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Use of Sales Assessment Tools to Recruit Top Business Development Personnel


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Use of Sales Assessment Tools to Recruit Top Business Development Personnel 

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Use of Sales Assessment Tools to Recruit Top Business Development Personnel

  1. 1. Use of Sales Assessment Tools to Recruit Top Business Development Personnel Presenter Merle Ballaigues, President
  2. 2. 2011 Global Sales Study – 2,000 companies Accenture & CSO Insights – 2011 Sales Performance Optimization StudyTop three sales objectives in next 12 months:• 61.9% increase sales revenue• 41.9% increase sales force effectiveness• 41.7% capture new accountsAttrition can cost as much as four times the fully-loadedheadcount cost for a full-time employee.67.8% of respondents reported that it still takes 7 or moremonths to get the employee up to speed. This does not takeinto account the time it takes to hire a salesrepresentative, which takes another 2 to 3 months. © 2012, Thomas International Inc.
  3. 3. Pressures Driving Talent Acquisition  Increasing competitive environment  Changing customer requirements and demands  Zero tolerance for ordinary  Discontinuous change © 2012, Thomas International Inc.
  4. 4. A-Player Chemistry © 2012, Thomas International Inc.
  5. 5. Impact of Assessment ToolsImpact of competency/ aptitude testing on sales representativessuccess rate: 19.1% said it significantly improves hiring rate;60.7% said it improves hiring.Accenture CSO Insights – 2011 Sales Performance Optimization StudyAssessments, in both the pre-hire and post-hire, were not onlyamong the top three enablers of success, but were also one ofthe biggest points of differentiation between high-performersand low. In fact Best-In-Class companies were 69% more likelyto have assessments in use post-hire than all others (IndustryAverage and Laggard companies combined). Aberdeen’s HR Executive Agenda 2011 Report © 2012, Thomas International Inc.
  6. 6. A-Player Profile Quantify current A-Player characteristics against performance metrics Track Identify performance skills, attributes milestones andand behaviours of refine Talent A-Players Acquisition Process A-Player Job Benchmark Profile © 2012, Thomas International Inc.
  7. 7. Thomas Sales Study – Executive Summary 60 companies participated across 12 industries 522 top sales performers in B to B roles and 63 senior sales leaders (51% were VP Sales)Top sales performers and their leaders were surveyedThomas administered two proprietary assessments to sales performers to quantify A-Player competencies (behavioural style and mental aptitude) Thomas International North American Sales Study 2010 © 2012, Thomas International Inc.
  8. 8. Identifying A-Player Characteristics Rank the competencies that you feel are most important to sales success Most Important Sales Leaders’ Top Sales Success Qualities Ranking Performers’ Ranking Achievement Orientation 1 1 Impact and Influence 2 2 Independent and Tenacious 3 3 Energetic and Initiating 4 4 Intellectual capacity 5 5 Thomas International North American Sales Study 2010Survey question for 522 top sales producers and their Leaders (63 sales executives) © 2012, Thomas International Inc.
  9. 9. Quantify A-Players’ Sales Behaviours Top sales revenue producers’ work behaviours – as quantified by the Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) assessment. Thomas Description of Behavior Top Performer Top Performer Behavioral Group Group Constructs HIGHEST HIGHInfluence Friendly, Positive & Persuasive 46% 71%Dominance Assertive, Driven & Self-starter 26% 66%Compliance Accurate, Logical & Systematic 22% 43%Steadiness Deliberate, Kind & Routine 6% 28% Oriented Thomas International North American Sales Study 2010 © 2012, Thomas International Inc.
  10. 10. Quantify A-Players’ Mental Horsepower Top sales revenue generators’ mental smarts - as quantified by the Thomas General Intelligence Assessment (GIA)• Average GIA for overall top revenue generators was 50th percentile• Overall highest scores were:  Word Meaning - knowledge and vocabulary with an average score in the 67th percentile  Reasoning - make inferences and draw correct conclusions with an average score in the 61st percentile.• Top performers with 1 to 3 years of sales experience scored 12 percentile points higher on average, than top performers with 5+ years experience. Thomas International North American Sales Study 2010 © 2012, Thomas International Inc.
  11. 11. Strategic Sales Force BenchmarkingStrong 1 Backbone/Maintainers for Role High Potentials to Advance Beyond Fit 25% of total group Role Tenure: 18% of total group 2 years or less 2 Jeff F Rob M Martin R Jennifer L 3 years or more 42% 18% Behavioural Fit - PPA Mike L Sara R Holly S 3 Limited Potential for this Role Potential for Alternative Roles 38% of total group 18% of total group 26% 14% 4 Nicole T Maria L Max R Craig B 5 Myra W Nassir M Sue R Sidney RWeak Fit 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 99% Low Learning Potential/Mental Aptitude (GIA) High © 2012, Thomas International Inc.
  12. 12. Strategic Talent Measurement Through Benchmarking Sample Role: Account Manager (B to B Outside Sales) • PPA Goodness of Fit: Rating scale of 1 though 5, where 1 is excellent • GIA Best Fit Range: Overall score: 65+percentile, Reasoning 70+ Goodness of GIA Date of Hire Interview Achieved first Quota Fit Score Overall Status at Status at 9 Name Month/ Score 6-months Attained Against Job Score/ 3 months months Day Year % milestones Year 1 Benchmark ReasoningBill 10-Oct-10 85 1 65/ 85 110% R R 150%Jenni 10-Oct-10 80 1 70/80 115% R R 200%Michelle 17-Nov-10 70 4 40/60 40% R IT NABrent 1-Jan-11 75 3 65/70 85% R R 85%Ted 1-Jan-11 85 2 70/50 85% R R 125%Frank 1-Jan-11 70 4 85/85 70% R VT NAAre you correlating assessment outcomes with business outcomes? © 2012, Thomas International Inc.
  13. 13. On Target to Compete!  Competitive sales strategy  Align sales talent management strategy  Hire and keep - A Players  Turbo-charge your leaders  Measure what’s important  Use metrics, with rigor, to drive results © 2012, Thomas International Inc.
  14. 14. 30 60 56YEARS COUNTRIES LANGUAGESAt the forefront of Presence in Assessments availableassessment innovation 60 countries in 56 languagesfor 30 years We provide people assessments which empower businesses to transform and improve the performance of their employees. Our assessments provide insight on your people potential, what motivates them, their core strengths and limitations. Add a high level of certainty to all of your people decisions. Contact: or 289-291-1380 ext. 213 © 2012, Thomas International Inc.