • Throw in tray. • Mate. • Hook. * Throw: - Center. - Protection. - Speed. * Defense: • Individual. • Zone defense. • Mixed. • Pressure defense.
  13. 13. Now basketball is very popular worldwide. In the Unites States the NBA played, considered the most prestigious club competition in the world. Spain has a great track record and great players like Pau Gasol or José Manuel Calderón. The Spanish team is the reigning champion of Europe (2015).