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3 r slide

  1. 1. Topic:Chapter 5: MANAGING OUR ENVIRONMENT Sub Topic: What can we do to reduce environmental problems? (The 3RS – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)
  2. 2. REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE REDUCE simply means  REUSE means to use the  RECYCLE means to living more carefully so same item more than process used materials that you have less rubbish once, preferably many into new products to save to get rid of, avoiding waste times rather than resources and energy. is the preferable option of disposing of it after one waste management. use.  For example, papers for wrapping presents, use For example, use online  For example, reuse glass used paper to sketch or materials, avoid using for other purposes such as do calculation. papers excessively. vases or other decorations. Eg. When shopping look for and purchase products with minimal packaging.
  3. 3. Group Number: _____________________________________Class: _____________________________________________Date: _____________________________________________ Put a tick () ONLY ONCE and classify the following objects whether it can be ‘reduced’, ‘reused’ or ‘recycled’ and state your reasons. Objects Reduce Reuse Recycle Reason1 Plastic Bottle2 Water3 Glass Jar4 Tissue5