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The Medical Device practice of NextGen Global Executive Search uses a proprietary Performance Based Retained Search process in recruiting exceptional talent for clients.

With over 15 years in Medical Device recruitment services, we are industry expertise in surgical, disposables, plasma separation and blood collection, transfusion therapies, infusion pumps including IV, medical device diagnostic and monitoring units, renal and peritoneal for kidney dialysis nano and neuro R&D.

Our Medical Device recruiting team have successfully recruited top level talent for clients worldwide in Class I, II, and III Medical Devices by placing Surgeons, CXO’s, Administrators, EVP/SVP, VP, Directors, and Principals in engineering, systems design, sales, marketing, research, and software development. Our placements have resulted in lucrative IPO’s, M&A’s, market penetration and IP value for our clients.

We know the technology and the global marketplace for medical device including:
Surgical – non-invasive, diagnostic, and disposables
Plasma Separation and Blood Collection – transfusion therapies, processing systems
Infusion Pumps – IV fluids and medications, IV tubing and access devices
Heart Rate & Fitness – monitoring systems, blood glucose, blood pressure meters
Diagnostic & Monitoring Systems – portable medical devices, wireless, RFID
Renal – peritoneal, kidney dialysis, hemodailysis, CRRT
Software – medical imaging, blood analyzers
Biomedical – preclinical, research and development, nano and neuro

We confer with the Client early and often to gain a clear understanding of BOTH your needs/requirements AND the corporate goal in filling this position. We then define the Tangible Skills and Experiences required for your ideal medical device candidate by determining the critical goals and major business successes the candidate will be accountable for producing.

Our proprietary real-time hypothetical reasoning and situational scenario behavioral interviewing techniques reveal candidates that have the motivations, aptitudes, leadership, learning ability and intelligence, accomplishments, persistence, and adaptability to fit the specific role and move your medical device strategy forward

Have confidence in the transition process with our Executive Onboarding for a new leader or executive we recruit by maximizing the chances that the new leader will be engaged quickly with the company’s culture, the department’s people, and the executive team.

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Executive Search Medical Devices - Surgical, Renal, Peritoneal, Blood

