Basic rules and regulations in football


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Football is known as "A beautiful Game". It is played world over and followed passionately as well. It has become a game that involves so much emotions and seriousness as it is a game loved by almost everyone in this world.

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Basic rules and regulations in football

  1. 1. Basic rules and regulations in footballFootball is known as “A beautiful Game”. It is played world over and followed passionately as well. Ithas become a game that involves so much emotions and seriousness as it is a game loved by almosteveryone in this world.The basics of the game are pretty simple. 11 players representing a nation or respective clubs playagainst another 11. A squad holds 15 or 16 players and substitutions can be made during any point of thegame. You need to choose one side of the ground and try to score goals surpassing 11 opponents on thatparticular side. After half time, the side of the ground to score goals is changed or rather reversed.A match is held typically for 90 minutes. Half time begins at 45 minutes where teams take a break.Whatever time has been lost during the course of the match is added as extra time at the end of full 90minutes. The objective is simple; you need to score more goals than your opponents. It is considered as atie if both the teams score the same amount of goals. In important events, it is not considered as a tie,extra hour is added to the game where in whichever team scores the first goal is considered as winners.This is known as golden goal concept. If either of the teams fails to score a goal during the golden goalcourse, they play for penalty shootouts. Penalty Shootouts involves only the goal keeper of either sideversus rest of the players. These players represent their respective opponent teams. The objective issimple; Players need to surpass the goalie and score goals. The team that succeeds to score goals by themargin of 5-3 or 6-4 will be declared as winners.The equipments used by the players involve team shirts and shorts, shin guards, socks and fully studdedboots or trainers depending upon the surface. The goalie of each side can wear gloves to catch or stopthe ball. He alone can touch the ball with his hands whilst the rest of the members are allowed to do soonly when it is a throw in. Throw in is a concept where a player can throw the ball when the ball goesout of the boundary of the football field. The goalie is allowed to wear different colored jersey as well. 1
  2. 2. The referee keeps track of the time, awards penalties and free kicks. General misconduct is dealt withyellow cards or red cards. He raises a yellow card as a warning when any member misbehaves. If hegoes out of conduct codes, he is given a red card which means he cannot participate in the matchanymore. The red card is usually given when the offences are extreme.Offside rule is a difficult concept to understand. At any point of time, when you get the ball to play thereshould be opponent players in front of you. You simply cannot go surpass them and then take control ofthe ball. However during game play as your team mate passes in front of you, you can run past theopponents and take control of the ball. Corner kicks are awarded when the players attempts to score agoal and the keeper deviates the ball outside parameters of the game boundaries.Source: Fantasy Football, Football Games, Football News, Football Match, Football Updates 2