  1. 1. “75% of newly hired executives are having trouble withinterpersonal skills (the ability to build relationships,collaborate, and influence others).A troubling finding of the study is that many of theseexecutives had both strong technical skills and years ofprevious management experience and yet they fell short inthe interpersonal area.” ~(American Society for Training & Development 2011)
  2. 2. “The Top Areas of Failure and Percentage of Respondents: Coachability (26%): The ability to accept and implement feedback from bosses, colleagues, customers and others. Emotional Intelligence (23%): The ability to understand and manage one’s own emotions, and accurately assess others’ emotions. Motivation (17%): A sufficient drive to achieve one’s full potential and excel in the job. Temperament (15%): Attitude and personality suited to the particular job and work environment. Technical Competence (11%): Functional or technical skills required to do the job.” ~Study from Leadership IQ 2009
  3. 3. Why risk your stakeholders’ investments on inexperiencedinternal recruiters, poor screening by contingency basedsearch firms, job postings, and generalist retained searchfirms? Why hire a B or C Player?NextGen Global ExecutiveSearch uses a client-focusedproprietary PerformanceBased Search methodologythat brings forth “A Players”each time. cost effective speed in delivery results in recruiting candidates who meet or exceed client expectations these new hires positively impact your bottom line.
  4. 4. Advanced Medical Devices Focus Areas Biotech Medical Technologies Disposables & Surgical Infusion Pumps/IV Fluids Human-Implantable RFID Chips/WirelessRenal/Peritoneal/DialysisSoftware-Medical Imaging/AnalyzersTransfusion Therapies/Blood CollectionPacemakers/Defibrillators
  5. 5. Decision Makers & Senior Executives Research & Development Executive Management Engineering Operations Systems Business Development Bio-Tech
  6. 6. Engineering &ProductManagement
  7. 7. Sales, Marketing & Business Development
  8. 8. International
  9. 9. Our Search Method DefinedWe confer with the Client early and often to gain a clearunderstanding of BOTH your needs/requirements AND thecorporate goal in filling this position. Your market position Corporate vision Unique attributes of the executive team Strengths & weaknesses of the organization Key differentiators between you and your competitors
  10. 10. Define Performance Objectives and EVPRather than using “typical job descriptions”, we focus on: What does the candidate taking the job need to do to be successful, not what the person needs to have. What a candidate DOES with his or her skills, experiences, and abilities rather than the HAVING of these. Define the salary, benefits, career development opportunities, rewards, culture, and management style.
  11. 11. Define the Tangible Skills and Experiences Required in Your Ideal Candidate1 Skills/Intelligence 5 Corporate Culture & Company Lifecycle2 Education/Experience3 Adaptability4 Personal/Professional 6 Accomplishments Background
  12. 12. Identify Key thought processing, reasoning , and persistence traitsIntangible Traits ofthe Ideal Candidate motivational factors and problem solving style conflict resolution skills planning and organizational skills execution and project management techniques leadership qualities and relationship building skills
  13. 13. Determine the critical goals and major business successes the candidate will be accountable for producing. Why does the position exist, or if replacement, why? Benchmark KPI What aptitudes and leadership qualities are mission critical? Key Performance What accomplishments and Indicators external/internal motivations are non-negotiable? Conversely, which are not needed?
  14. 14. Develop the Search StrategyPerform research in thevertical market to define thecompensation range, assessretention rates of your directcompetitors, and reviewexisting and future markettrends. We then develop a search strategy that will identify and recruit the exceptional talent you require. Our delivery from start to finish is fast, responsive, and will meet or exceed your expectations.
  15. 15. Sourcing, Interviewing and Screening
  16. 16. Series of in-depth Interviews - Drill down to Top 10%• define usage and accomplishments in the required Tangible skills of the candidates• determine the demonstrated Intangible Traits of the candidates• document that candidates have the similar corporate culture, product/service lifecycle and personal/professional background ideal for internal communications and external effectiveness.• detail contacts and relationships within the industry vertical with investment community, customer decision makers, and peers.• assess which candidates have the potential to meet or exceed the Performance Objectives
  17. 17. We confer with theClient on the stepswe have taken inthe process, thenumber ofcandidates beingconsidered, andtimeline update.This assures the client that theNextGen GES team is on theright track and on schedule.
  18. 18. Example Behavioral Analysis Measuring the Quality of Hire These customized tests validate the candidate(s) intangible traits, aptitudes, motivations, and whether he/her is a Natural Fit for the role.
  19. 19. “Behind-the-scenes” industry references.We confidentially cold call former customers, colleagues,and vendors that the candidates have worked with; thesereveal the best unscripted references possible.We conduct a civil background checkand at the client’s request perform acredit check for CFO or VP Finance.
  20. 20. Present the Short List of Candidate DossiersMost retained search firms view Short List as FinalistCandidates.At NextGen Global, we view the Short List as PreferredCandidates who meet the parameters of the searchassignment.These are NOT Finalist Candidate YET as the Client opinionsand preferences need to be heard. Candidate Dossiers are delivered over a secure web site. These include complete info on background, skills, experiences, accomplishments, assessments, audio summary of documented behavioral analysis, contacts and relationships, industry reference checks, and scorecards against the Performance Objectives.
  21. 21. After the Client has Reviewed the ShortList, the next step in our PerformanceBased Search method is to determine theFinalist Candidate(s). We work with theClient to develop two scenarios to be usedin the Final Interviews, which we performface-to-face with the candidate(s). These real-time hypothetical reasoning and situational scenario behavioral interviewing techniques are designed to reveal a candidate’s leadership, persistence, and adaptability to fit the specific role and move your strategy forward.No other retained search firm includes this STEP which is ESSENTIAL
  22. 22. We videotape the Short ListCandidate(s) Final Interviewsand a Final Assessment isperformed by a SeniorPartner to determine theFinalists - those who canmeet or exceed thePerformance Objectives. Client has access to the video and assessment over a secure web client.
  23. 23. Scheduling Face-to-Face Interviews and Closing the CandidateOur Practice Leads havedecades of experience innegotiating offers withdifferent compensationlevels including• Performance MBOs• Profit based MBOs• Target Commissions• Corp. Bonuses• Stock Options• Equity & Share Options• Relocation Package• Benefits Package
  24. 24. High Impact Onboarding An Investment in Your New Leaders and ExecutivesOur placementsmeet performanceobjectives soonerand are retainedlonger.•Have confidence in the transition process for a new leader or exec.•Ensure a new leader will be effective in a short time.•Improve the average retention time of your leaders and executives.•Gain a competitive recruiting edge for top leadership talent.•Maximize the chances that the new leader will be engaged quickly with the company’s culture, the department’s people, and the executive team.The unique best practices delivered by NextGen will help youaccomplish all of the above by utilizing a customized, one-on-one,version of our Renewal™ World Class+ Executive Onboarding Program. You have invested to hire; now invest to retain and grow.
  25. 25. High Impact Onboarding An Investment in Your New Leaders and ExecutivesHow Does It Work?Phase Objective Timing. Goal of Each Phase of Renewal™ Leadership OnboardingAffirmation Ensure the new leader or executive Begins no later than the Offer Letter constantly believes he/she made the right and continues through Day 90. decision.Welcome Communicate a highly-personalized Begins with the Acceptance Letter and message of acceptance and attention. continues through Day 30.Foundation Transfer company, department, and role- Day of Acceptance Letter through Day specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes for 60. accelerated competency.Assimilation Immerse new leaders in the company Most important phase: Acceptance culture and help them be proud of it. through Day 120 (3 months).Contribution Within a predetermined number of days or Day 15 through Day 120 and beyond. weeks, begin to see real productivity from the new hire and provide a positive experience that he/she is a contributor.Growth Begin to see an independence and Day 60 through Day 120 and beyond. demonstrated insight in the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the new leader.Sharing Gain an early ROI by utilizing the Begins when the individual leader’s “graduates” as Advisors and garnering Renewal™ program is completed at Day feedback from them and their 180. Execs may be Ambassadors. Leaders managers can be Advisors.
  26. 26. Offices in Chicago, Annapolis, Beverly Hills, Dallas, St. Louis, Nashville,Sacramento, and London, UK.Corporate Office: 3 Pembrook Ct., Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440Craig Hufford, Managing Partner and Practice LeadSurgical and Medical DevicesToll Free: (888) 501-5580 x 101Direct: (630)378-0005Fax: (888) 505-3656Outside North America 001-630-560-4412 x101Mobile: (630) 240-0041Email: medical@nextgenges.com